BW Monthly News: July 2016

July Highlights As you already knew from my radio silence, I spent the majority of July traveling throughout Denmark, Sweden, the Baltic States, and Finland. Check out my fantastic itinerary here. Oh my god, this trip was incredible. In Stockholm, I had the pleasure of attending TBEX where I learned so much about the travel […]

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june 2016

BW Monthly News: June 2016

June Highlights June was totally the month of blogging, blogging, and more blogging! Why’s that? Pfft, you already know! I attended BlogHouse in Philadelphia early this month, and learned everything I possibly could about the wonderful world of travel blogging. I thought I would be ahead of the curve since I immediately joined Travel Blog […]

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my greatest travel fear

My Greatest Travel Fear

Public Service Announcement: All photographed food tasted divine and resulted in no illnesses. Fear sucks. My greatest travel fear sucks even more. Okay, I’ve debated posting about this topic for a few weeks now, but resisted temptation. First of all, I wasn’t sure whether or not my greatest travel fear teetered into “too emo territory.” […]

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