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Lovely Lisbon

Many travel bloggers rave about Lisbon. Portugal’s capital is packed with Old World Charm. In my humble experience, this amazing city is a traveler’s playground consisting of unique neighborhoods (like Graça, Alfama, Belem, etc), UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delicious and addictive pastries, friendly people, and the best hostels in the world. Since I’m a teacher, I […]

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Overview of Porto

Porto: Portugal’s Second City

As I walked out of the Campanhã station, still groggy from the 2 and a half hour train from Lisbon, it hit me that I didn’t know much about Porto. I researched Lisbon. Watched videos about Lisbon. Talked to other travelers about Lisbon. But as for Porto? I knew less than nothing. Well, I knew it was […]

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