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My Californian Spring Break

Anxious People Can Travel Too (And Here’s How!)

On September 17th, my parents and I visited my brother in Manhattan. Balmy winds and sunny skies promised a beautiful day in one of my favorite cities. New York rules my heart despite its scary prices and crowds. While my dad and brother attended a Mets Game, my mom and I embraced our “inner tourists” […]

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the orkney islands are awesome

Why All Women Need to Travel Alone

Women need to travel alone. Seriously, at least once in your life, hop onto a train, plane, or bus, and visit a new place without someone else besides you. Why am I making such a sweeping statement? Because I’m passionate about travel? Sort of. I’m lucky most people are supportive of my travels, but whenever […]

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my greatest travel fear

My Greatest Travel Fear

Public Service Announcement: All photographed food tasted divine and resulted in no illnesses. Fear sucks. My greatest travel fear sucks even more. Okay, I’ve debated posting about this topic for a few weeks now, but resisted temptation. First of all, I wasn’t sure whether or not my greatest travel fear teetered into “too emo territory.” […]

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