BW Monthly News: May 2016

BW Monthly News: May 2016

Welcome to Blond Wayfarer’s Monthly News – an assortment of odds and ends relating to travel news, books, highlights, photography, and much more!

May Highlights

May is one of my favorite months. Why? For me, May not only means spring and sun, but that “birthday season” has officially arrived! This year I celebrated both my 29th birthday and Blond Wayfarer’s “blogiversary.”

I spent my actual birthday in Boston …. on a school trip! Yes, my students joined me for my special day. We had a great educational time together – including a visit to Salem’s Witch Museum and Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables – and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. All in all, chaperoning was fine and dandy, and I want to return to Boston on my own in the near future.

Haha, I won’t whine too much about feeling super old, though. Promise.

Furthermore I can’t believe I’ve reached my one year blogging anniversary. As someone who easily gives up, I feel like I’ve hit a major milestone and finally created something very, very special. This travel blog emerged at a very dark time in my life, but ultimately my hard work gave me wonderful connections, bigger dreams, a needed boost of self-confidence, and much much much more. Bring on year two!

BW Monthly News: May 2016

House of the Seven Gables.

Post Summary

In May, I gushed a lot about a destination that’s near and dear to my heart: Scotland! Here are three posts dedicated to this beautiful and lush place.

The Orkney Islands Are Stupidly Awesome: I feel like the Orkney Islands are overlooked compared to other parts of Scotland. This post shows you why you ought to add Scotland’s wild northerly islands to your itinerary.

Photo Essay: My Favorite Images of SkyeSkye is a total fairytale land. Castles, cliffs, goats, lush greenery, and more. Here are some of my favorite pictures of this isle jewel.

Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival: A Survival Guide: The Fringe happens for three weeks every August. As the biggest performance festival in the world, you need to have a plan to enjoy and remember the experience.

As for other posts, I wrote a lot about my future travel plans, big anniversaries, birthdays, and more! Happy reading.

43 Tips for Fearful Flyers: As a fearful flyer who travels alone on a lot of long hauls, I have tons of tips for combating flight phobias. Feel free to add your own!

29 Ways Travel Has Changed My Life: This post was written in honor of my 29th birthday. Travel has certainly changed me for the better.

Announcement: Summer in Scandinavia and Baltic States: I’m attending TBEX in Stockholm this summer! Of course, I had to create a larger trip out of this famous conference. Check out my plans for these 3 weeks in July.

Lessons I Learned in my First Year of Travel Blogging: I survived my first full year of travel blogging! Gasp! I never expected such a steep learning curve, nor to make such progress networking.

What I’m Reading



Remember what I said about my lack of motivation impacting goals and projects? I’m in the middle of a reading slump. My poor books are gathering dust.

But, with the arrival of beach season, I’m planning on plowing through a few fast paced and easy novels in order to hit my Goodreads goal. God help me.

BW Monthly News: May 2016

Personal News

Not too much in way of personal news. I’m seeking out new and exciting opportunities, in both teaching and blogging, but as for life changing decisions? Nah, not yet. Sorry.

Hmm, in May, I spent too much money on beachy clothing and shoes, though. I need to give my poor credit card a vacation. Any suggestions you have for controlling my impulse shopping are more than welcome in the comments.

My Upcoming Travel Plans

I’m spending four days and three nights in Philadelphia for BlogHouse! I can’t believe this workshop is only two weeks away. I’m super excited to share my experience at BlogHouse, as well as enjoy everything Philadelphia has to offer me and other travelers. I’m no stranger to Philly, however. I live twenty minutes from The City of Brotherly Love, so it’s a place very near and dear to my own heart.

And July? Bring on Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland!

Lastly, summer is here, which means I’m living at the Jersey Shore once school officially ends for summer break! I’m looking forward to telling you why New Jersey’s diverse beach towns are sooooooo much better than anything you’ve seen on that cheesy MTV show.

How was your May? Share your travels, personal life, photos, anything you want!

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  1. Julia May 31, 2016 at 8:43 am #

    I live in Philly! I haven’t heard of BlogHouse though, so I need to put that on my radar for next year!


    • Rachel Elizabeth May 31, 2016 at 2:15 pm #

      Julia —

      I love Philly so much! BlogHouse is held in a different city every year, but they couldn’t have chosen a better place. 🙂

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