BW Monthly News: June 2016

june 2016

June Highlights

June was totally the month of blogging, blogging, and more blogging! Why’s that? Pfft, you already know! I attended BlogHouse in Philadelphia early this month, and learned everything I possibly could about the wonderful world of travel blogging. I thought I would be ahead of the curve since I immediately joined Travel Blog Success after creating

HA, not.

I took ten pages of notes about working with travel brands, creating an engaging pinterest page, writing an editorial calendar, and much much more! At BlogHouse, I had the amazing fortune of being mentored by a few of the best names in the industry including Cailin from Travel Yourself, Sherry from Otts World, Lisa from LL World Tour, and Anne from Part-Time Traveler. And I made meaningful connections with several incredible “up and coming” bloggers, too!

I plan to write more about BlogHouse and my own personal experience in a future post. This workshop is held in a different city every year, so keep your eyes peeled for next year’s applications.

Additionally, June rocked my socks off, because school closed its doors and summer vacation waited with open arms. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!

june 2016

Post Summary

That Time I Fell off a Bike in the Aran Islands: I’m not very athletic. At all. On the Aran Islands, I crashed my bike on a hill and was ready to completely give up. But I didn’t.

Beginners Guide: Salzburg Austria: Are you a new traveler who’s planning to visit Salzburg? Check out my guide for “newbies” in this post.

Photo Essay: Views of Muir Woods and Sausalito: During my spring break in San Francisco, I took a walk through Muir Woods and admired the great red trees. Now I want to visit every National Park in the United States. Challenge accepted!

My Greatest Travel Fear: Food poisoning freaks me out more than any other travel aliment. It may even concern me more than flying! How do you cope with illness abroad? I could use your help.

My (Very British) Literary Dream Trip: We all know how much I adore British literature. Here are a few literary sites I want to visit in Great Britain.

6 Reasons I’m Hopelessly Devoted to Philadelphia: I’ve lived close to Philadelphia for a very long time, so the weekend I visited there for BlogHouse only emphasized just how special the city is to me.

What I’m Reading

As you know (thanks to last month’s post), I’m experiencing a massive reading slump. To combat this problem, I’ve been sticking to old favorites throughout the weeks of June, and I think my love of books is slowly returning. What are some of my old favorites? Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Gothic literature overload.

june 2016

Personal News

As always, summer vacation causes me to think about my career. Should I continue teaching English literature? Or should I earn my certification in ESL? Should I throw caution to the winds and experience life in a new state? Or should I apply to international schools? Should I go full time freelancer?

Only time will tell, my wayfarers. No one ever said life was simple.

In other personal news, I’ve gained way too much weight and need to combat it, but I don’t want to turn this blog into a 24/7 fitness platform. Those rants and numbers are staying in my personal journal, haha. Your tips are appreciated, however.

My Upcoming Travel Plans

After spending the 4th of July holiday at the Jersey Shore, I travel to Scandinavia and the Baltic States for TBEX and my own personal adventures! Am I excited? Kinda.

I’m pumped to learn a lot at TBEX’s conferences. Plus I have some fantastic excursions planned in every country, including two Context tours and a tour of the Southern Archipelago with Visit Karlskrona. And I splurged for private rooms the entire three and a half weeks, because we all know my feelings about dorm rooms. I didn’t mind paying a little extra out of my own pocket for the additional privacy and comfort. I’m also super stoked for Riga and Tallinn in particular after hearing fantastic stories from fellow travelers. The old towns are so gorgeous, guh.

However, I’d be lying to you if I pretended the recent attack in Istanbul’s main airport didn’t make me a little nervous. I know Scandinavia/Baltics are emphatically not Turkey, and travel is safest after a major terrorist attack, but anxiety doesn’t always listen to logic and reason. Boo.

june 2016

What did you do in the month of June? Share your travels, favorite photos, cool books, anything you want in the comments! Thanks!




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