5 Ways Travel Makes Your Life Worse

5 Ways Travel Makes Your Life Worse


I know, I know. You’re shooting me death glares from Chiang Mai, Berlin, Cuzco, Sydney, wherever you’re located right now. I’m sorry. Hear me out, though, before you revoke my travel blogger card.

Travel is our passion. Believe me, I know. Travel changes us! We are now citizens of the world! We’ve jumped off planes, eaten bugs, hiked mountains, shared dorms with strangers, and visited the homes of great writers (at least I like to). I’ve made many sacrifices to chase my globetrotting dreams. I know in my heart that those journeys are worth every penny.

Well. Lemme tell you something else, my friends.

Travel complicates your life. The travel bug is a disease. I wouldn’t change that disease, no way, but “the bug” can throw your personal life out of whack. Shall I list the ways?


I could listen to you speak all day … really. [Versailles, France]

Daily Conversations Bore You

Ouch. Harsh but true. Listening about someone’s upcoming hair appointment, soccer match with the kids, argument with the bank teller, etc. tires me out. I hate to admit it but here’s to honesty: a lot of the time, I mentally peace out of conversations at work and home. After traveling, I can’t relate to a lot of day-to-day small talk. I can’t even muster enough excitement for someone’s graduation or wedding unless we’re either blood relatives or best friends.

Travel makes me feel so alive that other, more familiar topics pale in comparison and therefore don’t draw me in. I’m fully aware that standoffish behavior makes me look like a jerk. I also understand that not listening, truly not listening, to others is snobbish and unfair. I’m not proud of this and make efforts to combat it.

So… yeah, my travel experiences prevent me from enjoying simple conversations at home. And it’s not cool.


My ego is bigger than those mountains! [Banff, Canada]

You Sound Like A Braggart

We’re all different in life. For example, I think Super Bowl Sunday is the lamest day of the year. My dad and brother bleed Philadelphia sports and go to tons of games. The teacher next door excels at algebra and geometry. Math makes me break out in hives. These personal likes/dislikes extend to travel, too.

Some people can’t or won’t travel. Travel is a priority for me, but not for everyone. These folks don’t necessarily want to hear about my life-changing experiences abroad in every. single. conversation. I’m TRYING to improve on this awkward habit of mine, where I start off every sentence with “one time in Paris” or “when I was in Vancouver” or “on my trip to Italy.” I am passionate and those phrases tumble out of my mouth unrehearsed… way more often than I would like.

If you have some good tips about sharing your travel stories without sound like a complete show off, please send them my way and I will give you cookies.

Boston Skyline

I wanna fly into that sunset to a faraway land… [Boston, MA]

Itchiness at Home

All I do at home is plan my next adventure. I don’t write that to be funny or overdramatic. I’m dead serious. Immediately after work, I plop down at my computer and do one of the following: read travel blogs, check for low airfare, watch travel vlogs on youtube, or write an itinerary for an actual or fictional trip.

I have a travel addiction. While great at times, my obsession also means that when in-between trips, I don’t appreciate the present. Instead I focus on amazing experiences that lie in my future. Life is a gift. We’re not guaranteed another day. Hell, a car could hit me on the drive to work tomorrow. Would I really want my last moments on this planet spent daydreaming about a future date?

I’m not saying never read or research about travel ever. But appreciate the present a little bit. Even when you’re stuck in suburban New Jersey.

Palace Sintra

Alas, no beautiful castle for the broke. [Sintra, Portugal]

Your Bank Account Will Hate You

Let’s be real: travel costs money. Yes, there are many ways to travel for cheap or even for free, but at the end of the day, traveling isn’t a super duper cheap endeavor. There’s a myth that travel is a luxury item, yes, but it’s still not like paying for a cup of coffee.

If you read this blog, you can tell I have a bit of an obsession with Europe. Airfare from Philadelphia/New Jersey to Europe costs anywhere between $700 – $1500 dollars for a return ticket. No small lump of change.

I’m lucky because I don’t have student loans (please don’t hate me). However I pay for every single trip with my own money, and teachers don’t earn the highest salaries. For me, every adventure has been worth its price tag, but I still wince seeing the money leave my bank account en masse.

Yeats Memorial

Yup, I’m all alone. [Drumcliff, Ireland]

Saying Goodbye

My friends are scattered around the world. A lump forms in my throat whenever its time to say “goodbye” to my travel companions. Why? Because there’s a 95% chance that I will never see that person again.

Goodbyes suck. Enough said.

In what ways has travel complicated your life?

3 Responses to 5 Ways Travel Makes Your Life Worse

  1. Rashaad June 3, 2015 at 3:27 am #

    Interesting way of looking at travel but I agree with you…

    (a) There are times I would rather not bring up the fact I’ve lived in Japan, France and the U.K. because it would certainly seem like I’m bragging (Actually, at the run-of-the mill job I had before I left for the U.K., I was hesitant to admit I was leaving it for the U.K. But the folks I told were happy for me). In some situations, I feel comfortable talking about my travel experiences. But probably only around certain people.

    (b) I definitely have an itchiness whenever I’ve been at home. Probably because I think there is always someplace out there more fun and exciting

    (c) I greatly worry about never being able to see some friendly people I’ve met abroad again. That’s a big reason why I have an itchiness when I am in the U.S. It gnaws at me that I haven’t been in Japan since August 2010. Hopefully, I can make it to U.K. later this year and France and Japan next year.

    • Rachel Elizabeth June 4, 2015 at 3:47 am #

      A) I’m the same way! I always worry about “showing off” at my job. I’m excitable so I wanna share my adventures with everyone, but at the same time, I’m nervous about alienating people.

      B) Tell me about it.

      C) I hope you can visit all those places. I know I’m blessed to meet so many wonderful people, but damn it, I wish I could take them all back to NJ with me. 🙁

      Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

  2. Cayce March 27, 2016 at 4:44 pm #

    “Daily Conversations Bore You” THAT. Most of the time I am just pretending to be listening, nodding along, while thinking what a boring life you have or I can’t believe that you are looking forward to that (insert things like getting your nails done) I’m awful but I just don’t care.

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