2 days in liverpool: see all the catedrals

2 Days in Liverpool: The Best Things to See & Do in a Weekend

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England is a wonderful travel destination. It’s actually one of my favorite places to travel in Europe, because of the ease of travel (great infrastructure, no language barrier for English language speakers, friendly people, etc).

So, if you’re reading this post, then you’ve also decided to visit England, and you want to expand your itinerary outside of London.

First of all, great idea! I promise I’m not mocking London. I love, love, love London. I personally think London is one of the best cities for solo travel, and if someone offered me endless money and a chance to live in London, I would move at the drop of a hat. It’s a phenomenal place. 

However, London isn’t representative of England as a whole. I mean, New York City isn’t representative of the United States, so the same case applies here.

In my opinion, for those of who have time in your itinerary, it’s important to go to other regions of the country and discover other cities. You’ll have a much more well-rounded trip.

2 days in liverpool means plenty of coffee
Enjoying a Coffee While Exploring Liverpool.

In particular, Liverpool is popular among Beatles Fans. You’ll see a lot of them hitting up the most iconic Beatles landmarks. Music fans, in general, will adore Liverpool.

However, even though I don’t know much about the Beatles, I still truly loved this city and think it’s a perfect place to experience urban Britain. And the people are SO nice!

So, if you’re visiting England and want more city fun in addition to London, then try and make some space in your itinerary to visit Liverpool.

exploring the quiet streets of liverpool in the morning

Travel Tips for 2 Days in Liverpool

Before diving into this 2 Days in Liverpool Itinerary, I wanted to share a couple of travel tips to make sure that your visit is seamless. Over all, Liverpool is an easy city to explore, even if you’re traveling solo, but knowing the basics is still a tremendous help.

2 days in liverpool you will arrive at limestreet station
Liverpool Lime Street is a Clean and Well Organized Station.

How to Get to Liverpool

First and foremost, the vast majority of travelers will arrive to Liverpool by train, unless you’re flying directly into the city. 

Keep in mind, though, if you’re coming from London, then you will need to book tickets to Liverpool Lime Street, not Liverpool Central. The train from London’s Euston is direct and only takes about two and a half hours. It’s a comfortable train ride (service on Avanti West Coast), but make sure to book your tickets in advance for the best prices. Train tickets are expensive close to the departure date.

Liverpool Lime Street is right in the middle of Liverpool’s center, so you’ll be able to travel to your hotel with ease. Buses are available, as well as rideshares.

liverpool is a friendly and welcoming city with lots of smiles
Happy and Alone in Fun Liverpool.

What to Pack for a Liverpool Weekend

  • Comfortable Sneakers: You will do a ton of walking around Liverpool and want to keep your feet happy. Keep your footwear casual and opt for comfortable sneakers instead of high heels, haha.
  • Day Bag: Have a lightweight day bag to take with you as you explore Liverpool. This day bag is perfect and has anti-theft protection, although Liverpool is a super safe city.
  • Lonely Planet England Guide: Liverpool has a ton to see and do. Purchase an England guidebook to read about this city, as well as the surrounding areas, which include many stunning nature parks. 
  • Travel Insurance: Liverpool is very safe, but as a traveler, it’s always important to have travel insurance. England’s NHS is only for permanent residents, so buying a plan like World Nomads will keep your mind at ease.
  • Travel Umbrella: It’s England. It rains. Even if sun is predicted, you still might encounter rain, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and pack a compact travel umbrella for your visit.
  • Waterproof Windbreaker: Liverpool is in north England, which means uncertain weather, so it’s a smart idea to be prepared ahead of time. I love this North Face windbreaker that’s perfect for travel to the United Kingdom.

2 days in liverpool means seeing a lot of beatles stuff

Where to Stay with 2 Days in Liverpool

Liverpool has plenty of accommodation options for all sorts of budgets. I listed three possibilities here for you, but, of course, do your own research and pick a place that suits your needs best! 

2 Days in Liverpool: Detailed Itinerary

It’s time to embark on your 2 days in Liverpool.

This itinerary includes a bit of everything and is quite flexible, especially about food. I spent a lot of time with friends in Liverpool, so I didn’t have too much of a chance to explore the restaurant scene, although I saw so, so many incredible attractions on my stay. I definitely need to come back in the near future. 

Have fun planning your weekend escape in Liverpool. It’s a fantastic city. 

welcome to liverpool museum, a must see with 2 days in liverpool

Day 1: Welcome to Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool! After you drop off your bags, you’ll spend your first day discovering all of Liverpool’s most beautiful churches. I was seriously surprised how many incredible churches are located in an easy walking radius.

Let’s go!

liverpool cathedral is stunning inside

Liverpool Cathedral 

Your first stop ought to be Liverpool Cathedral. This cathedral is absolutely massive and incredibly beautiful. When I visited in the summer, not only could I explore the areas of worship, but I also saw a really fascinating exhibit about community and our place in the world. As a traveler, I think these exhibits are insightful and worth reading. 

Liverpool Cathedral has a rich history, so it’s worthwhile to an audio tour as you admire the Gothic revival architecture that surrounds you. 

However, I personally think the most spectacular part of visiting Liverpool Cathedral is the tower. The cathedral is free to enter, but it’s well worth paying to go to the tower. An elevator will take you most of the way up, but you still need to climb a couple of staircases to reach the viewing platform.

It’s amazing to see a panoramic view of Liverpool. Truly.

inside the gorgeous metropolitan cathedral
2 Days in Liverpool Includes Seeing the Beautiful Cathedrals.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 

Ready for another cathedral? I hope so, because your next stop is only a short walk away. Liverpool is also home to the largest Catholic cathedral in all of England.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, locally nicknamed “Paddy’s Wigwam”, has a gorgeous and sleek interior. The lightening and stained glass are just so unique compared to other Catholic cathedrals. Wander through the cathedral and view the center from all possible vantage points.

If you have spare time, then pay a small fee to go underground to the redesigned Cathedral crypt. It’s now an exhibit all about the architecture of the church, and I personally found a visit worthwhile.   

2 days in liverpool itinerary: viewing the bombed out church

“Bombed Out”” Church

And now it’s time … for another church! I promise you that they’re all worth it. The “Bombed Out” Church may just be my favorite stop in all of Liverpool.

The Bombed Out Church, also known as St. Luke’s Church, was practically destroyed during the May Blitz of 1941. However, the Bombed Out Church now endures as a stunning art venue that hosts theater performances, dance shows, cinema, and so much more! 

Check in advance to see if any shows are on. I visited the Bombed Out Church during the day, just for the scenery and some peace and quiet, and I loved my visit here.

2 day liverpool itinerary: be sure to explore sefton park

Sefton Park

Liverpool is more of an industrial city, but you’ll still discover absolutely gorgeous green spaces if you know where to look. In particular, Sefton Park is very lush and a lovely place to take an outdoor stroll after a morning of visiting churches.

Sefton Park is wonderful for strolling, and also has some unique characteristics. For example, don’t forget to stop at the Palm House. This gorgeous conservatory is open to the public if there are no events taking place, and is very beautiful inside. The Palm House even survived the Liverpool Blitz, so it’s well worth a visit! Be sure to check out the statues out front too.

As a side note, Sefton Park is a little outside of Liverpool’s center, but it’s easy enough to call an Uber and go.

wandering on lively mathew street in liverpool

Mathew Street 

Are you ready for some fun? Then hop in an Uber and go to Mathew Street. This iconic street is well known for its nightlife and famous music scene. A visit to Mathew Street is a musicians’ rite of passage, actually.

Mathew Street is fun even just for strolling and taking pictures with the many statues of famous singers. There is also a museum, Liverpool Beatles Museum, which is obviously dedicated to the city’s most famous band.

Speaking of the Beatles …

welcome to the cavern club in liverpool
All Musician Lovers Need to Check Out the Cavern Club.

Go to The Cavern Club

In particular, the Cavern Club is very well known and a “must see” on Mathew Street. After all, the Cavern Club is the actual birthplace of the Beatles. This club also hosted other famous musicians such as Adele and Jessie J.

The Cavern Club is open every day of the week, and it is recommended that you arrive early so you don’t have to wait in line forever. This is especially important if you’re visiting Liverpool on a Saturday night.

2 days in liverpool means shopping a lot for beatles merchandise

Day 2: Museums and Tours of Liverpool

Are you ready to learn all about Liverpool’s history? Your second day includes a lot of museums, as well as the possibility of some walking tours. Let’s go!

2 days in liverpool means visiting musuems

Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool is a local history museum that will help shed light on the city (and its people!!). Like many other museums, the Museum of Liverpool is free to enter, although it’s always kind to leave a small donation.

The Museum of Liverpool has exhibits on social and community history, as well as fascinating archaeology from the region. There are always special exhibits, too, so you definitely want to see “what’s on” in advance of your visit. 

You could easily spend two hours exploring through this thoughtful local museum, and come away with a deeper understanding of Liverpool as a city. Well worth your time and energy.

wandering around the tate modern in liverpool

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is only a short walk away and perfect for lovers of contemporary art. You’ve probably heard of the famous Tate Modern in London. This museum is part of the same organization.

This museum can easily be done in an hour, especially if you stick to the free exhibits. Paid exhibits are available too, although I only suggest seeing them if you have a vested interest in contemporary art. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Tate Liverpool will be temporarily closed until 2025. The gallery is undergoing a radical transformation, and should be beautiful by the time it is completed. 

liverpool royal albert docks in the morning

Royal Albert Docks 

Royal Albert Docks are Liverpool’s most visited tourist attraction, and it’s very easy to understand the appeal. The docks are home to tons of museums, cool shops, and restaurants. It’s especially fun to explore on a sunny summer day (yes, they do happen in Liverpool).

You can walk around this historical complex of dock buildings and warehouses entirely for free. Of course, it’s super hard not to spend money here, haha.

Personally, I loved Roly’s Fudge for a special Liverpool treat. This award-winning Devon fudge is the perfect thing to nibble on as you walk around the docks and take pictures. 

Ultimately, no 2 days in Liverpool are completed without stopping at Royal Albert Docks. I loved it so much that I came back twice. You also don’t want to miss RMS Lusitania Propeller located a short distance away on the waterfront. 

with 2 days in liverpool indulge in some fine dining

Have Lunch with a View

With 2 days in Liverpool, you’ll have a chance to try some amazing food. Come on a empty stomach (as always).

And … okay, so even though I don’t have tons of restaurant recommendations, I do have one splurge suggestion. Check out Panoramic 34. It is utterly amazing. 

I personally enjoyed the lunch prix fix menu, and admiring the gorgeous views of Liverpool from the panoramic windows. Their afternoon tea also looked delicious and worth the money.

with 2 days in liverpool don't skip the walker gallery
With 2 days in Liverpool, you’ll have plenty of time for museums.

Walker Art Gallery

Still want more museums? Then you ought to check out the Walker Art Gallery

This Victorian art gallery houses a huge exhibit that is well worth your time. Seriously, this is probably my favorite museum in all of Liverpool. I loved wandering through the galleries, which are thoughtfully organized by time period, and admiring works of art that I have seen reproductions of in my literature books.

The Walker Art Gallery also has a lovely cafe where you can enjoy a cup of tea or soup in a quiet environment. 

Like Liverpool’s other museums, the Walker Art Gallery is donation-based. 

2 days in liverpool means seeing lots of gorgeous buildings

Walking Tours of Liverpool

Now I understand it’s easy to burn out from too many museums. If you want to spend time outdoors, then pick one museum to see and then opt for a walking tour in the afternoon. After all, Liverpool has a fascinating history that’s well worth your time. 

I listed a couple of cool recommendations to help jumpstart your research.

exploring liverpool's history on the street
Lusitania Propeller in Liverpool.

Liverpool Walking Tour Ideas

2 days in liverpool means lots of beatles attractions
Grinning on a Weekend in Liverpool.

I hope you had a great time reading about how to spend 2 days in Liverpool. Seriously, it’s a wonderful city and absolutely worth visiting! Have a splendid vacation!