2 days in seville itinerary: don't skip the alcazar

2 Days in Seville Itinerary: What to See and Do in a Weekend

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Are you ready to spend a weekend in the sunniest, not to mention one of the most gorgeous and popular, cities in all of Spain? I hope so. With 2 days in Seville, you’ll find yourself entranced by this fascinating region (Andalusia) and planning your return visit before you even leave here for the airport.

Seville has many factors that make it a perfect city for a weekend getaway. As the biggest city in Andalusia, Seville offers an enticing blend of history, culture, gastronomy, and a vibrant atmosphere. 

Not to mention, if you’re looking to escape the cold, Seville has wonderfully mild weather in the winter and early spring, which will put a happy spring into your step! I’m not evening kidding. Seville is the cure for seasonal depression. 

I, unsurprisingly, had an amazing time visiting Seville for all the Easter festivities, and I hope that my advice will help you plan the perfect 2 days in Seville to recharge and unwind. 

absolutely gorgeous tile work in the espana in seville

Travel Tips for 2 Days in Seville

Before talking about all the amazing things to do here, I wanted to share a couple of basic travel tips for 2 days in Seville.

All in all, this is a city that is very used to tourists and has fantastic infrastructure for visitors around the world. Regardless, since Seville is so popular, it’s always smart to prepare in advance. 

2 days in seville itinerary is paradise

Is 2 Days in Seville Enough Time?

Personally, I think 2 days in Seville is enough time to appreciate and fall in love with the city. Obviously, you won’t be able to see and do everything in Seville with only 2 days. But you won’t feel super rushed either. 

And, hey, you can always plan to come back in the future!

In addition, your time in Seville also depends on the type of trip. For example, if you’re spending 12 days in Spain and want a general overview of the country, then 2 days in Seville is absolutely perfect!

On the flip side, if you’re doing a regional solo trip in Andalusia, then perhaps you’ll want to spend more leisure time in Seville or even use it as a base for day trips.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you how long you want to spend in Seville. 

you need to see the alcazar with 2 days in seville

How to Get to Seville

Seville is easy to get to and navigate.

Firstly, there are a few ways to get to Seville. Most travelers will take the train from a bigger Spanish city. For example, I took the high-speed AVE train from Madrid down to Seville. Train tickets need to be purchased in advance. Furthermore, Spanish train stations require you to take your bags through security, so allow ample time prior to departure. 

If you’re arriving from another major city in Europe, you might be able to come to Seville by air. Seville has an international airport, San Pablo Airport (SVQ), which is well-connected to major cities in Europe. Depending on your point of origin, flights to Seville might be cheaper than the train. 

All in all, Seville is not a hard place to find public transportation to.

always have some money for street performers
Admiring the Performers in Seville.

2 Days in Seville: Where to Stay 

Not sure where to stay for your solo trip to Seville? I listed a couple ideas here to start the research process! 

2 days in seville spain means exploring neighborhoods

What to Bring for a Weekend in Seville

Honestly, what you wear to Seville depends on the season. Summer is a waaaay different beast than winter.

However, as one of the hottest cities in all of Europe, it’s safe to assume that you’ll want clothes geared toward dry heat. 

With that said, here are a few other essentials that you will want to bring for 2 days in Seville.

exploring the inside of the alcazar in seville

2 Days in Seville: Packing Essentials

  • Comfortable Open-Toed Shoes: Seville’s warm weather is perfect for open-toed shoes, but they need to be comfortable for walking long distances too!
  • Mirrorless Camera: Photographers will want to invest in a top notch camera to take great pictures of Seville’s famous sights. I use the Sony Alpha A6400 Mirrorless Camera, which is compact and takes amazing shots!
  • Reusable Water Bottle: It’s essential to stay hydrated on a trip to Southern Spain. So don’t forget a light-weight and reusable water bottle on your trip! In addition, restaurants are required to give free tap water if you request it, so don’t be afraid to ask. 
  • Spain Travel Guide: Andalusia is a rich region in Spain, and Seville is a fascinating city. This guide to Andalusia will help ensure you see everything in your itinerary.
  • Spanish Phrasebook: While English is spoken here, you’ll have even better luck if you know a little bit of Spanish. Practice your Spanish skills with this phrasebook prior to your trip to Seville.
  • Sunblock: Don’t mess with Seville’s sun. Always wear sunblock, even in the cooler months, to protect your skin. The sun is strong here. 
  • Travel Insurance: Always purchase travel insurance for overseas trips. You never know if your flight be canceled out of Seville, haha. I love World Nomads and use them for all my trips. 
checking out the fine tiles with 2 days in seville
Seville Tiles Are Perfect.

Safety in Seville

Over all, I thought that Seville was very safe. I would even recommend solo travel in Seville to inexperienced international travelers! It’s a great city. Typically city street smarts go a long way here. Be mindful of your belongings, don’t drink too much alone at night, etc etc.

Your biggest danger will actually be Seville’s heat, particularly when visiting in the hotter months. The heat is seriously not a joke. The sun is exceptionally strong here, and in August, temperatures can soar to 97F (or 36C) and higher. 

If visiting in the hotter months, my personal advice is to sightsee early in the morning and then again late at night once the sun goes down. Seville is open early and late, and the locals understand the best hours to be out and about. Use the afternoons for resting in your hotel or exploring a museum. Book a place with air conditioning. 

2 Days in Seville: Map & Highlights

Day Sights
1 Santa Cruz Neighborhoods, Museums, Food/Tapas Tour, Plaza de Espana, Flamenco Show
2 Royal Alcazar of Seville, Cathedral de Seville, La Giralda, Guadalquivir River, Las Setas de Sevilla
solo travel in seville is always a good idea
So Happy to Visit Seville!

2 Days in Seville Itinerary 

In my 2 Days in Seville Itinerary, I tried to be reasonable about what most travelers can cover without too much stress. You’ll also want to allocate time to simply explore and shop, so you don’t want to run yourself ragged. 

As always, feel free to use this itinerary as a starting point and edit it, so it is perfect for the trip that you’ve envisioned to Seville.

exploring gorgeous seville on a sunny afternoon

Day 1

For our first day in Seville, we’re going to wander this gorgeous city and simply soak up the atmosphere. Don’t worry, though! You’ll still have plenty to see and do.

However, I personally feel like Andalusia — actually, Spain — is best enjoyed when you have some downtime to indulge in the experience of just being there. 

2 days in seville means seeing santa cruz
With 2 Days in Seville, Get Off the Main Streets and Explore.

Explore Santa Cruz

As one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Santa Cruz should be one of the first areas you visit with 2 days in Seville.

In Santa Cruz, you will be immersed in characteristic narrow streets, white-washed buildings, and a rich history dating back to medieval times. Strolling through its winding alleys gives you a glimpse into the city’s past.

If I had ignored all the phones and cameras and cars, I would’ve felt like I had been transported back in time to Spain’s Middle Ages.

Santa Cruz is also home to Seville’s top attractions, such as the Alcazar Palace and Seville Cathedral, which I’ll discuss in more detail later. 

solo travel in seville is a delight, just even taking pictures in the streets
Bull Fighter in Seville.

Go to a Museum

Seville’s Santa Cruz neighborhood is also home to several wonderful museums. Select one or two museums based on your own personal interests.

For example, while not a “traditional” museum, Indias Archive (Archivo de Indias) holds an extensive collection of documents related to the Spanish colonies in the Americas, and as a result of this history, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Meanwhile, a traveler who loves dance and culture might be more drawn to Flamenco Dance Museum (Museo del Baile Flamenco), which is dedicated to the art of … you guessed it! Flamenco! 

Anyone who loves unique houses and wants to see rich interior decorating and architecture, might opt to go to Casa de Murillo or he former residence of the famous Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

The choice is yours! 

you have to eat all the food with 2 days in seville

Eat Traditional Andalusian Tapas

You can’t visit Spain and not eat tapas. And, in Andalusia, you’ll encounter unique tapas that you can’t eat in other regions of Spain. Keep in mind, though, that Seville is a popular and large city, so dining here will be more expensive than some of the smaller cities and surrounding towns, but still worth the money. 

For foodies, you might want to look into booking a Seville Tapas and Wine Food Tour to develop an even deeper appreciation for this city’s culinary culture. 

If your heart is set on a particular restaurant, then I recommend making reservations in advance to avoid long waits or disappointment. This is especially important in “high” season.

don't skip seville with 12 days in spain

Wander Plaza de Espana

Without a doubt, Plaza de Espana is one of the most impressive squares that I’ve ever seen on my travels around the world.

The square was built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, and it showcases a harmonious blend of Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival styles. And, yeah, the photos don’t do it justice at all. You’ll quickly understand why this is one of the most visited areas in all of Seville.

This plaza is also a great source of historical pride for Seville. After all, it was originally constructed to showcase Spain’s industry and technology exhibits during the 1929 exposition. 

with 2 days in seville, enjoy a relaxing stroll around the plaza

As for other reasons to visit, don’t forget to check out both the Canal Boat Rides and exquisite Mosaic Tiles. 

When you arrive, you’ll probably see several tourists enjoying the canal boat rides. These boat rides are well worth your time if you have the extra time and want to witness a unique perspective of the architectural details, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of Plaza de España from a fresh and new angle.

Lastly, the square is positively decorated with with colorful ceramic tile benches, representing different regions of Spain. 

don't miss out on the dancers in seville spain

See a Flamenco Show

You cannot come to Seville without seeing at least one Flamenco show. While Flamenco is all over Spain, this traditional performance has strong cultural ties to Andalusia (in particular). 

As one of the birthplaces of Flamenco, you can find authentic performances if you do your research ahead of time and carefully vet the shows. However, even shows for tourists are a lot of fun, so don’t stress yourself out needlessly trying to find the “best” Flamenco experience of all time. 

You might even be lucky and find free shows in Seville! At Plaza de Espana, I was lucky enough to catch a free Flamenco show (although, obviously, I tipped the dancers), and it was one of the best highlights of my trip to Seville. 

with 2 days in seville don't skip the alcazar

Day 2

On your second day in Seville, get ready to enjoy some of the most famous and beautiful attractions in the entire city. Make sure that your camera and phone are both fully charged, because your photography skills will get an utter work out. 

Let’s go! 

2 days in Seville means seeing the Alcazar. No questions
Absolutely. Breathtaking.

Royal Alcázar of Seville

Without a doubt, the Royal Alcazar of Seville is one of the gems in this city. You ought to have your passport revoked if you skip the alcazar with 2 days in Seville (I’m kidding … sort of …). 

You will easily dedicate your entire morning to the Royal Alcazar. A thorough visit, including exploring the palace rooms, gardens, and courtyards, could take approximately 2 to 3 hours, maybe even longer if you’ve strong interests in Spanish history and architecture. 

The Alcazar is a magnificent palace complex with a mix of Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance, and Mudejar styles. I literally lost track of how many photos that I took of all the intricate details.

Not to mention, the Alcazar is the first building that actually made my jaw drop to the floor. Don’t skip this incredible palaces. Nothing compares to seeing it in person. Photos do not do the slightest justice.

walk the stairs in seville

At a minimum, your Alcazar trip should encompass a visit to both the Palace Rooms and the gardens.

You’re welcome to purchase an audio guide if you wish. Honestly, I don’t focus well enough to truly enjoy audio guides, but for those of you wanting to take your time and soak up history, they can be an excellent value. 

In the palace rooms, each space is positively adorned with exquisite tilework, intricate carvings, and impressive ceilings. The Palacio de Pedro I is particularly noteworthy for its Mudéjar architecture.

Furthermore, the gardens are just as wonderful as the palace rooms themselves. Stroll through the lush greenery, fountains, and peaceful courtyards in the Patio de las Doncellas and the Gardens of the Alcazar.

Enjoy your own shady spot on a hot afternoon! I bought lots of water here, and used the time to hydrate, which is so important in Seville.

exploring the gorgeous gardens in the alcazar with 2 days in seville

Lastly, if you’d rather have the efficiency and knowledge of a small tour, then you might want to look into book this combination tour of both the Alcazar and Cathedral of Seville. The lines to go into the Alcazar can be overwhelming.

For example, I visited during Easter Week, which is one of the busiest and most intense times of the year, so I made sure to purchase my tickets well in advance. I was able to enjoy the Alcazar without an issue, but lots of tickets were sold out. 

So either buy tickets in advance or join a guided tour! Whatever suits your travel style best!

seville's cathedral is absolutely spectacular

Cathedral de Seville

Another important attraction I had to include in this 2 Days in Seville Itinerary is the city’s famous cathedral.  

You can easily spend an hour inside the cathedral. For me, the Chapel of the Sacrament stood out the most on my visit. The sheer amount of gold simply blew my mind.

For a religious experience, try and attend Mass here. I went for Easter Mass and it was absolutely beautiful. Definitely a travel memory that I will take with me for life. 

Lastly, I need to mention that Seville Cathedral is also the final burial place of Christopher Columbus. His tomb is held aloft by four statues representing the kingdoms of Spain. I know. I know.

Obviously, this tomb will stir mixed and uncomfortable feelings, and I don’t want to tell anyone how they should react to it or if they want to see it. There is still plenty to see and admire in the Seville Cathedral even if you skip the tomb.

2 days in seville to see the sights like la giralda tower

La Giralda 

After the cathedral, you will also want to check out La Giralda, which is the iconic bell tower. I’m not exaggerating about it being iconic either, haha. La Giralda is an enduring symbol of Seville that dominances the city skyline. 

For breathtaking views, you’ll want to definitely climb La Giralda. You don’t need to fret too much about going to the top either, because, unlike a lot of other European bell towers, La Giralda includes ramps instead of stairs, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.

You’ll never forget seeing this famous city from a bird’s eye view! 

2 days in seville and strolling along the river

Walk Along Guadalquivir River

I know this 2 Days in Seville itinerary was packed with plenty of attractions. So now it’s time to unwind and soak up Seville’s chill atmosphere in the evening.

Strolling along the Guadalquivir River at sunset is a wonderful way to conclude your weekend getaway in Seville. The Guadalquivir River is the second-longest river in all of Spain and a picturesque feature of the city. 

You’ll find the people watching in this part of the city top notch. Find a spot on the river and unwind. 

with 2 days in seville, be sure to eat lots of tapas

Eat and Drink with Views of Las Setas de Sevilla

My 2 Days in Seville Itinerary ends with even more food, as well as a special architectural treat. 

“Las Setas de Sevilla,” also known as the Metropol Parasol, is a wooden structure located in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. Why such a unique design? As you know, Seville’s temperatures are sorching hot for months at a time, so primary purpose of Las Setas is to provide much needed shade to the Plaza de la Encarnación.

However, Las Setas de Sevilla is also quite aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for photographers! If you want more panoramic views, you’ve come to the right place. The panoramic terrace, which is accessible via an elevator, is a wonderful place where you’re able to enjoy stunning views of Seville, including landmarks that you’ve already visited today, such as the Cathedral, Giralda Tower, and the Alcazar.

There are plenty of wonderful places to eat in this area. So feel free to grab an amazing dinner after snapping plenty of photos.

2 days in seville is very glamorous

I hope you enjoyed reading my 2 Days in Seville Itinerary. Without a doubt, Seville is a glorious sunny destination for a weekend getaway, or as an added stop into a longer Spain itinerary. Don’t forget to add Seville to your list the next time you are visiting Spain.