solo female travel in europe

25 Tips for Solo Female Travel in Europe

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solo female travel in europe | wanderlust | travel | vacation | europe tips | inspirational | travel inspiration | west europe

Solo Female Travel in Europe.

Ready to go traveling alone in Europe as a woman?

You’re in for a super treat. I’m so excited to write about solo female travel in Europe. You guys, you guys, traveling alone in Europe as a woman is unforgettable in more ways than one, and I am very excited to share all my tips with you guys!

Buuuuut, before I get into the wonders of travelling Europe alone as a female, it’s been awfully quiet around here, hasn’t it? Not my intention, sorry. And don’t worry, readers. I haven’t take another three month hiatus. I wouldn’t torture you like that again.

So what happened to make me feel withdrawn? Nothing exciting.

Work happened. My life as a teacher is so damn unpredictable, especially in September, when summer vacation creeps to a sad, sad, sad end. Gone are the lazy beach days. Gone are late evenings binging foreign horror films on Netflix (don’t judge me). Gone are silent alarms.

Now waking up before sunrise kills my spirit. Driving at rush hour in New Jersey obliterates my spirit. I love my students, though. So there’s that.

solo female travel in Europe
Tallinn is great for solo female travel in Europe.

Anyway, after acclimating to my busy schedule, I’m back again to entertain everyone (are you not entertained?!) and fulfill their wanderlusty dreams.

To make my own return easier, I’m gonna talk about a subject that I think I’m an expert on, which is solo female travel in Europe.

If you’re about to embark on your first solo trip, the European continent is a great place to begin traveling. The possibilities are endless because Europe has so many magical destinations to choose from. These 25 tips will make your adventure in Europe even easier on your nerves. After all, you want to learn about history, try exquisite new foods, push yourself to sign up for adventure activities, and forge lifelong friendships rather than feel anxious about pickpockets and passports.

Happy reading! Backpacking alone as a woman is so exciting! You’ll love it!

solo female travel in europe | travelling europe alone female
Riga, Latvia

1. Travel Alone in Europe & Research Accommodation.

One of the best things you can do as a solo female traveler in Europe is always research your accommodation in advance. Preferably, you want to read reviews to see if your hotel/hostel/apartment is located in (or at least close to) the city center. Time is precious. You don’t want to waste hours fighting rush hour traffic, for example. Furthermore, you also want to make sure the neighborhood is safe for a woman traveling alone. It sucks that we need to consider safety, but it’s the world we live in. Think about the neighborhood if you need to return at night. Some places might have great ratings, but the location could still leave something to be desired. Avoid anywhere you’d feel uncomfortable.

2. Need to Pack for a Trip? Bring Packing Cubes.

Ladies, use packing cubes to maximize your luggage space.

Packing cubes are an absolute godsend if you want to save space in your luggage – which you do – especially if your journey requires more than one flight. Plus it keeps you organized during your European adventures. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you can lose in a single backpack. I’ve been there. Multiple times. When it comes to solo female travel in Europe, packing cubes are wonderful investments.

solo female travel in europe

3. Plan a Great Solo Europe Trip Itinerary.

One of your most crucial tasks is creating an amazing itinerary that focuses on a region of Europe.

It’s tempting to try and visit every country on your trip. However, you’ll just stare at train seats if you’re crossing borders four times a week. Select one area. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for the history, culture, and people if you take. your. freakin’. time. No rushing. This post can help you create the perfect European itinerary for your trip. You may also want to use a solid guidebook like Lonely Planet’s Europe on a Shoestring.

4. Big Cities & Small Towns for the Solo Europe Trip Itinerary.

Combine big cities and smaller towns for maximum appreciation. Only cities or only towns is a recipe for “yawnsville.”

Something super important to keep in mind is to visit small towns in conjunction with big cities. For example, we all want to see Prague. Prague is awesome. But don’t forget to venture to Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary to see another side of the country. Europe has many cool small towns for solo travelers. It’d be tragic to miss them. Plus you’ll experience some killer nature too if you venture outside the city limits.

solo female travel in europe
Ireland is another perfect destination for solo female travel in Europe.

5. Don’t Let the Bank Block You.

One solo travel essential is for you to contact your bank and credit card company ahead of time.

Ughhh, don’t forget to let your bank know about your adventures. Fraud protection is wonderful, but also a bitch. Keep everyone in the loop so you don’t find your funds blocked overseas. Fighting with the ATM is not fun experience – especially if you’re jetlagged after an eight hour flight – so definitely call your bank prior to departure.

6. Create a Photocopy of your Passport.

You should always have your passport number written somewhere, but a photocopy of the main page will make things easier on you if you lose your passport. Hopefully you won’t. But… better safe than sorry? Bring the photocopy.

solo female travel in europe

7. Don’t Forget Solo Travel Tours.

Feeling a little on the lonely side today? Then book yourself on walking, food, and adventure tours.

Day tours will not only arm you with new information about a destination, but they’re great if your goal is to team up with other travelers. Europe, especially, is a haven for solo travelers, and odds are high that you’ll meet at least one other person on your tours. Remember guided tours are not the devil. 

8. Use Bumble BFF or Tinder to Make New Friends.

We all know about swipe apps and the joy (or horror) they can bring into your life. Install some apps for your solo trip. Bumble BFF is a swipe app that connects women with other women who are looking to make friends. It’s not a dating app, which is excellent. Plus Bumble BFF provides a safe way to find other female travelers or even locals. As for Tinder, well… make your platonic intentions clear at the beginning. Otherwise it could turn awkward real fast. We all know Tinder’s reputation.

solo female travel in europe
Plitvice in Croatia.

9. How to Get Around Europe

My best advice is to familiarize yourself with public transportation.

Honestly I wouldn’t want to rent a car in Europe unless absolutely necessary. I hate driving. Instead of fussing over cars, spend your time reading about trains, subways, and buses in your destination. Look at maps ahead of time so you don’t stumble around the platform trying to find your next train. Plus public transit is great for people watching! Think of the stories you can tell!

10. Learn the Local Language

Yup, you heard me! Use Duolingo to brush up on your foreign language skills.

I have some good news for solo female travelers going to Europe, which is that it’s super easy to find English speakers. Honestly, I’ve had no problems at all speaking only English. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. Still, despite the many English speakers at your disposal, it’s polite to learn a couple words of the local language. Install Duolingo on your phone and practice!

solo female travel in europe

11. Going to Europe Alone? Don’t Count Calories.

Ugh, major pet peeve of mine. You’re traveling, not dieting. Save “health and fitness” for home. I mean, if you’re traveling for longer than a month, then sure, be somewhat conscientious, but a two week trip? Stuff your face. Who cares. Solo female travel in Europe means never having to apologize for that second gelato.

12. Love City Pass in Europe.

Buy a city pass to save money and time.

If you’re a big city, like Paris or London, compare the cost of a city pass to what the attractions would cost a la carte. You might be surprised at the savings and choose to invest in a pass. Most passes also allow you to “skip the line” at popular attractions – which could save you a lot of time.

solo female travel in Europe
Paris, France.

13. Solo Travel Essentials: The Scarf

Bring scarves and shawls into churches and cathedrals.

I love solo female travel in Europe, because I feel free to dress however I please. There are limits, though. For example, some countries, such as Italy, require your shoulders to be covered for you to enter the (beautiful) churches. And you ought to visit them. Europe has some of the most famous churches in the world. Yes, women should able to wear whatever they want without judgement, but unfortunately now isn’t the time to discuss those issues. Cover up.

14. When To Go To Europe Alone?

Be aware of the difference between “high” and “low” season.

I’m sure you’ve already heard of high and low season. High season means higher prices, packed sites, great weather, and more chances to meet other travelers. Low season means saving your wallet, but shorter hours and fewer travelers are a reality. Decide which is more important to you before booking your vacation.

solo female travel in europe

15. How to Use Taxis to Get Around Europe.

Make sure the taxi driver uses the meter.

Sadly, some locations have more “honest” taxi drivers than others. I always insist on using the meter if I can’t reserve a cab ahead of time. You don’t want to get hopelessly ripped off for no reason. I got ripped off in Prague, and I’m still pressed about it. Learn from my mistakes.

16. Advice for Traveling Alone at Night.

Honestly my best advice is don’t be afraid to go out at night.

Solo female travelers are understandably concerned about safety. I get it. I always ask myself whether or not something is “safe.” At the same time, though, I honestly don’t think it’s helpful to tell solo female travelers to stay indoors after the sun sets. Boooooooring. Go out. Enjoy the stars. Enjoy the city lights. Simply stay aware and smart.

Read More: 21 Tips for Traveling to Europe for the First Time

solo female travel in Europe
Porto, Portugal

17. Guidebooks for Solo Travel in Europe.

Without a doubt, you should bring a good guide book on your solo trip to Europe.

The internet is wonderful for up to date research. I mean, travel blogs are awesome and give “real experiences” to loyal readers. Still, there’s nothing wrong with investing in a quality guidebook. I’m still a big fan of Lonely Planet. Make sure to buy the most recent edition of any given guidebook. A lot can change, even in two years, so spend a bit more cash if you have to.

18. Bring Your Student (or Teacher!) ID.

Major discounts ahead. Need I say more? You could easily save hundreds of dollars depending on how long you’re traveling for. Don’t forget your ID.

solo female travel in europe

19. Keep a Travel Journal.

I regret not journaling more on my solo trips! Even if you have the most incredible experiences, it’s only nature to forget SOME things. Try to jot down as much as you can every single day so you have clearer memories to reflect on. A soft-covered moleskin journal will work just fine! Here are some suggestions for writing a great travel journal.

20. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol.

Haha, sorry for sounding lame, but this is the truth. I think this tip speaks for itself. You don’t be want to be so hungover that you waste time lying in bed instead of exploring new places. Too much alcohol can ruin your trip. It’s also not smart from a safety and money perspective either.

solo female travel in Europe
Vienna, Austria.

21. Remember: You Won’t Only Pay in Euros.

The Euro exists in most countries, which does make managing your money a little easier, and the exchange rate for the Euro is rather straightforward too. But, alas, the Euro is not the only currency. Visiting the United Kingdom? Prepare to pay in pounds. Croatia? You’re paying in Kuna. Hungary? Forint. Familiarize yourself with the exchange rate near departure so you don’t smash your budget into a million pieces. In Iceland, I feigned ignorance the entire time and my bank account hated my guts for it.

22. Europe and Cheap Flights.

Take advantage of “cheap” flights.

Europe is great for affordable flights, especially if you book on Ryan Air, Norwegian, Easy Jet, or any of the other budget airlines. Many places are now easily at your fingertips. However, make sure you’re landing at an airport close to your destination, and watch those luggage weight requirements. Otherwise you could pay a pretty penny on top of your “cheap” flight.

23. Appreciate the “Old” and “New” Europe.

Despite what the Travel Channel has told you, Europe isn’t just a magical fairyland that’s filled to the brim with castles and cottages. I love the castles. I really, really, really do. At the same time, though, you need to make sure to check out the “newer” and “trendier” sides of Europe, too, especially in places like London and Berlin.

solo female travel in europe

24. Exercise Normal Safety Precautions.

Don’t lose your mind because you’re overseas. Sure, you’re “freer” when you’re traveling, but don’t make any dire mistakes in the name of freedom. Honestly, ladies, if you wouldn’t do something at home, don’t do it in Europe either. Don’t get so wasted that you can’t walk. Don’t explore sketchy areas in the middle of the night. Don’t accept rides from strangers. By exercising some common sense, your trip will be a much safer one.

25. But Don’t Allow Paranoia to Ruin Your Trip.

It’s normal to feel anxious on a solo trip. But don’t act so paranoid that you never leave your accommodation. You’re spending a lot of money to be here. Enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to magical opportunities like paragliding in the Slovenian Alps. You never know when you’ll have another chance! Traveling alone in Europe as a woman is far more liberating than dangerous.

solo female travel europe
Kiss the stone!

Is Solo Female Travel in Europe a Good Idea?

My experience traveling alone in Europe as a woman has been nothing short of incredible.

I’ve gone paragliding off mountains, kissed stones in castles, hiked green hills, explored dungeons, and so much more. I’ve made close friends all over the continent and distance hasn’t damped those relationships whatsoever.

But mostly importantly, my solo trips in Europe gave me a deeper sense of worth, as well as an improved self-esteem. I wouldn’t want back a single red penny that I spent on any of these adventures.

Solo female travel in Europe is awesome. I highly recommend you fling on your backpack and go now. Enjoy. You’ll end up addicted.

solo female travel europe will bring you to magical small spanish cities

Country Specific Resources for Solo Female Travel in Europe

I. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Go on a solo trip to Copenhagen and explore one of northern Europe’s safest and most vibrant capital cities. Don’t forget to see the Little Mermaid and perhaps write some of your own fairytale stories.

II. Your Solo Central Europe Travel Itinerary

Add these stunning Central Europe countries to your solo travels in Europe. You’ll fall in love with the natural wonders and gorgeous cities. And don’t forget the beer.

III. Travel the Baltics

Don’t skip over Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on your next solo trip in Europe. These three small countries will surprise you.

travel europe alone female: let your travels take you to sweden

IV. Iceland and Solo Travel

Iceland is one of the best destinations for new solo female travelers. It’s so safe that you could probably sleep in the middle of the street and not have anyone bother you. Not that I recommend that, of course!

V. Solo Travel in Madrid

My solo travel experience in Madrid was amazing. You ought to read it if you’re considering a solo trip to Spain in the near future.

VI. Budapest and Solo Travel

I think Budapest is one of the best cities for solo travelers, and is worth a visit. Read my comprehensive guide on this city for more information.

VII. Solo Travel to Portugal

I actually think that your first solo trip should be Portugal. I have nothing except great things to say about this small, often overlooked Western European country.

travel europe alone female: don't be afraid to go to spain
Solo Female Travel in Europe: Welcome to Madrid.

Miscellaneous Resources for Solo Female Travel in Europe

I. Advice for Staying in Hostels

Hostels are fine for introverts. Hostels are also very safe. Don’t ignore these cheap forms of accommodation when going to Europe. You’ll make a lot of new friends on your solo adventures.

II. Backpacking Routes in Europe

Solo female travel in Europe means creating your own backpacking routes. These are six short and easy backpacking routes in Europe that you might want to consider for your upcoming adventures. Furthermore, check out my ultimate guide to backpacking Eastern Europe if you want something a bit more edgy and cool.

III. Packing Guides for Solo Female Travel in Europe

Don’t forget that packing can make or break your trip! You want to look gorgeous and not burdened by extra beauty essentials so packing minimal travel makeup is a great place to start your checklist. Furthermore, make sure to read my backpacking Europe packing list so you don’t miss a single item.

solo female travel in Europe
Copenhagen, Denmark.

What tips for solo female travel in Europe would you add to this post? For more information, check out my beginners guide to solo female travel. Thanks for staying patient!! Here’s hoping I survive another school year. 

Note: Some links are affiliate-based. If you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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    Hi Rachel, I can imagine its hard to get back to work after 2 months off in the summer! When it gets hard just remember all the fun times you’ve had travelling in the past. You have an excellent job for time off and pairing with travel!

  2. Jessica C says:

    Number 4 is such a great tip that isn’t shared very often! If you want to understand the culture, it’s definitely a must. I want to spend more time in the areas outside of the major cities I visit often because I honestly feel like I know nothing except that one city.

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    Great tips for visiting Europe. A city pass definitely helps. I used one in Copenhagen and got to see so much as a result. I also love the cheap flights and buses that are around Europe. It makes travel so much more affordable.

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