40 Before 40

My “40 Before 40” Goals: Stop The Laziness and Live!

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I still can’t believe my birthday is over!

I dreaded my birthday for months. Now that it’s done I feel … the same, haha. Much ado about nothing, huh?

Still, irony was on my side last week.

Backstory: I’m a bit of a messy person. I’m not a hoarder (ugh, could you imagine?), but when it comes to throwing away old papers, sleek shopping bags, and knick knacks, I … procrastinate a lot.

One morning, groggy from not sleeping, I decided to waste time in my empty classroom. I rummaged through my, uh, very disorganized teacher bag and decided to get rid of some stuff. I found dead pens, bent paperclips, and other boring things, but then my fingers stumbled upon a couple of half-written goals. I re-read them. Then I wondered, “Why not actually follow through with some of these ideas?”

I know this fact will surprise, maybe even SHOCK, you but I’m notoriously lazy. I promise my sloth-like nature isn’t because I like avoiding responsibility or anything. But I enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as … relaxing. And sleeping. And lounging. And relaxing more. And doing nothing.

40 before 40

Still, time doesn’t stop for anyone.

I wish it did. I keep promising myself I’ll discover the elusive “fountain of youth,” but it ain’t happening soon. Hell, I’d even settle for San Junipero to exist. If you haven’t watched Black Mirror, by the way, then I suggest you do. Seriously. This episode made me bawl my eyes out and question life’s purpose.

But I digress.

Shortly, after finding my half-assed goals, I read Valerie’s wonderful “40 Before 40” post – which then caused me to think about my own milestone birthday. At this point, I was inspired not only to write, but seriously consider what I wanted to accomplish in the next decade.

You can’t wait for life to give you what you want in magical little gift boxes. You need to do what you want. And if you fail? Do it again.

I don’t know if I’ll accomplish all these goals. I never would’ve predicted where I am today when I was twenty.  But I want to try.

Buckle in, folks.

40 Before 40

40 Before 40

My “40 Before 40” Life and Travel Goals

  1. (Finally) get my Italian citizenship.
  2. And more deeply understand my Italian roots.
  3. Hike in Patagonia National Park.
  4. Live abroad.
  5. Reach and maintain a healthy weight.
  6. Visit New Zealand.
  7. Camp in Yellowstone, Yosemite, allllll the US National Parks.
  8. Survive a 12+ hour nonstop flight. Without crying.
  9. Learn how to change a tire.
  10. Picnic in Central Park in New York City.
  11. Take a road trip on a whim.
  12. Host a successful dinner party.
  13. Overland it in Africa.
  14. Float in the Dead Sea.
  15. Visit Japan.
  16. Learn at least one new language.
  17. Actually see the Northern Lights.
  18. Ride horses in Mongolia.
  19. Attend a literary festival.
  20. Take a cooking class in Italy or France.
  21. Enjoy an opera at a famous opera house.
  22. Eat alone at a restaurant without feeling scared or judged.
  23. Earn a decent, supplemental income online – either on a blog or elsewhere.
  24. Drive around Iceland in the summer.
  25. Get featured in a major publication.
  26. Go skinny dipping. Sssh.
  27. Visit Uluru at sunrise.
  28. Achieve financial security.
  29. Finally visit Spain. All of it.
  30. Fly in first class or business class like a BOSS.
  31. Splurge on a classic all girls trip to Las Vegas.
  32. Break one bad habit. Erm, gotta think which one. I have a few.
  33. Fly a helicopter or small plane over the Grand Canyon.
  34. Sip wine in Cape Town, South Africa.
  35. Celebrate New Years in Edinburgh. Hogmanay baby.
  36. Remain 23 at heart. My immaturity is going nowhere! Nowhere!!
  37. Write one thing I’m grateful for every day.
  38. Forgive the people who hurt me. … This won’t be easy.
  39. Travel with someone I love.
  40. Defeat my anxiety (flight-related, hypochondria, my greatest travel fear) once and for all.

40 Before 40

40 Before 40

What are some of your life goals? How about travel goals? Share all your inspiring thoughts in the comments! And remember to check out Valerie’s own “40 Before 40” post.

And also remember: Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. 

12 thoughts on “My “40 Before 40” Goals: Stop The Laziness and Live!

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m so excited you wrote a post of goals! I had no idea it would inspire other bloggers to share my goals! I can’t wait to follow along as you accomplish these in the next 10 years 🙂

  2. Alisha says:

    While I don’t have 40 of them ready to go, I do have some things that I considered “bucket list” type things. Keep in mind I’ve already done a bunch of the traditional skydiving, bungee jumping type things, so some of these may seen lame.

    * Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (not in the US)
    * Fly first class to Europe
    * Tip a waiter/waitress $100 on a seemingly cheap meal when they would least expect it.
    * Stay at a bungalow over the teal ocean water, like in Fiji 🙂
    * Pay to take my parents on a trip with me – like an Alaskan cruise or to Scotland

    I need to get on my list seeing as I’m already a few years into my 30’s, but I think I have a good start so far.

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