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Two Days in Munich Germany: A Photo Guide

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Photo Guide: Two Days in Munich

Without a doubt, spending 48 hours in Munich is so much fun. I highly recommend this city to all travelers, solo female travelers included among them, and I really hope this photo guide will help you plan your upcoming adventure to Munich.

On my own summer tour throughout Central Europe, I spent roughly a week in Bavaria’s capital city. At heart, I am a “slow” traveler because I personally like having plenty of time to soak up a city’s museums, street life, food and drink, etc. Zipping from place to place doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I didn’t break my bank account to see the intricate workings of public transportation, after all, so I don’t regret spending so many nights in Munich.

A week still wasn’t enough for me, honestly. I would love to accomplish these 28 things to do in Munich and see even more! I guess I need to work at the international school, haha.

But what if you’re not me and have only 48 hours to enjoy what Munich has to offer? What do you even begin to do in the Bavarian capital? It can be difficult to narrow down so many sites into a tangible working itinerary, especially if you’re a lot like me and overplan your visits to a new city.

smiling during my two days in munich
You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy beer gardens with two days in Munich.

Let this photo essay of “Two Days in Munich” be your guide!

I hope my photo essay will give you great ideas for a weekend in Munich. Keep in mind I’m interested in museums and history, so what I love might differ from your own interests.

Feel free to make adjustments as you read this article!

And don’t forget to brush up on your German when going to Munich for two days. A lot of tourists come to this city and most people you’ll encounter speak very good English, but speaking a little German will go a long way in the manners department.

Off we go!

Note: Please keep in mind that this particular article only discusses Munich. If you have 72 hours or more time to spare in this city, then I would highly recommend taking a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp or Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Cinderella’s Castle. You can do both trips either independently or with the help of a tour guide.

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you must see this gorgeous church when spending 2 days in munich

this saint insists on seeing munich in two days


1. Visit Asamkirche or Asam Church

I’m not a super duper religious person, but despite my personal beliefs, I can always appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a church, synagogue, mosque, etc. Europe has so many beautiful churches that sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones to visit.

Without a doubt, Asamkirche is my favorite church in Munich and perhaps all of Central Europe. After traveling Europe for 6 weeks, all the churches begin to blend together into an indiscernible stain glass mesh-mash in your head; however there is no way I’ll forget Asam’s ornate decor any time soon.

Plus this church was pretty devoid of tourists when I visited in August, the height of the tourist season. A peaceful and beautiful experience. This splendid church was built in the late 1700s as a private church, and has Baroque art decorating every single corner.

Ultimate Asamkirche is a “must see” for two days in Munich. You can find Asamkirche on Sendlinger Str. 32.

got 48 hours in munich? don't miss the top of this church!

only have 48 hours in munich? don't miss this view!

a weekend in munich is always a good idea

2. Enjoy the views of Munich from St. Peter’s Church

If you only have 48 hours in Munich, then you want to enjoy and cherish the very best views of the city. Now I’m nooooooot in the best shape, but I still suck up my pride, pay a few euros, pant like crazy, and climb random church towers just so I can enjoy views of cities on clear afternoons. Munich is no exception to this rule.

So where do you go for best view of Bavaria’s capital city? Personally, my absolute favorite views of Munich were seen from the top of St. Peter’s Church located on Rindermarkt 1.

At the top of St. Peter’s, you will have a clear shot of Marienplatz or Munich’s central square – which gives you a chance to take soooo many beautiful photos of Munich’s skyline. And for my fellow out of shape travelers, you’re in luck! I didn’t think that this climb wasn’t too strenuous at all. Trust me, if I can climb those stairs, you certainly can climb those stairs.

Well worth the admission price, I promise you!

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weekend break munich: go to the residenz and learn a lot

munich 2 days: explore the residenz

munich 2 days itinerary includes the residenz
I wish I could wear this crown with my two days in Munich.

3. Go to the Munich Residenz with Two Days in Munich

The Munich Residenz (or Residence) served as the seat of government and palace for Bavarian dukes and senators for hundreds of years.

So, if you love palaces and history, then please give this place a shot. The Munich Residenz is located on Residenzstraße 1 and is an easy walk from most places in the city. On my visit to the Residenz, I purchased the combination ticket for the palace and the treasury, and honestly, I think spending the extra money was well worth it. The gems in the treasury were dazzling! I wish I had more time to read the descriptions for each ornate piece.

Just a note: if you’re looking for an ancient palace, an original building steeped in history, then the Residence is not for you. Many buildings and rooms were destroyed in World War II and then rebuilt much, much, much later.

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munich two days with lots of beer

see a big band playing on your city break munich

going to the hofbrauhaus with 2 days in munich

4. Beer Halls and Gardens are “Must Sees” for Two Days in Munich!

Of course your 48 hours in Munich isn’t complete without some delicious German beer. Mmmm, yummy! Don’t forget to devour some pork knuckle either (if your diet allows it)!

Munich is loaded with plenty of beer halls and gardens. How do you make your decisions with only two days in Munich? No one ever said that travel was easy!

Hofbrauhaus is the most famous beer hall in Munich. Personally, I think this place is a “must see” while exploring Munich in two days.

As a result of its popularity, tourists pack the tables on most evenings. Still give it a visit, though! I mean, it’s famous for a reason and you came all this way. Hofbrauhaus is a fun and enjoyable experience, despite not being super authentic, and I actually went twice because I had such a good time. I loved listening to the band and striking up conversations with complete strangers! Be warned that you may have to wait for a table if you wanna sit outside, which in the height of summer, I recommend you do.

Hofbrauhaus is located on Platzl 9 and stays open until 11:30 pm.

see the town hall at night while enjoying munich in two days

seeing the streets with 48 hours in munich

look at all of the lights with a weekend in munich

5. Experience Munich’s Streets at Night

After your dinner at Hofbrauhaus, then you want to take the time to see Munich in the hours of the night. Don’t worry. Munich is very safe and still bustling in the evening hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore.

As for me, I looooooooooove the soft glow of European cities at night. In particular, Marienplatz is a complete delight after the hot summer sun finally sinks below the horizon. My travel mates and I enjoyed the street performers and happy buzz of the crowds around us, as we slooooooowly made our way back to the hostel.

Plus all the beautiful buildings were lit up with yellow and orange lights! This environment is perfect for all you travel photographers out there.

munich 2 days budget option: the english garden

munich 2 days itinerary: don't skip the english garden

munich two days see the surfers

6. Munich in 2 Days on a Budget? Englischer Garten or English Garden

What about you budget travelers who are seeking free or cheap things to do in Munich. Parks. Munich has great parks with the most famous one of all being the Englischer Garten.

So the English Garden isn’t really a “garden” in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, the English Garden is a terrific and expansive public park that’s open for you to explore until your heart is content.

Ultimately, if you are a traveler who is strapped for cash and don’t have tons of money to spend on expensive museums and meals, then the English Garden is a fantastic free attraction to explore and appreciate on a nice day. I wish I had spent more time there. And make sure you check out the surfers! They’re incredibly entertaining and talented! Cheer as they hit the waves in the English Garden.

a city break munich means seeing some outstanding art

enjoy some art with two days in munich
Got two days in Munich? Go see some art!

beautiful art with 2 days in munich

6. Two Days in Munich and Museum Options.

If you’re an art nerd, like me, visit one of Munich’s fantastic art museums.

Personally, I love art museums – especially when walking around solo – and Munich has its fair share of gems to offer art lovers.

I visited Neue Pinakothek (New Picture Gallery) and Alte Pinakothek (Old Picture Gallery) on my trip, but I know Munich offers many, many, many more art galleries and museums. Remember your personal interests when selecting your museums because your time and money are valuable. Do your research. As much as I wanted to visit them all, I have a soft spot for medieval and Romantic art, and had to choose where my time would be most enjoyably spent.

Keep in mind if you only have 48 hours in Munich then you might only want to chose one of these museums. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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exploring the sights with 48 hours in munich

go to st peter's church with your weekend in munich

weekend break munich? go to a concert!

7. Take a Free Walking Tour to Enjoy 48 Hours in Munich

I always recommend free walking tours of any new city, because you learn the history and see all the major sites within three hours. Ideal if you want to save time.

From Wombats Hostel (though there are many great places to stay in Munich), my travel friend and I took a free walking tour, and we had a blast wandering around Munich’s streets! Check out trip adviser and other sites for a tour that suits your particular interests and needs. And remember! A free walking tour doesn’t necessarily mean 100% free. If you loved your tour, make sure to tip your wonderful guide(s).

If you’re not staying at a hostel that offers tours, then taking a Sandemans New Europe tour is a good idea. Their tours are insightful and consistent in quality. The Munich free tour currently leaves from Mary’s Column in Marienplatz.

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more beer halls munich 2 days

munich 2 days itinerary: means drinking beer

munich two days: lots of delicious food

8. Repeat Number 4: Beer Gardens and Halls

Yeah, try and see more than one Beer Garden with your two days in Munich. It’s part of the culture and I’m alllll about cultural experiences.

As much fun as I had at Hofbrauhaus, you really ought to try a more authentic and local beer hall experience before leaving Munich. We went to the Augustiner Bräustuben, located a few blocks away from the main train station, on Landsberger Str. 19. At this Beer Garden, my buddy and I found ourselves surrounded by locals rather than tourists. And not to knock on Hofbrauhaus, but the service was much friendlier here too.

Honestly? If I returned to Munich, I would re-visit this fantastic beer hall/garden in a heartbeat. It was amazing. Truly. Do you only have two days in Munich and want to go to one Beer garden, not two? Do this one.

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48 hours in Munich

How would you spend your time in Munich? Are you visiting soon? Do you enjoy photo essays? Be sure to check out my essays on the Paris Catacombs, Budapest, and Plitvice National Park. Have a great time spending two days in Munich!

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