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What to Do in Barcelona in Spring

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Spring is a wonderful time to travel to Spain. You’ll have more temperate weather than the heat of summer, yet at the same time, major tourist attractions start staying open later in the day. Honestly, there is a lot to love about Spain. I could visit Spain every single spring season and never get tired of it.

And Barcelona in spring? Talk about a fantastic vacation.

As you know, I love Barcelona and think solo travel in Barcelona is a fantastic experience for anyone who’s seeking an urban adventure. I don’t visit many cities that I would want to live in longterm, but Barcelona checked all the boxes for me.

You might be thinking “isn’t Barcelona a better summer destination?” due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. And sure, even though Barcelona instantly evokes images of beaches and palm trees, I still think visiting Barcelona in spring is another perfect option, especially if you want more reasonable prices and to avoid crowds. 

enjoying barcelona's quiet streets

Are there any downsides to traveling to Barcelona in spring, though? Maybe a few.

Is the weather unpredictable? Yeeeeah, definitely. I packed every type of clothing on my own trip to Barcelona in April. I brought so many layers, and I don’t think I even wore half of what I stuffed into my suitcase.

Will you also have rain? Probably. Will it be too cold for the beach? Also probably. Will you have a wonderful time even when the weather is inconsistent? Yes!

I have zero doubts that with a bit of planning, Barcelona in spring will make your travel dreams come true. 

barcelona has so much amazing architecture

What to Do in Barcelona in Spring

Like I said, spring time in Barcelona means changeable weather and you might not be able to enjoy endless hours of sunshine like you would in summer. You’ll still have a great time, though.

As a city, Barcelona in the spring offers plenty of things to see and do. You won’t ever feel bored, haha, and if anything, you’ll have to pace yourself and make decisions about what you can reasonably see in a single day.

For more specific ideas, definitely check out how I spent 5 days in Barcelona and adjust the itinerary to your own liking. 

Keep in mind, though, that you won’t see the same majestic Easter processions that you would in cities like Seville and Granada. So temper your expectations if you’re visiting Barcelona during Easter Week. 

barcelona beach is fun to walk on

Admire the Beach

Okay, it might be too cold to go swimming in Barcelona in spring, but nothing is stopping you from taking a pleasant walk on the beach. 

I loved taking an early morning stroll and watching people play volleyball and show off their moves. If it’s a sunny day and you’re feeling brave, than you’re also welcome to lie down in the sun and soak up some rays. 

Barceloneta, which is Barcelona’s old fishing neighborhood, is also located near the sandy beaches, and the perfect area to grab fresh seafood for lunch. 

exploring park guell in spring is always enjoyable

Explore the Green Spaces

Barcelona has so many stunning parks that come alive in the spring. Do you love cherry blossoms and fresh flowers? Barcelona in spring is perfect for seeing the vibrant colors bloom, ushering in the promise of much better weather. 

Obviously, one of the most popular green spaces to explore is Parc Guell, but Barcelona has many other lovely parks that you can explore on a crisp spring day. I personally loved Ciutadella Park, which is a stunning 19th century park that includes a zoo.

exploring the picasso museum in barcelona

Museums, Museums, Museums 

Uh oh, rainy day? Then go to one of Barcelona’s many world-class museums. You will never run out of museums to visit if you love arts, culture, and history. 

For example, as a big “art museum fan,” I loved taking my time exploring the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, as well as the extensive Picasso Museum. You’ll want to buy tickets in advance online if you don’t want to wait in line.

Barcelona has other museums, too. The Museum of the History of Barcelona, for instance, is a great site for learning all about this city’s rich and interesting history. Meanwhile, The Maritime Museum of Barcelona will tell you all about shipbuilding history, which is important considering Barcelona’s coastal location. 

Barcelona’s abundant museums will make any rainy day an educational joy rather than a bummer. 

As a side note, check opening times in advance. Some museums are closed on Tuesdays, whereas others are closed on Mondays. You want to avoid feeling disappointed if your heart is set on one museum.

falling in love with the gothic quarter and spring in barcelona
It’s Spring in Barcelona and a Gorgeous Sunny Morning.

Neighborhood Exploration

Wandering the unique neighborhoods is part of the joy of visiting Barcelona. Since the weather isn’t too hot yet, you’re able to walk a lot outside and truly enjoy your surroundings. Barcelona has so many worthwhile neighborhoods, too.

As a personal recommendation, my favorite Barcelona neighborhood is Gracia. This adorable area used to be a separate village, and you’ll still feel the small town atmosphere even though you’re visiting one of the largest cities in Europe. Gracia has plenty of small boutiques and delicious tapas options, too, so it’s easy spending a spring day wandering around the adorable shopping streets.

The Gothic Quarter, which is the main historic center, is another popular neighborhood to explore, although you’ll find way more tourists than you would in Gracia. 

gorgeous montserrat day trip from barcelona

Take Day Trips 

You have an abundance of day trips from Barcelona. However, you need to choose wisely, because several of the beach towns in Catalunya will be quiet this time of year. Furthermore, there are some day trips that are only accessible by car. 

I personally suggest going to larger cities for springtime Barcelona day trips. For example, I loved taking a day trip to Figueres to see the iconic Dali Museum. It was raining (uh oh), so the museum was a lot of fun and offered some respite at the same time.

Another great spring day trip would be to Montserrat Monastery located in the nearby mountains. Montserrat is a spiritual experience that will truly take your breath away. Bring a jacket with you. Even if its warmer in Barcelona, the wind chill is much more noticeable in the mountains. 

barcelona in spring means eating lots of tapas

Tapas Crawl 

Okay, this activity is technically cheating, because any time of year is great for tapas in Barcelona. The food scene here is one of the best that I’ve ever encountered on my travels around Europe.

So, seriously, explore and eat a variety of tapas. There is plenty of indoor bar seating if the weather is on the cooler side.

As a side note, if you don’t know where to start with tapas bars, this wonderful tapas and wine small group tour is a great way to try Barcelona’s food scene while learning some history and making new friends at the same time.

checking out a gorgeous ceiling in barcelona's hospital

What to Pack for Barcelona in Spring

When you visit Barcelona in spring, you will need quite a few essentials for the unpredictable weather. You can definitely buy things in Barcelona, but sometimes it’s easier to just pack wisely and then not worry about wasting time in various shops looking for an umbrella.

Here are a few suggestions for your packing list.

wandering barcelona in the sunlight
A Gorgeous Sunny Spring Day in Barcelona.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

You will literally clock 20,000 steps every single day in Barcelona. I’m not even kidding.

You will want comfortable walking shoes. However, since the weather is uncertain, your best bet is to invest in either waterproof or water resistant shoes. There’s nothing worse than walking around with wet feet!

These water resistant walking shoes are perfect for a trip in Barcelona, especially when rain is in the forecast. 

exploring a quiet and empty barcelona alley
Quiet Street in Barcelona.

Pacsafe Bags 

Barcelona is, unfortunately, known for pickpocketing. Don’t be paranoid, but at the same time, it’s important to stay aware of your belongings. 

If you’re especially concerned, then you will want to buy a bag that has some theft protection to ease your mind. For example, Pacsafe makes great anti-theft products and I particularly love this sleek crossbody bag that is versatile and goes with any outfit.

barcelona cathedral is beautiful inside

Travel Umbrella 

You will want to pack a small compact umbrella for Barcelona. I want to emphasize the importance of bringing a travel umbrella instead of something too big and bulky. 

I know I referenced rain a few times in this guide. While Barcelona in spring doesn’t mean a “wash out” week, you will probably have unexpected showers from time to time, so having an umbrella will save you from frustrations. 

is barcelona worth visiting? certainly for these gorgeous streets

Stylish & Packable Clothing

Barcelona is a stylish city. On my own spring trip, I packed a lot of dresses with leggings and did whatever I could to look cute. However, if you’re coming from overseas, then you want to be mindful of clothing that packs well in a suitcase. 

I love using Amazon and REI to shop for travel clothing, as well as brands such as Coolibar that has sun protection built into its clothing. 

i love the palm trees in park guell barcelona

I hope this guide to Barcelona in spring helps you plan your upcoming adventure. Barcelona is totally worth visiting and a wonderful city to explore any time of year, but it definitely shines in the spring.