best places to travel alone in europe

The 21 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe

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Believe it or not, it’s actually tough to think of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Obviously, Europe is home to a wide variety of safe cities and towns and natural wonders that are all wonderful options for solo travelers.

As you already know, I like returning to Europe time and time again since it’s so friendly and easy for anyone who wants to travel alone.

However, despite the fact that I’m able to write a whole book about this subject, I still wanted to compile a list of the best places to travel alone in Europe. I’ve officially been to the continent on (at least) eleven separate occasions so I think I have a good enough idea regarding the best places to visit!

Of course, I’ll keep adding to this fun post with all the best places to travel alone in Europe as I continue to explore all these amazing countries. Your Europe backpacking routes will be unlimited, haha.

Bon voyage!

Edinburgh is one of the greatest places to travel alone in Europe

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is an excellent place to add to your solo Europe trip itinerary. Scotland’s prize cultural and literary city is safe and inviting for tourism. It’s a perfect starting point for trips to the Scottish Highlands. Not to mention, Edinburgh is home to many brilliant festivals in the month of August. Personally, I especially love Edinburgh, because I always feel as if I’ve been transported to Diagon Alley directly into the pages of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Check out my guide to Edinburgh for more details about this enjoyable city.

Lisbon is one of the greatest places to travel alone in Europe because of the hostels

Lisbon, Portugal

Personally, I think Portugal should be your first solo trip. I’m not kidding. I feel as if the entire country is built for people who are traveling alone. Specifically, Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, is a wonderful spot due to both its walkability and proximity to the beach. And who can forget Lisbon’s pastries?

Furthermore, Lisbon has some THE BEST hostels in the world for solo travelers. You won’t leave Lisbon without making great friends and memories to talks a lifetime. Did I mention Lisbon is easy on your wallet too?

travel alone europe to lake bled. this lake is a fantastic place to travel alone in europe

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a beautiful place for solo travelers to explore and fall in love with. There are plenty of things to do in Lake Bled for every type of traveler. Want to hike? The Julian Alps await. Swim? Of course you have the lake. Eat? Chow down on Bled Cake. Solo travelers will find Lake Bled welcoming and safe. This area thrives off tourism so all locals speak good English and activities are easy to book.

the best places to travel alone in europe include madrid

Madrid, Spain

A lot of travelers skip over Spain’s capital city. Granted, I haven’t explored other parts of Spain yet, but I really had a blast in Madrid.

Why? I had a wonderful experience traveling alone in Madrid for several reasons. Madrid’s famous museums are great to wander alone. The tapas were delicious and perfect options for me since I feel nervous eating alone. Madrid also has four great day trips that are easy for solo travelers and fascinating from a historical point of view. If you’re a new solo traveler, then give Madrid a try and practice your Spanish.

stockholm is one of the best places to travel alone in europe

Stockholm, Sweden

Next on my list of best places to travel alone in Europe is Sweden’s capital Stockholm. As a solo traveler, you can safety walk around the city with little worries regarding petty crime.

Additionally, you have many wonderful experiences in Stockholm to enjoy including Fotografiska (the photography museum) and the Vasa.

Finally Stockholm’s on the water too and looks especially stunning during Sweden’s extra longer summer days. You can extend your stay out to Stockholm’s archipelago to combine both city and nature into one amazing trip.

Dublin is a great place to travel alone and learn about Irish history.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is another great place to add to your solo Europe trip itinerary. Friendly locals make solo travelers feel incredibly at ease. If you’re a literary traveler, like me, then you need to see the Book of Kells and the free Chester Beatty Library near Dublin Castle.

And whenever you feel lonely, just stop in a pub and listen to Irish music. You’ll strike a conversation with someone, promise. Travel alone in Dublin and leave with friends.

without a doubt, iceland is one of the safest places in europe

Reykjavik, Iceland

I spent a solo winter trip in Reykjavik and had a wonderful time due to the Icelandic capital’s impeccable safety. Solo travelers who are anxious should go to Iceland for a first time. Not only is Reykjavik super safe, but you can book a diversity of day trips leaving from the capital city. You’ll make friends on your tours and see some spectacular nature. Plus you won’t have to drive, haha.

the gorgeous highlands are one of the best places to travel alone in europe

The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Okay, maybe I’m cheating having Scotland twice on this list, but the Scottish Highlands are one of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Hands down. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I could visit a million times over.

Keep in mind it’s difficult to navigate the Scottish Highlands without a car. I took a Haggis Adventures Tour around the entire country and my experience was perfect. Learning all about Scotland’s myths and history, plus forging lifelong friendships, made me so happy I chose Scotland as my first trip. Scotland changed my life and it will change yours too!

magical cesky krumlov is one of the best places to travel alone in europe due to its small size and gorgeous scenery

Cesky Krumlov, Czechia

This picturesque little town is a direct bus ride away from Prague, located in the south of the country. It’s a popular day trip. So is Cesky Krumlov worth it? Yes, absolutely! Solo travelers who love the outdoors can enjoy hiking and rafting here, while more history orientated travelers should use their time to see Cesky Krumlov’s castle. Spend the night and enjoy the small town without the day trippers.

Don't skip Vienna is one of my tips for traveling alone for the first time

Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s geared toward solo travelers who adore history, architecture, and music rather than those looking for an affordable party scene. I loved Vienna for its classiness and culture. As a solo traveler, come here to roam Habsburg palaces and sit in lavish coffee houses. Vienna is known for its high quality of life, and as a traveler, you can experience this “fine” living for a few days.

Oh, and go to the cat cafe here. That way if you encounter any loneliness you will feel so happy, haha.

munich is a one of the best places to travel alone in europe

Munich, Germany

Bavaria is what we think of when we envision “old” Germany with half timber houses and jugs of beer. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and this city is definitely one of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

Go to the beer gardens! You’ll meet a lot of new friends just by the talkative nature of these places. Don’t forget to take advantage of Munich’s day trips either! 

best places to travel alone in europe
Posing at the East Side Gallery.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is Germany’s vibrant capital city. You’ll always have something to see or do whether you’re spending two weeks or only two days in Berlin. Walk along the East Side Gallery. See the museums on Museum Island. Contemplate life and history at the various Holocaust Memorials. And, if you’re a solo traveler who wants a bit of fun, Berlin is known for its incredible nightlife. Solo travel in Berlin promises a great time.

best places to travel alone in europe

Prague, Czechia

Prague is so, so, so incredibly pretty. For solo travelers, it’s easy to walk and see all the attractions located between Castle Hill and Wenceslas Square. Pause and take photographs. Listen to street musicians perform. Drink a Czech beer or two. Prague has an energy that focuses you to soak it all in.

My only big piece of advice for solo travelers visiting Prague is to wake up early and explore. Prague is popular. See the city in the early morning glow without the crowds. You’ll fall in love.

best places to travel alone in europe

Tallinn, Estonia

Don’t overlook the Baltics on your solo travels. In particularly, I found Tallinn very safe and welcoming for anyone who chooses to travel alone. Tallinn’s Old Town is compact and simple to explore. Take a walking tour to learn about the history, and then seek out the greatest view points.

Plus, although Tallinn is pricey compared to other Baltic cities, it’s still affordable for solo travelers coming from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.

best places to travel alone in europe

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is wonderful for traveling alone whether you’re interested in nightlife or history. Personally, I think Budapest is the perfect city for a solo female traveler. I recommend simply getting lost in Buda or Pest. Budapest is very safe especially during the day so don’t worry about getting into any sort of trouble.

Besides, if you’re easily stressed, Budapest has two wonderful public baths to soak in. Széchenyi thermal bath and Gellert baths are open winter and summer, and will destroy any anxiety in your body.

Spend at least 3 days in Budapest to get a good feel for the city.

best places to travel alone in europe

Split, Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe. The city, Split, is a perfect starting point for solo travelers wanting to see Croatia’s many picture perfect islands in the Adriatic Sea.

However, Split itself is wonderful for solo travelers. Croatia is very popular among backpackers so you’ll surely meet other people. Not to mention, Split is very safe. Example a new travel buddy and I left the beach club in the early hours of the morning, and all the cafes were still open with friendly people willing to give us directions to our hostel.

best places to travel alone in europe

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of my favorite small towns in Europe. It’s also a wonderful place for solo travelers to visit in Belgium. Go climb the Belfrey of Bruges, sample beer at Brouwerij De Halve Maan, see the windmills, take a boat ride, visit the Church of the Holy Blood, and so much more!

For a small town, Bruges truly knows how to pack a punch! Don’t skip over it! I think it’s better than Brussels for solo travelers.

best places to travel alone in europe

Salzburg, Austria

Are you ready for The Sound of Music? I hope so! Spending two days in Salzburg is the right amount of time to get a true feel for both Salzburg’s Old and New Towns. Personally, I loved all the scenic views of from the top of the fortress, as well as relaxing with a picnic lunch in Salzburg’s many green spaces.

best places to travel alone in europe

Porto, Portugal

Located in the north of Portugal, Porto is wonderful for solo travelers given its small size and selection of high quality hostels. Take a walk along the river and sample delicious Port wine. Plus, you ought to go to São Bento Railway Station to see the lovely blue tiles depicting Portugal’s history. It’s a free art museum!

Personally, I think if you can pair Lisbon with Porto, you should go for it. You’ll experience a deeper understanding of Portugal.

the best places to travel alone in europe

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen is remarkable safe and accessible for solo travelers. Public transportation is clean and timely. As a woman traveling alone, I loved the variety of walking tours as well as the canal tours and unique architecture in places like Nyhavn. Additionally, I suggest eating at Paper Island, a gigantic food market with plenty of options to choose from. Enjoying lunch on the water is always a good idea, folks.

the best places to travel alone in europe

Galway, Ireland

Galway is a university city on Ireland’s west coast making it a great place to travel alone in Europe. Hit up the pubs and chat with the local students. You’ll immediately have a new circle of pals.

Don’t forget to make stops on your way to Galway. For example, Killarney’s top attractions will blow your mind and the Dingle Peninsula’s scenery is second to none.

Furthermore Galway’s location makes it easy for solo travelers to visit Ireland’s stunning Cliffs of Moher and the Arran Islands. Galway’s friendliness and day trips makes it one of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

best places to travel alone in europe
Posing like a princess in one of the best places to travel alone in Europe!

What do you think are the best places to travel alone in Europe? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Happy reading!

Want more advice? Check out my 25 tips for solo female travel in Europe to get started on your grand adventure! 

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