Big News: A Terrific Move and Editorial Change

a terrific move and editorial change

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a terrific move and editorial change

I’m skipping my monthly wrap-up for August, because you’ve probably noticed the radio static on this blog, right? I promise my lack of posts had nothing to do with my chronic laziness. Instead a huge and unexpected non-travel event impacted my life. You ready?

I was hired at a new school in northern New Jersey!

Even more exciting, I relocated to the culturally-packed New Brunswick, home city of Rutgers University where I attended college. New Brunswick often slips under the radar, but mark my words, this Jersey metro has a lot to offer students, young professionals, and visitors.

My new apartment is only a simple 45 – 60 minute direct train ride to New York City, which is still my favorite city in the world, and an even quicker trip to Newark Liberty airport.

a terrific move and editorial change
A recent day trip to the MoMA in New York City.

For the past couple of weeks, I had to attend new teacher orientations, complete piles of paperwork, apartment hunt, pack my life into random suitcases, order furniture, and re-build my social circle. Needless to say, my poor blog suffered under this gigantic move, but now I’m settled and have more time to write.

As with any big life change, my motivation took a hit, because I felt I HAD TO IMMEDIATELY “get things done” and not waste time on anything except relocation and my new job. Boy, I’m glad that’s over. And I’m sure you are too!

a terrific move and editorial change
At the New Brunswick train station enroute to New York.

a terrific move and editorial change

As for the editorial change?

When I attended BlogHouse, Anne from Part-Time Traveler suggested creating local column on New Jersey. As a travel blogger who isn’t nomadic, it’s sometimes a struggle to find material in-between trips.

So I feel like it’s fitting to create my little local column now that I’ve re-discovered my own urban corner of the Garden State to settle in. Although I’ll write a lot about New York City (I mean, it’s New freakin’ York), my local travel posts will also focus on New Jersey and hopefully shatter some common stereotypes about this state. I can’t believe Jersey Shore still has such a negative impact. People, that show aired in 2009. Get. Over. It. You’re out of touch.

Don’t worry! I’ll still write a ton of about my international journeys. Hell, last Saturday, my brother and I booked a New Year’s Eve adventure to Budapest, and I’m spending four days in Montreal in early November. And my summer trip in Scandinavia and the Baltics? I still have so many stories to share!

And as for the final bit of exciting news…

a terrific and editorial change

terrific move and editorial change
Looking a bit smug at the New Brunswick station.

I’m conducting a Q&A session on this blog!

In an upcoming post, I’ll answer questions from you guys, my awesome and ever-so patient readers! Feel free to drop your questions in the comments or hit me up on social media!

Share some of your news from August? Have you taken any trips? Changed jobs? Made new discoveries in your own backyard? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! And don’t forget your questions!

4 thoughts on “Big News: A Terrific Move and Editorial Change

  1. Kara @ Creative Heart Travel says:

    Rachel! How exciting! Is this now a full time permanent job? Wow great news!!

    I’ve currently been in the US for a little under 2 weeks. I explored Seattle for a few days and have been staying with family in Fort Collins Colorado. I will explore Denver tomorrow.

    My question is would you ever move to a new country or travel full time?

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Kara —

      YES, a new permanent job! I’m so excited!

      It sounds like you’ve had an amazing time in the USA. Have a great time in Denver. I can’t wait to read all about it. And thanks for your question! Stay tuned for a future post!

  2. Kelly says:

    Congratulations — that sounds like a great move all around.

    Despite growing up in RI and currently living in MD, I have to admit that NJ has never been much more than a drive-through state for me. I’m excited to read an insider’s perspective on spending more time there!

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