Blond Wayfarer Reader Survey – and $20 Amazon Giveaway!

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blond wayfarer reader survey

Before I visit Spain, I want to reach out to my loyal audience and ask for feedback on Blond Wayfarer.

As a travel blogger, whose site is one of thousands, I would be nothing without my wonderful readers’ ongoing support. I appreciate your comments and encouragement over the past few months! Seriously, nothing makes me happier than waking up to a reader email or comment on one of my posts. You rock!

Now it’s time to express your unfiltered thoughts on Blond Wayfarer. Attached to this post is a direct link to my 10 question survey (not too long!). The point of the survey is to provide greater insight into my audience’s demographics, as well as to show me what posts and content you would love to see more of here!

For open-ended questions, you don’t need to write a novel, but honest opinions are appreciated! I’m dedicated to improving this blog’s layout, content, engagement, and more. To do so, I need your answers! It’s all about you here!

You’re also eligible for a wonderful prize simply by completing my reader survey. Since I love books and discuss my literary nerdiness a whole heck of a lot, I figured nothing would be more suitable than a $20 e-card to Amazon.  While I understand Amazon’s controversial position as a bookseller, I know many travelers use kindles abroad and wouldn’t mind some extra cash for e-books. Plus Amazon has an international audience. I want all my readers – not only Americans – to be eligible for the prize.

Reader survey closes at 12:00 am. EST on March 21st. The drawing will take place soon after.

Click on the link to complete the reader survey —


IMPORTANT: YOU MUST ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the final question to be eligible for the Amazon e-card! Once the survey closes, I’m conducting a drawing on to determine the winner! Stay tuned.

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