Blond Wayfarer is Visiting Spain!!


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Spring Break is at the end of March.

And you know what that means, right? Right? Of course you do!

Wanderlust has won again and I am visiting SPAIN!

How I feel at the moment!
How I feel at the moment!

I’ve wanted to visit Spain for a very long time, having only heard amazing things from friends, and now I finally get to experience this incredible and vibrant country for myself!

Of course Spain is very diverse, consisting of several unique regions, and since I only have 9 days (sob) free from my job, I can’t spend nearly as much time as I want exploring each and every area. God, I could spend 7 weeks in Spain and not feel bored, I bet. Wait, scratch that. 7 weeks wouldn’t be enough time.

So to keep it simple and time efficient, I’m splitting my itinerary between Madrid and Barcelona. As much as I wanted to explore Andalusia, southern Spain will have to wait for another trip. Perhaps next year.

As you’ll see in a few seconds, I don’t have many set plans for each city. At all. I’m still doing my research, but want to leave plenty of time to simply explore and see what happens. I’m awful with planning every second (control freak) and need to stop that ASAP.


Visiting Spain

visiting Spain

Plans for Madrid

I’m flying into Spain’s capital and spending 5 nights there. While 5 nights may seem excessive for some people, especially the quick “must-see-it-all” types, Madrid has piles of museums that I wanna check out, as well as a variety of day trips, such as Toledo and Segovia.

What are some of my plans, you say?

— visit both Toledo and Segovia.

— pretend to be all intellectual as I explore The Prado Art Museum. Art museums are best experienced alone, in my opinion, and I’ve heard this is one of the best art museums in the world. So excited. If I have time, I’ll go to some of the others. Any recommendations?

— walk around Retiro Park and hopefully enjoy the sunny weather. At the end of March, Madrid won’t be toooooo warm, but I’d rather feel cool than sweltering hot. I’m lookin’ at you, Berlin in July.

— eat lots of tapas and drink lots of sangria.

visiting Spain

visiting Spain

visiting Spain

Plans for Barcelona

After Madrid, I’m taking the high-speed train to Barcelona for four nights. Barcelona will provide me with a completely different experience, since it’s the capital of Catalonia and quite unlike the rest of Spain. I have fewer set plans for Barcelona than Madrid. I mostly want to soak up the ambiance of this city and enjoy my surroundings instead of running like a tourist and checking sites off a list. Here are my completely lacking plans.

— see all of Gaudi’s crazy architecture.

— possibly do a day trip out to Montserrat.

— try not to get pickpocketed on La Ramblas and The Gothic Quarter. Haha, all joking aside, I do want to see Barcelona’s funky touristy spots, but also want to explore lesser known neighborhoods. Your thoughts are appreciated here.

Since I’m going to Barcelona in late March, I’m hoping some of the crowds are smaller. Fingers crossed.

visiting Spain

Do you have any suggestions about what to see and do in these two cities? Are you planning on visiting Spain in the near future? Where are you going this spring?

4 thoughts on “Blond Wayfarer is Visiting Spain!!

  1. Sarah Harper says:

    I did a tapas tour in Barcelona when I was there last (and I”m headed there again this summer and will do another one) it was really fun, a nice small group (I think they limit it to 6) and a good way to see some of the neighborhoods and eat things that I wouldn’t dare order myself (I’m looking at you blood sausage) I think the one that I did was through Barcelona Taste. The other cool thing I did was the runner bean free Gaudi tour not a huge time commitment and made me appreciate what I was seeing way more than I would have just on my own!

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Sarah —

      Ohhhh, the tapas tour sounds great! I’m so looking forward to sampling as many tapas as possible, and I think a small group tour is the perfect way to do it. I’m excited to learn all about Gaudi too. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Barcelona. I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

  2. Michelle says:

    You should look up a tapas restaurant called El Xampanyet in Barcelona! It’s been consistently rated one of the top 10 tapas restaurants in the world, and the food is to die for. They make their own champagne in house (the name literally translates to “champagne”), which you can get it by the glass or bottle. My friends and I stayed for so long the owner came out to meet us and joked we’d have to wash dishes to pay our bill. So worth it, though. If you make it there, I recommend asking your server to bring you a variety of the most popular tapas — you won’t regret it!

    I also LOVED the teleférico (Port Vell Aerial Tramway) from the harbor up to Montjuïc. It’s a relatively cheap ride, and you get to see all of Barcelona from the air — some of my best Barcelona pictures where taken from that ride. Plus, it situates you well if you want to explore Monjuïc castle!

    If you want to go into to the Sagrada Familia (highly recommended), make sure you reserve your ticket in advance and try to get an early morning entry time. They regulate how many people are allowed to enter within a given block of time, but they don’t make people LEAVE, so some linger for hours. The earlier you go, the less crowded it’ll be.

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Michelle —

      Thanks so much for your advice! I’ll be sure to reserve my ticket for Sagrada Familia early! I’ve heard a lot about the notorious crowds. And that tapas restaurant sounds DIVINE! I can’t wait to check it out!

      Your comment was so detailed and awesome and helpful. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to type everything out. <3

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