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Aldous Huxley was Correct about Travel

Shakespeare and Company

I didn’t like Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I’ve always been more partial to George Orwell’s representation of dystopia in “1984.” Plus, when I read Brave New World, I was in the process of tackling a “100 Books Per Year” reading goal, which concluded with me skimming through thoughtful novels and […]

How Teaching Improved My Travel Skills

Things to Know Before Visiting Portugal

“Oh my god, how do you teach teenagers without losing your mind? I’d quit in three seconds.” I’m often asked this question in hostels. Then a twitchy smile follows. A raised eyebrow. A disbelieving shake of the head. Yup, these are all reactions I witness whenever I tell my fellow travelers that I’m a high […]

My Failure To Visit Shakespeare and Company


I’m sensing a pattern here, aren’t you? Failure. Literature. Paris. Oh, yes, the ridiculous saga continues, my friends. If you read my blog, you’ve already laughed at my failure to kiss Oscar Wilde and realized that 1. research is important and 2. relying on 3 year-old information isn’t the brightest idea. Now I like Paris a lot. […]

New Adventure Quotes: What Great Authors Say About Travel

new adventure quotes

New Adventure Quotes That’ll Inspire You to Go! Who’s ready for some new adventure quotes? Me, me, me! And I’m sure you are too! A bit of background: I’m a gigantic book nerd. If you’re here, you already know literature, right behind travel, is one of my major obsessions. (And if you had no idea about me being a “litnerd” […]

My “Oscar Wilde Pere Lachaise” Experience (No Kisses!)

Oscar Wilde

The “Oscar Wilde Pere Lachaise” Story with No Kisses My “Oscar Wilde Pere Lachaise” experience wasn’t cool. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of lovin’ reserved for Oscar Wilde. For full transparency, I’ve admired Oscar Wilde since I was sixteen years old. Not to reveal my age, but that’s a literary crush lasting more […]