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Tips for anxious travelers.

Yes, It Happens! 5 Real Disadvantages of Traveling

disadvantages of traveling

Welcome to the Disadvantages of Traveling Yes, “disadvantages of traveling exist,” my friends. WHAT?! I know, I know. You’re shooting me death glares from Chiang Mai, Berlin, Cuzco, Sydney, wherever you’re located right now. I’m sorry. Hear me out, though, before you revoke my travel blogger card. I promise I’m writing this post for good reasons, […]

How To Cope With A Fear of Flying

how to cope with a fear of flying

How to Cope With a Fear of Flying Newsflash: I Hate Flying. Don’t get me more. Travel is my life. I spend hours researching faraway lands. UNESCO sites. Quirky neighborhoods. Hostels and couchsurfing. Street food. And yes, bookstores. … But wait. How long is the flight to my final destination? 11 hours? …. damn it. Wondering […]