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Tips for anxious travelers.

What Should I Do if I Feel Anxiety Traveling Alone?

anxiety traveling alone

It’s Normal to Feel Anxiety Traveling Alone. Let me repeat that: it’s normal to feel anxiety traveling alone. Totally normal. After all, 18% of the population in the United States suffers from some sort of anxiety. It makes sense travelers, including solo ones, also fall into that percentage. Now it might be hard to believe when […]

My Canceled Train (or Why Travel Mishaps Aren’t So Bad)

travel mishaps

Remember when I wrote about my hilarious travel screw ups? Brightly colored Instagram photos at luxury resorts (usually with a skinny hot girl posing with a coconut drink on a beach) don’t reflect the reality of travel. Travel is messy. Mistakes happen especially in unfamiliar cities and cultures. Luckily I always laugh at myself. My mistakes create […]

Anxiety and Terrorism: Why You Can’t Let Fear Win

day in dresden

Time to state the obvious. The news is scary. Headlines are even scarier if you’re prone to anxiety or have anxious friends and family. BREAKING NEWS. Two words that immediately put me on edge. This isn’t surprising. I mean, something as simple as an unread email or text message makes me dwell, thoughts exploding in my […]

Guest Post: How Travel Helps Me With Depression

Note: Although anxiety plays a (too big) role in my life, I don’t experience much depression, nor have I been diagnosed with depression. So I don’t feel as if I’m the proper authority to speak on the subject. In this post, Kara Lockwood of “Creative Heart Travel” explains how travel helps her with depression. If you […]

Face Your Fears: How Solo Travel Helped My Anxiety

How Solo Travel Helped My Anxiety. Argh, you guys, full disclaimer … this wasn’t an easy post to write, even if the title “solo travel helped my anxiety” is a positive one. I value honesty on this blog, because I truly want to help others and cut through all the fluff. “Keeping it real” is a […]