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Amazing Literary Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

books are a travel alternative

Literary Festivals Around the World As someone who loves literary travel so much that I make it my life’s mission to visit significant places related to authors, I thought a post about bookish festivals was long overdue. Please keep in mind that I, uhhh, actually haven’t been to any of these festivals yet. I know, I know, I fail, haha. But […]

5 Things that will Surprise You About New Jersey

Remember when I promised shiny posts about life in New Jersey? Yeah, I remember too, haha. Erm. Sorry for the lateness? My hiatus totally destroyed my creativity, but now I’m back and focused and ready to share information about the Garden State. Yay! As you all know, I’m not a full time traveler nor am I nomadic. […]

Big News: A Terrific Move and Editorial Change

a terrific move and editorial change

I’m skipping my monthly wrap-up for August, because you’ve probably noticed the radio static on this blog, right? I promise my lack of posts had nothing to do with my chronic laziness. Instead a huge and unexpected non-travel event impacted my life. You ready? I was hired at a new school in northern New Jersey! […]