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let's explore budapest in winter

10 Terrific Things to Do on Your Adventure in Budapest in Winter

I *Love* Budapest in Winter! Without a doubt, the Hungarian capital is magical in the snowy winter months. I’m not kidding. It’s perfect. Regardless of the cold, winter is a great time to visit and explore and learn. Want to see Budapest in December? Budapest in January? Budapest in February? Then brave the frigid temperatures, […]

central park walking tour

How to Take a Self-Guided Central Park Walking Tour

I love walking in Central Park. I actually go almost every time I visit New York. Whenever someone says they’re going to NYC for the first time, I feel excited for them, simply because I know they will end up seeing Central Park. As you know, New York is one of my favorite cities, and […]

don't be afraid to travel alone

Afraid to Travel Alone? 8 Tips to Destroy Your Fears

Seriously, (wo)man, don’t be afraid to travel alone. Solo travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The lack of a travel partner should never prevent you from savoring rich new experiences and memories. Don’t believe me? Then make sure you check out all the benefits of traveling alone! These benefits are not only […]

best places to travel alone in europe

The 21 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe

Believe it or not, it’s actually tough to think of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Obviously, Europe is home to a wide variety of safe cities and towns and natural wonders that are all wonderful options for solo travelers. As you already know, I like returning to Europe time and time again since […]

poems that'll inspire you to travel

10 Travel Poems that will Inspire You to Go

We all need beautiful travel poems. Why? To inspire us to travel, embrace our inner bravery, and explore the world. Take myself for instance. I love poetry. I also love travel. So it’s natural I’d write an entire post on poems that will inspire you to travel! But before I get too gushy, I have […]