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photos that will inspire you to visit austria

Photo Essay: 30 Photos that will Inspire You to Visit Austria

Austria is definitely one of the prettiest and most dynamic countries in Central Europe. I loved it! I know you’ll love your Austrian adventure too – even if you haven’t watched The Sound of Music. But, first, let’s tackle some of the negatives. Yes, Austria is expensive. Vienna is especially expensive. My wallet wasn’t too happy […]

the importance of self-love

Why 2018 Will Be My Year of Self-Love

Ahhh, can you believe it’s 2018? I can’t. Like. My brain literally cannot compute this simple fact. I feel like 2008 was five years ago or something, not ten. Back in good ol’ 2008, I was a fresh faced (and immature) senior in college. I thought I was unstoppable. A total bad ass. I loved […]

reasons to visit scotland

7 Reasons to Visit Scotland Right Now

7 Reasons to Visit Scotland Right Now! Are you traveling to Scotland for the first time? You’re in for the best travel experience in the history of the world. I’m not even kidding. We alllllllllllll know how much I love Scotland. I mean, if you’ve read this blog for even a week, you’d immediately learn […]

blue lagoon winter | visit iceland december | visit iceland january

Blue Lagoon Iceland in Winter: A Magical Experience

Updated: 6 October 2021 Whenever people think of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is one of those iconic destinations that immediately spring to everyone’s minds. But is it possible to soak in the glorious spa waters in the dead of winter? Iceland and winter travel are words that aren’t normally spoken together, after all. Never fear! I’m here […]

5 Reasons Why Visiting Paris in November is Perfect

Visiting Paris in November Can you believe we’re already in November? Where does the time go? It feels like we were literally just celebrating the start of 2017. Ahh, the minutes fly by too fast. We really need someone to invent a time machine so we can slooooooow the world doooooooown. Having more than 24 […]