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creepiest places to visit in Europe

Ahhh! The Creepiest Places I’ve Visited in Europe

Halloween is almost here! Yay! Who doesn’t adore Halloween? It’s one of my favorite holidays ever. Sadly, my Halloween has been a little quiet. Meaning I didn’t shimmy on a packed NYC club’s dance floor wearing a homemade costume. Not to mention, I’m way too old to go Trick or Treating. Like way too old. […]

post travel depression

5 Unbeatable Ways to Defeat Your Post Trip Depression

Grr, the “Joys” of Post Trip Depression. I have a lot to say about this topic. Too much, actually. And I think we’ve all experienced those yucky post trip depression feelings, right? I know we have! We’ve all felt that empty pit festering inside our stomaches upon coming home after experiencing incredible sites, fascinating people, and […]

Edinburgh is a Literature Lover’s Paradise

Edinburgh’s Literary Sites are Everywhere. Edinburgh is a magical place. You can spend an entire slow-paced week or enjoy a weekend in Edinburgh. It’s wonderful! Scotland’s well known city is not only one of the most popular destinations for visitors, but it’s a UNESCO City of Literature. A book lover’s dream come true. I mean, […]

how to prepare an overseas trip

Beginners Guide: How to Prepare an Overseas Trip

How to Prepare An Overseas Trip. Look no further for advice on how to prepare an overseas trip, newbies! I got your needs covered. On my first solo international trip to Scotland, I felt waaaay waaaay out of my element, because I was responsible for myself and quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect […]

to visit Tallinn

Photo Essay: 15 Photos that will Inspire You to Visit Tallinn

Do you want to visit Tallinn in Estonia? Great choice! Who wouldn’t want to visit Tallinn? It’s a gorgeous country! As for me, Estonia had lingered on my “travel wishlist” radar for FAR too long! I’m not sure what intrigued me, exactly. I mean, have you ever seen pictures of a place and just wanted […]