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falling in love with the scottish highlands

Falling in Love with the Scottish Highlands

“Ughhh, gross,” I thought, wrinkling my nose. Mud was smeared on my brand new Clarks shoes. I wiped raindrops off my glasses and then glared at the gray clouds. Looking back, I don’t know why a little rain distressed me so much. I was smack in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, a mystical, mountainous, and green […]

Photo Essay: Understenhöjden and Skogskyrkogården

When I visited Stockholm in July, I wanted to explore some sites outside the city center. A perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of Context Travel’s Green City Tour. The tour takes you to Understenshöjden, Stockholm’s very own eco-village, and Skogskyrkogården, a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous cemetery. As a company, Context is […]

My Californian Spring Break

Anxious People Can Travel Too (And Here’s How!)

Anxious People Can Travel Too On September 17th, my parents and I visited my brother in Manhattan. Balmy winds and sunny skies promised a beautiful day in one of my favorite cities. New York rules my heart despite its scary prices and crowds. While my dad and brother attended a Mets Game, my mom and […]

fall and winter travel plans

Moving Forward: Fall and Winter Travel Plans

For those of us who live on the northeast coast of the US, cooler months linger on the horizon. It’s so hard to believe fall lurks around the corner when it still feels like summer in New Jersey. Throughout the weekend, we’ve experienced plenty of “record breaking heat,” which is super annoying, but there you […]


How I Discovered Myself Again in Utklippan

I re-discovered myself in Utklippan. I don’t lightly say that either. Have you ever had a clear epiphany, a moment when you thought, “I can do so much more with my life?” And then promise yourself you’ll do better in the future? I had that realization while spending the night on Utklippan, an uninhabited island […]