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my greatest travel fear

My Greatest Travel Fear

Public Service Announcement: All photographed food tasted divine and resulted in no illnesses. Fear sucks. My greatest travel fear sucks even more. Okay, I’ve debated posting about this topic for a few weeks now, but resisted temptation. First of all, I wasn’t sure whether or not my greatest travel fear teetered into “too emo territory.” […]

The Time I Fell Off a Bike in the Aran Islands

That Time I Fell Off a Bike in the Aran Islands

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” I moaned, lying on the pavement in a crumpled heap. A horse neighed in the distance as I examined my leg. No bruises yet, but my skin was tender under my fingers. Big black circles would appear on my thigh by tomorrow. No doubt. Wincing, I sat and glanced at my bike. The wheel spun in […]

my first year of blogging

Lessons I Learned in my First Year of Travel Blogging

Happy birthday, Blond Wayfarer! Aw, my baby turns a year old on Monday! Unbelievable! It feels like only yesterday I purchased this domain, and created my blog using a basic/free (but pretty) WordPress theme. How time flies! Wondering how my blogging craziness begin? It officially started when I was laid off from my teaching job in […]

work with me

Featuring: My Tremendous Travel Wish List

Hellooooo, readers! I’m back again! Did you miss me? A week and a half feels like ages, I know. You can cry if you want. Anyway, as you can tell from my radio silence (c’mon, Rachel, are you for real?), I’ve been having a few issues updating my blog. It’s nothing personal. If you’ve been […]

snorkeling in iceland in winter

Brrrr, Silfra: My Experience Snorkeling in Iceland in Winter

Snorkeling in Iceland in Winter I remember snorkeling in Iceland in Winter very clearly. And my vivid memories of stepping, ever-so sloooooowly, into the crystal clear glacial waters still give me a shiver! The wind alone was enough to make me want to hide in a corner room with a roaring fire in the hearth […]