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visit stockholm in summer

Photo Essay: 25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Stockholm in Summer

Last summer I deeply enjoyed my time at TBEX in Stockholm. I had been wanting to go to Sweden for a long time, because Scandinavian design is one of my most favorite things ever. Stockholm turned out to be a great choice for me – in more ways than one. Even though prices are high […]

40 Before 40

My “40 Before 40” Goals: Stop The Laziness and Live!

I still can’t believe my birthday is over! I dreaded my birthday for months. Now that it’s done I feel … the same, haha. Much ado about nothing, huh? Still, irony was on my side last week. Backstory: I’m a bit of a messy person. I’m not a hoarder (ugh, could you imagine?), but when it comes to […]

shakespeare travel quotes

Shakespeare Travel Quotes: Go and Roam the World!

Shakespeare Travel Quotes Huzzah! April 23rd is William Shakespeare’s birth and death day. Every literature nerd knows this fact. As for me, believe it or not, I have a love/hate relationship with the Bard. I can already see your raised eyebrows. I know. I feel like I should have my MA in English Literature revoked for admitting […]

Photo Essay: 25 Photos that’ll Prove Spring in Austin is Perfect

Spring in Austin is a real treat. As you guys already know from my monthly news post, I was fortune enough to spend part of my spring break in the artsy, fun, and vibrant capital of Texas. Despite some, erm, erratic weather, spring in Austin was an awesome choice for me, because it served as a reminder […]

Why I Broke My Travel Budget in Montreal

Traveling on a budget is a hot topic. Understandably so. At least in the United States, there’s a lingering misconception that travel must cost a ton of money and thus, vacations are reserved only for the rich (or, at least, those who are well off). Totally a lie, right? We all know travel is possible […]