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favorite views of prague

Photo Essay: My Favorite Views of Prague

My Favorite Views of Prague Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, dominated the top of my bucket list for a long time. How long? Hmm. My brother visited Prague in 2011. His pictures of Gothic Churches and gold-plated statues only fueled my desire to explore the city. But the more truthful answer is […]

Paris at Night

Dear New Travel Bloggers: It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

A coding error completely ruined my Google Analytics data. I cringed, closed my web browser, and went to bed. I know quite a few of my readers aren’t travel bloggers, so I wanna apologize if this post falls outside your interests. But my stupid screw-up inspired me to swallow my pride and cheer on others […]

inspiring Blond Wayfarer

Dear J.K. Rowling: Thank You for Inspiring Blond Wayfarer

Harry Potter was a tremendous part of my adolescent life. Growing up, fantastical thoughts of attending Hogwarts excited me. I wanted to eat in the Great Hall, learn magic spells, create potions, wear the Sorting Hat, and defeat Dark Lords. In the early to mid 2000s, I was so obsessed over these books I was […]

new travel bloggers don't give up

Dear New Travel Bloggers: Don’t Give Up

Blond Wayfarer turns 9 months old today! I began this website on May 23, 2015 because my teaching career temporarily flew off the rails, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of life anymore. Previously, I’d blogged on livejournal (neeeeerd) for roughly 6 years throughout high school and college. So I wasn’t a complete […]

5 Secrets To Destroy Travel Envy

Full Disclosure, fellow wayfarers: I’m a jealous lady. Hey, one of my favorite Shakespeare plays is Othello. The central character’s downfall and Iago’s maniacal schemes fascinated me when I was a senior in college. I had to read the tragedy for my midterm exam on the Jacobean plays and was (frighteningly) absorbed in the plot, […]