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Travel and Healing: Places that Positively Impacted Me

healing places around the world include flowers

Reflections on Travel and Healing Nowadays travel and healing is a popular topic, especially since the power combination of “personal wellness travel” has taken off, becoming marketable in the industry. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick Google search. Unquestionably, in your search engine results, you’ll see a lot of retreats. Writing retreats, women only […]

The Best Things to Do in Camogli Italy

things to do in camogli

Best Things to Do in Camogli Italy Camogli, huh? Never heard of it. Where in Italy is that? I’m not at all surprised if you’re asking this question right now. When compared to famous “hot spots” like Cinque Terre and Portofino, Camogli is much less traveled by American tourists. Well, international tourists in general. You […]

Montreal Solo Travel: Why You Should Go Alone

solo travel montreal

Your Complete “Montreal Solo Travel” Guide Are you ready and excited to take a solo trip to Montreal? Believe me, I am super stoked for you. Montreal’s a wonderful city for both a weekend getaway, as well as an extended stay. To be honest, along with Vancouver, Montreal is one of my favorite cities in […]

2 Days in San Francisco: Best Things to See & Do

san francisco 2 days = heart

Travel Guide: 2 Days in San Francisco Are you doing a fun West Coast road trip, and want to spend 2 days checking out San Francisco? Yessss, good for you. You should definitely do it. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the entire United States. Hands down. If I couldn’t live near […]

Is Milan Worth Visiting? Absolutely!

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Is Milan Worth Visiting? Milan is one of … those controversial European destinations. What do I mean by that? By doing a Google search, you’ll come across a lot of forum and blog posts suggesting that Milan is dull and the less time you spend in this industrial city, the better. I’ve seen Milan pop […]