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How to Spend 3 Perfect Days in Charleston SC

with 72 hours in charleston you must see rainbow row

I thought I was in a living dream upon coming to Charleston. Colorful homes, exquisite food, friendly and smiling people, sunny skies, everything about Charleston was perfect. I bet you are no different, because, uh, everyone loves Charleston. 3 days in Charleston SC was truly the break I needed. And, seriously, I want to reiterate […]

2 Days in New York Itinerary: Best Things to See & Do

two days in new york city

New York is a place that is incredibly close to my heart. I practically cherish New York, even though that might sound silly. We usually think of cherish when it comes to people, not places. Unsurprisingly, this (hopefully extensive) 2 days in New York Itinerary wasn’t the easiest post to write. No doubt about it, […]

5 Days in the Netherlands: The Best Places to Go!

5 days in netherlands

Are you ready for 5 days in the Netherlands? I certainly hope so! As for me, I went to the Netherlands in summer of 2019, and I had an amazing time exploring not only Amsterdam, but many of the country’s smaller cities and towns. I’m not exaggerating either. Without a doubt, I absolutely loved my stay […]

2 Days in Edinburgh: The Best Things to See & Do

2 Days in Edinburgh: Best Things to Do Ready to spend 2 days in Edinburgh? Yessssssss, you’re making the best choice ever regarding your travels. I’m obsessed with Scotland, ya’ll. Absolutely obsessed. It’s my favorite place in the world to visit for many reasons. Scotland’s safe and beautiful with great tourism infrastructure in place to […]

Itinerary Advice: Backpack for 2 weeks in Europe

2 week backpacking europe itinerary should include vienna

I still feel a tingle of excitement at the possibility of breaking out a European map, marking a relaxing train route, grabbing my backpack, and simply going on an adventure. Seriously. Backpacking Europe is the best.  How about you? Do you plan to backpack for 2 weeks in Europe? Excellent. Backpacking Europe is almost a […]