Central European Summer of 2015

Central Europe Holiday

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Central European Summer
Budapest, Hungary. [By tisza_ (Indafotó) [CC BY-SA 2.5 hu (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/hu/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons].

A 7ish Week Journey In Central Europe

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

I’m traveling through Central Europe this summer with Busabout! Sponsor-free, of course.

I’m super stoked for this adventure. 7 weeks is the longest I’ve traveled overseas (I hear you laughing, seasoned wayfarers, stopit!), and I’m positively jumping out of my skin to embark on this journey.

If you’re unfamiliar with Busabout’s hop-on, hop-off setup, then here’s the basic gist: backpacker buses pick up and drop off travelers at designated hostels; you can do one or more loops, a set number of stops, or purchase a one-way route that’s part of several loops. You’re free to stay at each place for as long as your heart desires. Busabout obviously doesn’t stop at every city in Europe, but the routes include a lot of cool spots as well as a mixture of big cities and smaller towns.

Busabout is ideal for travelers who don’t feel 100% comfortable navigating public transportation yet desire more freedom than a guided tour offers. Now don’t get me wrong! Europe has remarkable public transportation especially compared to the nonsense we have in the good ol’ USA. I used trains all over Portugal. I’d have no issues using public transportation again. However, since this is my first longish trip abroad, I wanted to be in an environment where I could easily meet other travelers. I’ve heard nice stuff about Busabout, and figured I’d give it a shot!

Where exactly will I go? Read on, m’dears!

Central European
Museum Island in Berlin. [By calflier001 [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons].

Germany – Berlin, Munich, and Dresden

Berlin is my first stop! My brother visited Germany’s capital way back in 2011. He loved it! I’ve heard people rave about Berlin’s incredible art, history, and nightlife scene. I know it’s a popular choice for digital nomads. As for me, I try not to glorify a destination too much in my head because it always falls short of my expectations.

In addition, I’m visiting Dresden and Munich, and I’m pumped to see both cities. I have quite a lot of time in Munich so I also wanna do a few day trips in Bavaria. Any tips? Send them to me!

Central European
Cesky Krumlov Castle. [By Hans Lemuet (Spone) (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons].

Czech Republic – Prague and Cesky Krumlov

After Dresden, I’m headed to Prague and after my treks, I’m going to Cesky Krumlov! I’m excited for Prague, but I’m even more eager to check out Cesky Krumlov. I mean, LOOK AT THIS TOWN, PEOPLE! It reminds me of a scene right out of Ocarina of Time. And damn, I just outed myself as an even bigger nerd. Yes, my Nintendo 64 was an obsession growing up. I’m still pressed about a failing grade in 6th grade science, which was a direct result of my crazy video game love.

Anyway. Where else?

Central European
Salzburg Cathedral. [http://www.busabout.com/eastern-europe/bohemian-trek].

Austria – Vienna, Salzburg, and Gruenau

Is this a really crappy time to admit that I’ve never seen The Sound of Music? Maybe I should work on that.

On this adventure, I’ll also be visiting Austria and not only will I check out it’s two most popular cities – Vienna and Salzburg -, but Busabout takes you a bit further off the beaten path to a place called Gruenau. I’m especially looking forward to eating tons of cakes, drinking lots of coffee, and listening to music in the parks.

Central European
Zakopane, Poland. [By Jerzy Opioła (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0)], via Wikimedia Commons]

Eastern Europe Trek – Classic Rhapsody 

A note to all my European readers: I’m aware that according to locals most of these countries are part of Central Europe. I refer to Eastern Europe because that’s how Busabout named these trips.

In addition to the hop-on, hop-off network, I’ll also take two separate guided tours of the region. Busabout’s Classic Rhapsody Trek sweeps through Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and northern Croatia. Although I’m sad that I won’t head to the beautiful Croatian islands or Dubrovnik on this trip, I definitely wanna experience this country at a later date. Croatia is the type of place that I’d rather travel on my own at a slower pace, soaking sun rays, eating fresh seafood, and ogling at the gorgeous buildings.

Personally, I’m thrilled to visit Poland. It’s been on my “travel goals” list forever since I’ve nothing except the highest respect for the country’s intense and often tragic history. I only wish I had more time in Krakow as well as additional time to visit Warsaw and Wroclaw. Argh, next time!

Central European
Lake Bled, Slovenia. [By Lars Plougmann from United States (P1030752) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons].

Eastern Europe Trek – Bohemian 

Busabout’s Bohemian Trek picks up at Split, Croatia, and takes me through more of northern Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. I’m especially looking forward to Lake Bled, and all the random outdoor activities. Again, I feel like this place would be at home in Link and Zelda’s Hyrule.

Note: Some real honest talk. I’m a LITTLE nervous about the treks, because, as you can see from the itineraries, they move at a quick pace, staying only 1 – 2 nights at each stop. I’m a slower traveler. In big cities, I enjoy stays that range from 4 – 7 nights, and in small towns, I’m content staying 2 – 3 nights. I like taking my time and absorbing the scenery and culture.

Have you ever been to any of these Central European countries? Have you ever used Busabout? What are your travel plans for summer of 2015? Share your thoughts here!

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