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CityPASS Seattle Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Time to write my (cough overdue cough) CityPASS Seattle Review! As you already know, I wanted to save some money on my solo trip to Seattle. I had to move in August, so I didn’t want to go into debt while enjoying Washington’s capital city. Seattle’s a pretty pricy destination which meant I had to do my research ahead of time.

While reading all about Seattle on the internet, I had a feeling it would be worth investing in CityPASS Seattle. I wanted to see Seattle’s best attractions, but at $20 bucks (or more!) per ticket, the sticker shock bothered me.

However, CityPASS made these places affordable for me and other solo travelers on a budget. And I’m so glad I made the right choice for my vacation!

As a disclosure, CityPASS kindly provided me a comped pass in exchange for coverage on this blog, but all opinions are my own. I care about my readers and my blog, and promise to give you nothing except my honest thoughts about the pass – which would have saved me a ton of money even if I paid out of my own pocket. But more on the numbers later.

With that said, hopefully my CityPASS Seattle review will help other travelers determine if the pass fits their needs.

citypass seattle includes this view from the space needle

What IS Seattle CityPASS?

Seattle is an expensive place to visit. For reference, I live close to New York City, which is no cheap date, but even I raised an eyebrow at some of Seattle’s prices. For instance, a lot of attractions have entry fees of at least $20. As a solo traveler, these prices will take huge bites out of your budget. You don’t want every cent of your daily budget to go toward attractions, after all. And, if you’re traveling with a family, then you really need to prioritize your sightseeing to save money. To be honest, I have no idea how families of four or more do it.

The Seattle CityPASS bundles together some of the Emerald City’s top attractions and offers a more reasonable price to visitors. It makes Seattle accessible to everyone – solo travelers and families alike.

Your tickets to the attractions come in a small book that easily fits inside a coat pocket (make sure to zip it), day pack, or pocket book. It’s a piece of cake to carry your CityPASS with you.

Once in Seattle, then you choose which of the five attractions you’d like to visit. By having the CityPASS, you even skip the line at some of the sites (yesssss!!). Saving time is just as valuable as saving money when you’re traveling to new destinations. A free hour isn’t something to underestimate.

smiling over my seattle citypass discount

Seattle CityPASS Discount

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, Rachel, cool. But how much money am I looking to save? Is this purchase even worth it? I want to see digits.”

At the end of the day, I think purchasing the Seattle CityPASS is worth it. Time for my favorite subject (not): math. Let’s crunch the numbers.

By having the CityPASS, in total, you save 50% off Seattle’s big attractions and that includes the city’s most famous building: the Space Needle.

The Seattle CityPASS retails for $89.00 (2018 prices). Yes, it’s steep, but let’s do the math without the benefits of the CityPASS. I saw the following five attractions. Without CityPASS, I would have to pay these amounts per ticket:

  • The Space Needle: $37.50
  • MoPOP (the Museum of Pop): $26 for museum admission only
  • Argosy Cruise: $27 for the 1 hour harbor ride around Puget Sound
  • Seattle Aquarium: $29.95
  • Chihuly Glass Museum and Garden: $26

So, the total of all five of these attractions a la cart costs a whooping $146.45. That’s … a lot of money in savings. You don’t need to have a PhD in Mathematics to figure that out. Thanks to CityPASS, you can take the remaining cash and enjoy a nice dinner for one at the Walrus and the Carpenter … which I did, haha.

Purchase your Seattle CityPASS for your upcoming trip

the seattle attractions pass will make your life easy
Check out the Space Needle’s new see through floors!

What Attractions Can You Visit w/ Seattle CityPASS?

Time to break it down even more! What attractions are bundled in with your discount? A total of five.

You’ll have plenty of cool things to see during the day in Seattle. Furthermore, you’re permitted to see the sites over the course of two, even three days, so don’t feel like you need to squeeze everything in a 24 hour time frame.

I’ve explained each of your stops below in detail…

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your seattle washington city pass will take you to the space needle

1. The Space Needle

Without a doubt, you’ll want to go to the top of the Space Needle using your Seattle CityPASS. Are there nicer views in Seattle? Yeah, sure. For example, I adored the unfiltered and free view from Kerry Park, because you actually see Mount Rainier on clear days.

However, as a tourist, the Space Needle is a special treat that you don’t want to miss.

As of 2018, the Space Needle was refurbished with a “see through” floor that makes you feel as if you’re walking on top of the city. It’s such a cool experience and worth the price of admission! I loved my time at the Space Needle.

A word of warning: your Seattle CityPASS won’t allow you to skip the line. For safety reasons, only a select number of tourists are permitted into the Space Needle at one time. These are timed visits. Not much you can do about it.

my citypass seattle review includes a description of all five attractions

2. Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium was founded in 1977 and is the ninth largest aquarium in the United States.

Personally, I enjoyed how this aquarium is situated right on Puget Sound and as a result, offers you great views of the bay. Puget Sound itself has a great diversity of wildlife roaming on its islands and inside its cold waters. You’ll find that a visit to the Seattle Aquarium will give you a chance to learn all about these unique sea creatures, as well as ways we can effectively take care of our fragile environment.

The Seattle Aquarium is located on 1483 Alaskan Way, right on Pier 59. It’s a major part of Seattle’s revitalized waterfront and easy enough to visit after grabbing a bite to eat at Pike Place Market.

citypass seattle review tip: don't miss out on a harbor cruise

3. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour

As I’ve said, Seattle is so scenic partly due to its location on Puget Sound. Especially take advantage of this on a clear summer day.

Luckily for you, your Seattle CityPASS also includes a lovely Argosy harbor cruise that is fully narrated by a tour guide. Like the Space Needle, Argosy Cruises run on a strict schedule so there’s no skipping the line here. However, look at the schedule in advance and arrive early so you get a seat on the top of the cruise. You want the lovely views of the sound and city.

For Argosy Cruises, you need to redeem your CityPASS in person at Ticket Booth 55. No reservations are taken over the phone or via email.

seattle citypass review tip: go to the museum of pop
CityPASS Seattle Review Suggestion: Do Not Skip MoPOP.

4. Museum of Pop Culture (or MOPOP)

Eeee, the Museum of Pop is my favorite place that’s included in the Seattle CityPASS. I’ll save my bragging about this museum later, but trust me, it’s great. I loved it so much.

As the name suggests, MoPOP is dedicated to the wonders of pop culture. You have rooms dedicated to fantasy, science fiction, and horror, which made me want to write the next epic quest trilogy or vampire screenplay.

And if you’re a Nirvana fan (like me!), then you don’t want to miss the room dedicated to the world’s most favorite grunge band!

The Museum of Pop Culture’s street address is 325 5th Avenue N, which is located adjacent to the Seattle Center Monorail and the Space Needle.

citypass seattle discount will help you get inside the best spots

5. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Finally the Seattle CityPASS admits you to Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is another special and unique museums that inspires creative passion projects. Chihuly Garden and Glass is located right next to the Space Needle so it’s simple to visit both attractions in a short amount of time.

This museum showcases the work of artist Dale Chihuly. Chihuly’s intricate glasswork is featured in over 200 museums worldwide – which is an impressive accomplishment. After going through this attraction, you’ll think glass is truly a fine art.

Pack your patience for this attraction. Some rooms are small, and the crowds might feel uncomfortable. Take your time.

citypass seattle review: don't miss mopop
Don’t be scared! CityPASS Seattle gives you options!

Are There Other Options Included in the Seattle CityPASS?

Yes! As I’ve stated, the Seattle CityPASS gives buyers options. For example, instead of the Museum of Pop, you can opt to visit Woodland Park Zoo. This zoo is located in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood and regularly priced tickets for adults cost $14.95.

Meanwhile, instead of Chihuly Garden and Glass, you can go to the Pacific Science Center or Seattle’s modern science museum. General admission to the Pacific Science Center costs $23.95.

The decision is yours. Go with your own interests and priorities.

don't ignore a seattle citypass discount. you'll save going to museums like the glass garden.

CityPASS Seattle Review: My Own Experience

Over all, I had a very positive experience with CityPASS Seattle, and I heartily recommend it to my readers.

For instance, my favorite attraction was Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (or MOPOP)! As a museum junkie, I thought this one was very unique, and I would absolutely visit it again if I was in the Seattle metro area. I think it’s awesome CityPASS included this museums among their attraction options.

Furthermore, Chihuly Garden and Glass was beautiful. However, my fellow tourists, you need to mind your manners a little better. Yes, parts of the museum are tight and crowds happen, but that’s not a good excuse for behaving like brats. For example, I saw a younger person elbow into an elderly woman to snap a photo, and needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed with her.

After going to Seattle, I would love to look into CityPASS’s other products and try time in new cities including New York.

your seattle citypass discount will get you inside the space needle

Should I Buy Seattle CityPASS?

Ahh, the biggest question in my CityPASS Seattle review. To buy or not to buy?

I loved the Seattle CityPASS. It suited my own needs perfectly. But should you buy the Seattle CityPASS? Honestly, the answer depends on your interests and expectations for your Seattle vacation.

Yes, the savings are great, so travelers who want to visit all five of these attractions should buy the Seattle CityPASS. I personally love museums and famous sites, and make them priorities on my trips. So, for me, the CityPASS is worth the $89 investment. Not to mention, skipping some of the lines was pretty freakin’ awesome, too.

However, if you’re more interested in food or nature and aren’t a fan of museums, then I’d recommend doing additional research before investing in the Seattle CityPASS. Depending on your trip, you might be better off buying tickets to one or two of Seattle’s major attractions, and then using the rest of your time to hike or eat. You don’t have to buy the CityPASS to fully enjoy Seattle.

Ultimately, buying the Seattle CityPASS all depends on your personal interests. Everyone is different.

not sure where to buy seattle city pass? look no further!

Where Do I Purchase My Seattle CityPASS?

At the end of my CityPASS Seattle review, I want to talk about actually buying the pass for your trip. Where do you go?

Unsurprisingly, one of the easiest spots to buy the Seattle CityPASS is on their official website. You can have CityPASS send you a voucher via email. You’ll show this voucher to the first attraction you visit, and then they will give you the physical CityPASS booklet. It’s simple with zero shipping costs. Of course, you can also opt to have the CityPASS booklet delivered right to your home. CityPASS does ship outside the United States if you’re coming from overseas.

You’re also able to buy the Seattle CityPASS at the featured sights and partner attractions once you’re actually in Seattle.

Happy adventures!

don't forget to pack your cityPASS seattle
I hope you enjoyed my CityPASS Seattle Review!

Thanks for reading my CityPASS Seattle Review. Do you have any plans to visit Seattle? How about the Pacific Northwest? Share all of your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. 

Disclosure: CityPASS offered me a comped pass in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Kara says:

    Hi Rachel, I went to Seattle 2.5 years ago and bought the City Pass. It was pricey and even more so because of the US/CAD dollar conversion rate. However I had the time of my life. I saved on accommodation because I stayed with my great aunt in Everett and took the bus into Seattle. Sometimes you just have to pay price to have some fun. Again though it depends on the person.

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