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Copenhagen in 2 Days: The Best Things to See & Do

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Copenhagen is a clean and safe destination packed with contemporary design (the buildings, interior decorating, it’s all so trendy), open-face sandwiches, and zippy bike paths. It’s also Denmark’s capital and biggest city.

This guide will teach you how to see Copenhagen in 2 days without a care in the world.

“Wait, wait, wait,” you might be thinking, shaking your head. “Is two days in Copenhagen remotely enough? Wouldn’t I just be rushing from tourist site to tourist site without a chance to soak up the canals?” Frankly, I see your point. The thought of spending two days in a major city isn’t ideal.

And honestly, I’m a slow traveler at heart who fully acknowledges that it’d be wonderful to spend an entire week in Denmark’s capital city. At the same time, however, let’s face facts: not everyone has the time or money to do so. Especially money.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I loved taking a solo trip to Copenhagen and highly recommend it as a destination for new and nervous travelers, but I’d be lying if I claimed Copenhagen wasn’t expensive (much like all of Scandinavia). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Copenhagen (or Scandinavia in general) for someone who’s tight on cash.

But if your heart is set on the region, go for it! You just need to be wise with your time. Hence my guide for seeing Copenhagen in 2 days. Ultimately my advice for budget travelers is to limit their time in Copenhagen and stretch their money much, much, much farther.

And now for some good news…

don't skip nyhavn on your 2 days in copenhagen itinerary

Enjoying Copenhagen in 2 Days is Absolutely Possible!

Yes, you can enjoy 2 days in Copenhagen without much fuss! Score one for team you.

Copenhagen is one of those great European cities splattered in a variety of travel magazines. As a result, Copenhagen’s popularity makes you think that there’s soooooo much to do and see, but at the same time, Denmark’s capital doesn’t have the same amount of sites as London or Paris. Which is actually good for travelers who have limited time and money on their hands.

So please don’t skip over Copenhagen if you have only two extra days in your itinerary. Sure, you won’t have time to dig deeply into the city, but you’ll still enjoy enough to have a surface level taste of Copenhagen’s “cool” vibe.

copenhagen in two days means seeing lots of historical sites

What to See in Copenhagen in 2 Days.

Luckily for you, Copenhagen has so many wonderful attractions to offer visitors of all ages. As I’ve said, the Danish capital is especially “solo traveler” friendly in the sense that the city is easy to navigate, streets are well labeled and public transportation is very efficient, and the odds of falling victim to a random violent crime are pretty much non-existent.

Copenhagen Day #1: Morning

Take a free walking tour of Copenhagen on your very first day. Many walking tours start bright and early at 10 am. so you’ll have to roll out of bed on time.

Another word of warning. Most free tours are three hours long so make sure to bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes. Blisters are not your friends.

How can you find a free tour? Quite simple! There are quite a few companies that offer free walking tours around Copenhagen. Copenhagen Free Walking Tours offer a variety of group tours that appeal to different interests such as Renaissance Copenhagen for history buffs and Tour of Christianshavn for those who want to explore the city’s alternative side.

By booking a place on a tour, you’ll learn about Copenhagen’s neighborhoods, history, food, and people, and have an “idea” where you should go next. Free walking tours are also awesome for meeting other solo travelers if you happen to be exploring Copenhagen by yourself.

the crown jewels: what to see in copenhagen in two days

Copenhagen Day #1: Afternoon

Do you like palaces? Then you must visit Rosenborg Castle while taking a city break in Copenhagen. This fine example of a Renaissance palace was built as a summer retreat, which means you’ll enjoy splendid gardens laden with statues and roses in full cherry bloom.

Even if you’re not a big history fan, Rosenborg Castle is still cool, because it currently houses the Danish Crown Jewels. And who doesn’t like to pretend they’re royalty, right?

You can find Rosenborg Castle at Øster Voldgade 4A.

Afterwards, take a walk to the Round Tower or Rundetaarn. This cylindrical tower was built in the 17th century and offers a grand sweeping view of Copenhagen. You’ll follow an easy equestrian staircase to the top, which makes for a very easy work. Take plenty of pictures at the top.

For lunch, I’d recommend asking your free walking tour guide for suggestions. They’ll offer a lot of wise words if you don’t want to spend too much money.

copenhagen in two days is plenty of time to visit tivoli
Got 48 hours in Copenhagen? Don’t skip Tivoli Gardens!

Copenhagen Day #1: Evening

The sun has fallen and now it’s time to spend your first night in Copenhagen. What to do? Embrace your inner child, of course!

Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s most popular attractions for both locals and tourists. And it’s obvious to see why! It’s historically significant, first of all, being originally built in August 1843. In addition to rides, such as a classic carousal and a beautiful ferris wheel with balloons on the carts, Tivoli offers a wide variety of entertainment. For example, live music is commonplace in the warm summer months.

You can find Tivoli Garden near the Copenhagen Train Station.

Not so much into rides? Then I would explore Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s waterfront, in the evening. Enjoy an ice cream or a beer, and savor the Danish sunset on the harbor.

A scenic park in Christiania - one of your stops with two days in Copenhagen
A scenic park in Christiania – one of your stops with 2 days in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Day #2: Morning

Rise and shine! You have an epic second day in Copenhagen ahead of you. Take a bike ride to Freetown Christiana.

Copenhagen has the highest number of bikes per capita (except for Amsterdam) so renting a bike for the day is easy and effective for navigating the city.

Christiana is most well-known as an autonomous hippie community, which had an open cannabis trade on Pusher Street for many years. But there is much more to Christiana than marijuana. Christiana has many restaurants, cafes, and music venues for visitors to experience.

After visiting Christiana, you’ll discover Christiansborg Palace isn’t too far away. This palace contains the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. Pay for a tour inside or simply marvel at the architecture from the outside.

don't skip a canal tour with two days in copenhagen

Copenhagen Day #2: Afternoon

Much like Amsterdam, Copenhagen is known for its scenic canals. The absolute best way to see them is to take a boat tour. You’ll be able to take lovely pictures of the Opera House, the Little Mermaid Statue (without bumping into tourist hoards), colorful boat houses, and so much more! Most canal tours leave from Nyhvan so make sure to check the times and book your ticket.

Afterwards, I would take a walk around Nyhavn, which is Copenhagen’s colorful 17th century waterfront. Nyhavn is probably the most popular image of Copenhagen and as a result, it’s packed during the day. Bring your patience. Nyhavn is still worth a visit, however. For example, fairy tale author Hans Christian Anderson lived in House 20 and wrote “The Tinderbox” and “The Princess and the Pea” within its very walls. In the summer, you might be lucky and catch a jazz festival near Nyhavn. Enjoy the music.

your snack for a weekend in copenhagen

Copenhagen Day #2: Evening

Where should you spend your second evening in Copenhagen? For something different, check out the hip neighborhood of Vesterbro. This cool area isn’t too far away from Tivoli Gardens and has plenty to do. For instance, explore the restaurants and shops on Værnedamsvej – which locals gather if the weather is outstanding.

For those looking for a bit of nightlife, then you want to head to the Meatpacking District. What used to be home to Copenhagen’s meat industry now contains cool bars, art galleries, and nightclubs.

the perfect place for a city break in copenhagen

Copenhagen in 2 Days: Where to Stay on Your Visit

You want a central location for your weekend break in Copenhagen. Meaning no staying on the outskirts of the city. I don’t care how much cheaper the price is. You want to budget your time in addition to your money. Be wise.

I stayed at Urban House Copenhagen, which is located in trendy Vesterbro and ideal for younger travelers. Staying in Vesterbro also means you’re closer to the main train station that has quick connections to the Copenhagen airport and other major European cities, including Stockholm.

As always, if you’re not interested in hostels, then AirBNB offers affordable accommodation in a variety of neighborhoods. Make sure to carefully read reviews and research your neighborhood in advance to have the best possible trip to Copenhagen.

copenhagen solo travel

How to Spend 2 Days in Copenhagen

Ultimately, how to spend 2 days in Copenhagen is entirely your choice. 

If it’s your first visit, you definitely want to see the top attractions including Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens, and more. However, for visitors who are coming to Copenhagen for the second or third time, use the 48 hours to focus on Copenhagen’s food scene or take a leisurely canal tour. 

Copenhagen’s great public transportation and high safety record make it the perfect choice for spending a weekend.

see the canals with 2 days in copenhagen I hope you enjoyed reading about seeing Copenhagen in 2 days. Have you ever been to Denmark’s capital? What were your favorite things to see and do? Share all your thoughts in the comments.

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