My Most Difficult Travel Decision

june 2016

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my most difficult travel decision

I’m not flying to Spain today.

I know what you’re probably thinking.

Blond Wayfarer is a coward.” “She’s letting terrorists win.” “What a typical fearful American.” “Doesn’t she realize Belgium isn’t Spain? They’re 900 miles apart.”

This post comes at a very unfortunate time, given the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, and I debated posting it at all. I want to be honest with you guys, though. You deserve to know the truth behind all my trips.

So the attacks in Brussels. I promise it’s not, not, not! the main reason behind me cancelling my trip to Spain. Living in fear as we give up freedoms is what terrorists want to accomplish, and I don’t believe you should stop traveling because of them. They’re losers.

Life goes on. It goes on in Brussels. It goes on in Istanbul. It goes on in Paris.

my most difficult travel decision
Grand Place in Brussels.

Honestly, my anxiety has been a train wreck for the past month or so, way before the attack at the Brussels airport yesterday. I won’t go into too many specifics on this blog, a place where I smile and inspire, but I had a lot of unforeseen changes happen this month and decided it was best to wait to experience Spain.

At the moment, the mere thought of taking a long trip overseas made me a nervous wreck. Instead of doing research for my trip, I’d read about SEO techniques or sneak over to goodreads to check out new book releases. My whole mood was different from my giddiness planning my Iceland adventure or Central European trip.

I wasn’t very excited about leaving for Spain when I had so much crap staked on my plate. If I had known in January what I do now, I probably never would’ve made my reservations.

And what’s the point of taking a trip if you know in your heart that you’ll constantly be on edge, thinking about “what ifs?”

my most difficult travel decision
Stand tall and proud.

The horrible attack at Brussels airport just happened to coincide with a lot of personal issues on my end. I knew it was in my best interest to reschedule.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my readers who were looking forward to those posts, and I’m incredibly sorry to Spain. One day. I promise, I promise.

Even though I’m not visiting Spain, don’t think for one second that I’ll stop visiting Europe because of my anxiety (or terrorists for that matter). I have been to Europe – England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, etc. – about 9 times in my life. I adore the continent. It’s incredibly safe and rewarding for female travelers, and I’ll never ever quit traveling there.

Besides, my airline credits will wait patiently for an upcoming trip to Stockholm, given I’ve purchased tickets to attend July’s TBEX (more about that later!), and a potential extension to the Baltic countries.

my most difficult travel decision

However, I do have some good news shining from these terrible storm clouds. I’ve an opportunity to travel for a week in San Francisco, California.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to the West Coast of the United States, so I’m super excited to see California in all its glory.

This trip fits much better into my schedule, because of its length and proximity to home, and I know in my heart I made the right choice.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so now I can enjoy every second of what San Francisco and its surrounding area has to offer a solo female traveler.

The weather looks gorgeous too. Sunny skies and mild temperatures all week long? Sign me up!

my most difficult travel decision
I promise we’ll see each other one day.

Do you ever feel nervous before taking a trip – domestic or international? Have you ever canceled a trip due to anxiety or unforeseen problems? This has definitely been my most difficult travel decision. What’s yours? Leave all your ideas in the comments. See you in San Francisco.

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