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11 Terrifically Fun Things to Do Alone in Munich

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Updated: 7 January 2024

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe with plenty of picturesque and historically significant cities and towns. As a traveler, you could easily spend two or three months in Germany and not run out of things to see and do.

Not to mention, Germany’s land mass doesn’t mean getting around is a challenge. Trains link all corners of the country, which means a very strong tourism infrastructure.

So, as you already know, I am a huge fan of Germany especially when it comes to solo travel. As a European country, Germany is a safe and diverse country with some of the best public transportation options that I’ve ever seen in my life! 

Many solo travelers, including myself, find themselves drawn to the fairytale atmosphere of Bavaria, which is located in the south of Germany. Bavaria’s hub and biggest city is Munich.

Although Munich’s well-known for Oktoberfest, the city is a lot of fun for anyone who’s willing to take a solo trip and explore any time of the year! I know I loved my solo time in Munich! 

This post is all about the fun things to do alone in Munich – which, believe me, there are plenty of activities that are “solo travel” friendly.

chilling in a beer garden is one of the best things to do alone in munich
Alone in Munich and Happy!

How to Travel to Munich

Before we talk about all the fun things to do alone in Munich, you’re probably wondering how you even get to Munich in the first place. No problem!

Luckily for the independent traveler, getting to Munich is pretty easy. Remember what I said about the public transportation? Germany, in general, has strong tourism infrastructure and you should have no problem getting to the city, even if you’re alone.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it, too! 

International Airport

The main arrival point for most solo travelers is Munich International Airport.

From the airport, you have multiple public transportation options. Both the S1 and S8 S-Bahn lines are connected to the center city. These trains arrive every ten minutes, so even if you miss a train, you’re not waiting too long for the next one.

Lufthansa also has an express bus that will quickly take a solo traveler to Munich’s city center. Check the schedule ahead of time.

By Train

Munich HBF is the city’s major train station that has trains arriving from all over the country.

Fast trains, in particular, are helpful when coming from other major cities in Germany. Keep in mind that some trains require a reservation ahead of time. Do your research in advance so you’re not stranded in Berlin or Frankfurt, haha. 

Munich HBF is located in the city center, which is another bonus for solo travelers arriving from another part of Germany.

backpacking europe in 2 weeks: visiting munich is always a good idea

Fun Things to Do Alone in Munich

Now, without further rambling, let’s talk about all the fun things to do alone in Munich.

I personally love all these attractions, but if you’re not a fan of art museums, you maaaay want to tweak these suggestions for your own itinerary in Munich, haha.

As always, I suggest investing in a Lonely Planet Guidebook of Munich to ensure that you see everything that you want! This is your trip, after all! 

Happy reading! 

Lastly, I have plenty of general solo travel tips in this blog, too, if you want to plan more adventures beyond this amazing city!

Need More Help for Your Solo Trip?

Check out my custom itinerary planning services for readers. I’ll do all the research and together, we’ll create an itinerary that works for you and your adventures in Europe.

don't forget to see munich after the lights come on
Explore at Night Even if You’re Alone in Munich!

Explore and Shop at Marienplatz

Marienplatz is Munich’s fun-loving central square and also the most famous. 

Munich’s Marienplatz is located in the Old Town (or Altstadt), and was founded in the 12th century. If you close your eyes, you can almost envision yourself interacting with merchants in medieval markets! 

In Marienplatz, you will see some of Munich’s most famous buildings, such as the beautiful Neues Rathaus or New Town Hall.

Personally, I think exploring and shopping at Marienplatz is one of the nicest things to do alone in Munich, because you’re surrounded by locals and tourists. You truly feel like you’re part of Munich’s urban fabric even though you’re traveling by yourself. It’s a beautiful thing.

totally worth adding to your 5 days in munich itinerary
Definitely One of the Most Fun Things to Do Alone in Munich, haha!

Watch the Rathaus-Glockenspiel at Noon 

Rathaus-Glockenspiel is a beautiful clock with dancing figures. You can see the Glockenspiel in Munich’s city hall building.

The clock is an amazing piece of engineering, consisting of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures. 

Go alone and see the stories performed. The Glockenspiel draws plenty of visitors, so this is another opportunity to feel like you’re part of Munich’s community – even though you’re traveling alone! 

enjoying a beer garden in gorgeous munich

Drink a Beer at a Traditional Hall or Garden

Don’t feel awkward or out of place going to a beer garden alone in Munich. Communal tables mean that you will make new friends!

Honestly, I would consider beer gardens one of the most fun things to do alone in Munich. Everyone’s relaxed and eating hearty Bavarian food. What’s not to love? Solo travelers, who may not want to go alone to the beer gardens, can opt for great tours in Munich, such as this Bavarian Food and Beer Evening Tour where you can accompany other people to Munich’s iconic beer halls.

As for me, I visited two separate beer halls on my solo trip to Munich. 

Hofbrauhaus is one of Munich’s most famous beer halls. Even with its crowds, I highly recommend having at least one drink here! My other favorite (and quieter!) beer hall was Augustiner Braeu – which is an easy walk from the main train station.

enjoying an afternoon biking in bavaria
Germany is Made for Bike Riders.

Rent a Bike in Munich and Beyond

Munich is a bike friendly city. However, I know if I’m traveling with people, I feel the need to keep up with them or impress them with my cycling skills (anxiety, why do you show yourself in the weirdest of ways?).

If you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about fellow travelers judging you or keeping up with various athletic levels. You can simply enjoy the act of cycling! 

However, if you want to socialize on your bike as a solo traveler, book yourself on a fun small group bike tour of Munich! You’ll learn a lot and make new connections at the same time!

Furthermore, you can go bike riding beyond Munich. Fussen, with its stunning castles, is a popular biking day trip, and plenty of tours leave from Munich, which takes care of complicated logistics. 

5 days in munich with great views

See the Best City Views at St. Peter’s Church 

Great bird-eye views are always breathtaking. Not to mention, there’s something special about enjoying a magical view in silence. 

To see one of Munich’s best views, you will want to walk over to St. Peter’s Church.

The viewing platform lets you see Marienplatz with City Hall (Rathaus) and the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) – which makes for excellent photography opportunities.

And sure, you need to climb a lot, a lot of stairs to reach the top of the tower, but if you’re a solo traveler, no one is judging you for taking multiple breaks. Ahem. Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course. 

checking out the lions in munich
Okay, Not the Market, but These Lions are Cool.

Enjoy a Meal at Victuals Market 

If you’re a solo traveler, one of the hardest parts about going on an independent trip involve meal times. I have major anxiety about eating alone. The struggle is super real.

However, all solo travelers will feel welcome eating at Victuals Market. 

This market is only a few steps from Marienplatz. Not only will you enjoy local produce, but the market is packed with Bavarian specialties. Eat outside (pack an empty stomach) and do some people watching with the added bonus of not asking for a table for one.

You can go to the Market alone or do a guided tour. Small group tours, such as this highly rated Munich Viktualienmarkt and Beyond Small-Group Food Tasting Tour, will offer insights into the market’s rich history and also give you the chance to bond with other travelers who are visiting Munich. 

checking out surfers is one of the best things to do alone in munich

People Watch in English Garden (Englischer Garten)

The English Garden in Munich is a tremendously popular tourist destination for many reasons. First of all, this lush green space is the perfect place for relaxation when you feel like you need a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Although Munich has its Bavarian charms, it’s still a very big city, and sometimes going into the park for the afternoon is the perfect way to “reset” your mind.

Furthermore, the Eisbach river, which runs through the park, has a standing wave that attracts surfers. I LOVED watching the surfers try out their skills in the middle of the park! It’s a great activity for not only walking the surfers, but watching the crowd cheer them on! Definitely don’t miss it.

meeting friends on a solo trip in munich

Make Friends on a Free Walking Tour of Munich

Worried that solo travel will be boring? Don’t be! If you’re a solo traveler and want to make new friends, then a free walking tour is one of the most fun things to do alone in Munich! 

I personally recommend the Free Tour with SANDEMANs NEW Europe on your trip to Munich. The guides are informative and funny, so you’re guaranteed to learn a lot of interesting facts about Bavaria’s largest city. 

Furthermore, SANDEMANs is a very popular company and as a result, many travelers join their free walking tours. I promise you’ll chat with the other guests and maybe even make friends! It has happened to me plenty of times. 

checking out modern art inside the Pinakothek

Admire Incredible Art at the Pinakothek Museums

I truly believe that art museums are meant to be experienced alone. 

In my experience, there is something truly special about your connection with a piece of art without the distraction of another person chatting in your ear or rushing you along to the next room.

And Munich? Has plenty of art museums.

In particular, you will want to check out the Pinakothek Museums as a solo traveler in Munich. 

You can choose between Alte and Neue Pinakothek, as well as Pinakothek der Moderne, or go to all three of time if you’re feeling ambitious! 

taking photos of gargoyles is a one of the fun things to do alone in munich

Practice Your Photography 

As a solo traveler, I love taking pictures. If I’m with a group of people, I always feel a little guilty asking them to stop so I can take (yet) another photo of a random building.

Munich is a city that begs to be photographs. Whether its gargoyles peeking out above cathedral doors or surfers catching waves in the park or gigantic soft pretzels, as a solo traveler, you’re able to take as many photos as your heart desires!

For a camera recommendation, I personally love my Sony Alpha 6400, because it’s relatively light to carry and its 24.1 megapixel photographs are absolutely crisp and striking. Well worth the investment. 

Without a doubt, practicing your photography is one of the fun things to do in Munich alone! 

munich's museums are one of the best things to do alone in munich

Feel Powerful at the Munich Residenz 

Munich Residenz is a former royal palace and home to an exquisite treasury, making it a fabulous museum for a solo traveler to explore at his/her own pace. The Munich Residenz is also a perfect option for a rainy day in Munich (it happens).

The Residenz is also home to other unique rooms such as the Cuvilliés Theatre and Antiquarium (or banquet hall). Purchase a combination ticket based on your interests. 

As a solo traveler, you can move at your own pace through all the luxuriously decorated rooms and feel like royalty! 

munich in 5 days in the sun

Sip a Coffee in an Italian Renaissance Garden 

The Hofgarten (or Court Garden) is a beautiful green space not too far from the Residenz. What I loved most about this park is just how idyllic its atmosphere is, providing solo travelers with respite as they take a break from sightseeing in Munich. 

As a solo traveler, it’s super easy to feel overstimulated and tired, especially on the first few days of your trip. 

Without a doubt, I recommend unwinding in Hofgarten with a coffee or a tea, and spend some quality time people-watching. We all need a break on our travels!

sampling the beer is a great thing to do alone in munich
Go with Your New Friends to the Hofbrauhaus.

Sleep (or Not!) in a Social Hostel 

Hostels are one of the best ways to meet other travelers. And if you’re in your thirties or older, know that not all hostels cater to the young backpacker roughing it in sixteen dorm rooms (if you fit that description, though, more power to you!).

Munich is a popular city and as a result, you have plenty of hostel options if you want to make friends! 

Hostel Suggestions

  • Euro Youth Hotel: This hostel is just a two minute walk from Munich’s main train station. What’s cool is that this hostel located in a historical building from the 1880’s! I love historical hostels especially in European cities. See prices on Expedia.com and Booking.com.
  • HI Munich Youth Park Hostel: Want a more relaxed place to stay? This hostel is located near many parks in south Munich, and is also within walking distance to a metro station. See prices on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com.
  • Wombats City Hostel: Wombats has some of the greatest hostels in Europe! They’re a wonderful and social chain, and the Munich location is no different! See prices on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com.
one of the fun things to do alone in munich is having a quiet moment in a pretty church
Going to Lovely Churches is Another One of the Nice Things to do Alone in Munich.

I hope you had fun reading about all the great things to do alone in Munich (and don’t feel anxious about traveling alone either. Have you ever traveled alone to Munich? What was your experience like? Thanks for reading! 

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