Guest Post: Travel Is Not Just for the Young

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My Californian Spring Break

Time for some brutal honesty: I’m not a fan of those “30 before 30” and “vacations you *must* take in your 20s” type lists that bombard the travel community. Maybe I’m silly, but I don’t think life ends when you turn 30. You can still travel. 30, 40, 50, whatever age you want! Kara Lockwood from Creative Heart Travel tells us to keep exploring, regardless of age. Enjoy!

Most of the travel blogs these days are about young 20­somethings taking off to travel post college graduation or taking time to travel when you are “young.” I am not saying this is a bad thing. The 20s are a time when most people are free of things like careers, family, a mortgage. That’s why many 20 somethings are encouraged to see the world before they settle down, get married, get a house, etc.

But what if you’re like me? You’re 30, single, about to graduate from college, renting, you have no kids and not a lot tying you down? Not everyone follows the set out path of college or university after high school, getting a job, getting married, buying a house and having a family. Nothing wrong with that path but there are many out there that don’t follow it.

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For me, much of my 20’s were spent with personal health struggles which are now under control. I went to college after high school but after a year decided it wasn’t for me at that time. I then worked full time at Subway making sandwiches and saved up for my first trip abroad.

In June 2005, I took off for Australia for 3 months. Since getting back in September 2005 I fought with health challenges, doubted my call and purpose like most 20 somethings, played around with different art forms like music, visual art, dance and jewelry making. I had different jobs like childcare and retail. It wasn’t until I was almost 27 years old that I decided to go back to college.

Now having spent almost 4 years of part time studies I will be graduating this spring with a diploma in music. I have not gone down a typical path. I like to think of myself as a late bloomer in some regards.

why I fell in love with Vienna

Now at 30 years old I’m ready to take on the world and travel more.

So my encouragement for you, dear reader, is to travel no matter how old you are. And let me tell you that if you are married, have bought a house, and have kids you can still travel! A friend of mine named Ricky has a career, a wife, 2 kids and one on the way and a condo. Him and his wife are in their mid­thirties and will be going on a 1 year trip through South America with their kids. You can find out more about them at “Family Travel Bloggers” and follow their journey.

Dear readers, all it takes is a willing heart. Even if you are middle aged or past 65, you can still travel. Not everybody has to follow the same mould.

Despite my health challenges in my 20s I was still able to travel to Australia, the UK, China, around my home province British Columbia and across Canada. Now at 30 years old I am ready to start making travel more of a priority. I still battle with my health issues from time to time, but I am not going to let them stop me.

After graduation I am planning to travel down to the Western United States for 2 weeks. I plan to go to Seattle, Portland, the Oregon Coast and possibly to California. I hope to try living overseas for a year. Since my mom and Grandparents are British, I can obtain a British passport which means I can work in most European countries.

So if you are 30 and over, I want to leave you with some ways you can still travel the world and even live in another country.

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Go On a Working Holiday

Some countries still allow people over 30 to get a working holiday visa. I believe though that the cut off for these countries is 35. Check with the countries visa and immigration department for more details. A working holiday is a great way to work while you travel through a country.

See if You Qualify for Second Passport or Citizenship Due to Your Ancestry

Many countries like England and the US allow you to be able to become a citizen if you have a parent, grandparents or great grandparents from that country. One of my friends was able to become an American citizen due to the fact her mom was born in the US. She was still able to keep her Canadian citizenship as well. As I stated above my mom and grandma are British I may be able to get my British Citizenship or at best a permit that will allow me to work in the UK and most of Europe. Do your research and see if you could qualify.

I didn't see the Northern Lights

Skilled Workers Visa

If you are a nurse, doctor, electrician or in some other skilled profession you may be able to get a skilled worker’s visa. Many countries like Australia need foreign workers to fill positions that are in high demand. I know doctors and nurses are always really needed. Check with that country and their immigration website.

Study Abroad

In many countries you can get a student visa which allows you to study there. Some countries like Australia allow you to work up to 20 hrs per week while studying. This is a great way to travel, work, and earn an education while living abroad.

your first solo trip should be portugal

Tourist Visa

Even if you just want to travel and see a country you can get a tourist visa. Some countries allow you to be there up to a certain amount of time without a visa. As a Canadian I can spend up to 6 months as a tourist in the UK and the US. France will allow a Canadian citizen to be there for up to 3 months with no visa. Make sure you know your destination and do your research. Each country will have different laws and rules regarding visas.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you feel inspired to travel and even live in another country no matter how old you are. Do you feel you can still live a life of travel even if you are not in your 20’s or 30’s?

Again, big thanks to Kara for submitting this inspirational and fantastic post! If you’re interested in guest posting to Blond Wayfarer, you can find my guidelines here!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Travel Is Not Just for the Young

  1. Stacey says:

    I definitely think you can travel well after your 20’s and 30’s and I’m doing just that.

    In my 20’s I didn’t really do much traveling actually, but instead settled down to get married, house, baby…all of that. Well all of that didn’t quite work out so in my 30’s I took a big trip to Paris. It was the BEST and started my passion for traveling.

    Now in my early 40’s I feel like I’m finally hitting my travel stride and I’m seeing more of the world than ever. And that baby? Well he’s 14 now and we travel the world together. He has a wish list of places to visit every long as mine. 🙂

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Stacey —

      That is AWESOME. It sounds like your son is having a lot of incredible travel experiences. Sometimes people tell me to travel before I have kids, and I always wanna say that my kids will join me if my finances allow them to!

      And Paris is beautiful. Perfect place to begin your new life. Thanks for visiting!

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