Makeup Eraser Review: Beautiful & Sustainable Travel

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My MakeUp Eraser Review wasn’t only written because I love the product itself. Like everyone else on the internet, I have wild goals and dreams for 2020, both for my blog and my personal life. I want get over my fear of flying most.

And, in 2020, I want to promote items that will help protect the environment as we explore far off destinations. For those of us who loooove makeup and do whatever we can to appear extra glamorous in photos, this product in particular will rock your world.

I’m not kidding. The MakeUp Eraser is amazing. I adore it to pieces. So does my skin.

As a side note, The Original MakeUp Eraser didn’t sponsor this blog post, so opinions are only based on my own experience. I paid for the eraser out of my own pocket. 

At the end of the day, I just really love this soft cleansing towel, and think it works wonderfully for female travelers who want to wear makeup and then gently wipe off the stress of a hectic sightseeing day.

makeup eraser review: be mindful when you travel
Alas, Planes are Not Environmentally Friendly.

Why Sustainable Travel Items Are Necessary

Sustainable travel is a buzzword in the industry. For a good reason, too.

Right now, I’m in the process of making sure all my packing lists are environmentally friendly.

Why am I making this effort?

For me, it’s important to bring items that won’t create pointless waste in a new city. As an example, I’d feel like the biggest jerk constantly throwing away wipes in Lisbon or Milan or Delft. Why create trash if you don’t have to? It’s silly.

 makeup eraser review: take care of this nature
Who Would Want to Create Waste in this Beautiful Place?

And let’s be real with ourselves. Although we all love to travel, everyone knows that planes aren’t great for the environment. Air travel contributes to global warming in a big, big, way. No argument there.

As travelers, we do whatever we can to “lessen” the blow. Is flying commercially better than scoring a private jet? Yes. Can you pay an extra carbon tax to make up for flying across oceans? Sure.

Buuuuut. Regardless of all that, my own carbon footprint isn’t wonderful, I’m sure. 

Airlines are trying to come up with “greener” ways to fly, but, in the meantime, it’s important to do what we can now

makeup eraser review: reasonable size
Small & Effective & Reuseable

What is the MakeUp Eraser?

The Original MakeUp Eraser is a female founded business (started by Elexsis McCarthy) with a mission to eliminate unnecessary waste contributed by wipes.

What I especially love about the Original MakeUp Eraser is that it completely clears ALL your makeup with just the towel and water. 

That’s it. 

I don’t know about you, but a regular small towel and water doesn’t remove much makeup, especially mascara. I’d always wake up in my hostel bed with raccoon eyes, despite showering and washing my face the previous night. So embarrassing, right?

The MakeUp Eraser solves that problem for you with limited effort.

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makeup eraser reviews: a plus is its softness

How to Use a MakeUp Eraser Cloth

Another reason I love the MakeUp Eraser Cloth is because the product’s very easy to use. All you need is the pretty pink towel and lots of water. 

After you make your purchase, follow these simple instructions and never worry about wipes again.

Machine wash your cloth prior to using it. 

Then you’ll soak your MakeUp Eraser in warm water. Once soaked, use the short fiber side to gently rub all make up off your skin. Last, but not least, you’ll use the longer fibers to exfoliate your skin. As a result, your face will be left clear and bright. 

Easy, right?

Oh, and the MakeUp Eraser is anti-bacterial so you’re able to wash it whenever you want. Although, keep in mind the instructions recommend washing the towel in the washer (with hot water) once a week.

Clean Your Face: Buy Your Own MakeUp Eraser

makeup eraser towel is a decent size

Why Travelers Will Love the MakeUp Eraser

Now that I’ve given you a little information about the Original MakeUp Eraser, I’m going to talk about four specific reasons why you should add the MakeUp Eraser to your suitcase. 

As always, consider your skin and lifestyle, and read other reviews to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Without further ado, these are the reasons why the MakeUp Eraser will be the perfect addition to your toiletries bag at home and on vacation. 

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makeup eraser review size

The MakeUp Eraser is Affordable & Pretty

First the best news of all, the Original MakeUp Eraser is reasonably priced. Seriously, take a look, and you’ll see the Original MakeUp Eraser won’t break the bank. It’s an affordable gift for yourself and other travelers in your life.

Actually, I think buying makeup remover at Sephora costs way more money than this soft and lovely towel does. I’m never going back to an oily face, let me tell you.

Other than price, I also think the MakeUp Eraser is aesthetically pleasing as far as the color choices go.

I own the classic pink color (which you can see in all my photos, haha), which I love, because my favorite color is pink. Pink is fun, vibrant, and me.

If you’re not a fan of pink, though, the MakeUp Eraser also comes in chill blue and clean white. And I promise I still love you, haha.

I love the original makeup eraser
The MakeUp Eraser is Easy to Roll & Pack

The MakeUp Eraser is Easy to Pack

Packing, packing, packing. It’s an art and a skill.

And needless to say, we all love items that are easy to pack inside our luggage. 

While the MakeUp Eraser is big enough to fully clean your face, the cloth is also a piece of cake to fit inside your carry-on luggage or backpack. 

The fabric isn’t bulky in the slightest, I promise. You’ll still have plenty of space for other toiletries. 

So take the MakeUp Eraser on all your trips.

makeup eraser towel reviews: perfect to pack with you

Reusable? Yes, Please

Yup, here I go again talking about the environment, but how can I not acknowledge reality?

Folks, I can’t stress the following statement enough: sustainability in the travel space is important for our future. Both our children’s futures and the futures of the destinations that we love so much.  

As you know, the planet is in trouble. We can’t ignore global warming especially as tourists. So it’s important to do whatever you can in order to reduce your waste as a traveler now.

One of the main goals of this brand is to reduce the amount of wipes that are tossed into the trash. Apparently wipes are the 3rd most wasteful product in the world. Say whaaaaat?

Lastly, don’t despair if your MakeUp Eraser gets dirty, because it will. Feel to use your MakeUp Eraser in the washing machine with your other towels. You can also wash your towel in hot water in the sink.

No more buying wipes on a frequent basis.

Buy the MakeUp Eraser for Sustainable Travel

how to use makeup eraser cloth is simple
MakeUp Eraser Review Plus: It’s So Soft!

Friendly for Sensitive Skin

Another bit of great news is that the MakeUp Eraser is fine for travelers who’ve sensitive and delicate skin. I had to include this tidbit in my MakeUp Eraser Review.

I’ll use my self as an example. I have very sensitive skin, and as a result, need to be careful with products I use on my face. I actually need to read ingredients, ya’ll.

Why do I need to be so careful? I have rosacea, and my triggers will leave my face looking like a red pothole mess that resembles a cheap microwaveable pepperoni pizza. Seriously, I’ve had flare ups so bad that I’ve needed to be on antibiotics for over a month. It ain’t pretty.

The MakeUp Eraser is kind to my skin. I haven’t had any break outs from using it, which is a huge relief. 

For anyone with sensitive skin, if I’ve had luck with the MakeUp Eraser, then you’ll probably be okay too. If you’re really concerned, however, I would recommend talk to your dermatologist before buying the MakeUp Eraser. I won’t pretend to be a doctor, haha.

makeup eraser reviews: it is effective even with heavy makeup
The MakeUp Eraser Can Even Clean This Face!

MakeUp Eraser Review: Verdict 

Should you buy the MakeUp Eraser? Um. Yes.

Without a doubt, I absolutely think you should buy the MakeUp Eraser – especially if you like using cosmetics on your adventures. There’s nothing wrong with looking glam on a beach in Italy or on a swanky London street. 

In a lot of ways, I’m a girly gal, and like trying out cool new mascaras and BB creams at home and on the road.

For me, the Original MakeUp Eraser has been a game changer in the sense that I no longer have to frantically scrub my face to remove stubborn eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. I hope this product helps you too!

Even if you don’t travel much, the MakeUp Eraser is a great thing to have in your home to wipe away any foundation or dirt clogged inside your pores. A clean face is a happy face. 

Ready to Buy? Enjoy Your MakeUp Eraser!

 how does the makeup eraser work? easily

I hope you liked reading my MakeUp Eraser Review! Do you think you’ll use the MakeUp Eraser on your travels? How about sustainable travel? What are some other items women can use to reduce waste as they travel the world?

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