Melting In Berlin

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melting Berlin
Marx and Engles are not pleased with this heatwave.

Hello from Berlin! Right now, it’s approximately 10 pm. and 88 degrees (31 C). Earlier today, temperatures soared to 100 degrees (38 C). YES, 100 DEGREES IN BERLIN GERMANY.

Seriously, I was half-tempted to return to the airport and ask if I had mistakenly landed in Seville. I wasn’t prepared for the crazy heat at all. I’m from the American northeast! I dislike super, super, super hot weather. I feel sluggish and lazy, and my nose burns – with or without sunblock. Trust me, it’s not an attractive look for me. Unfortunately, the sweltering uncomfortableness of the city spoiled my first impressions of it. I’ll have to return to Germany’s capital again to give it a fair chance.

I wanted to love Berlin so much. Travel bloggers rave about it. My brother adored it. But, my goodness, this heat wave made this portion of my epic trip very difficult to love. All I wanted to do was sleep after a day of sightseeing, meaning I missed out on Berlin’s nightlife, which only made me crankier. Sorry, Berlin. It’s me, not you.

Anyway, since I’m a major wuss who can’t handle heat without a heavy dose of AC, I opted to purchase a day pass for Museum Island and hid indoors the entire afternoon. At least I saw the Gates of Babylon, am I right? Out of all the museums I visited on Museum Island, I liked the National Gallery the best for a couple of reasons.

1. It had the strongest air conditioner.

2. I’m a big fan of Romanticism and the Impressionist movement. I wanted to live on the second floor, no joke. There are plenty of German masterpieces so I felt cultured after my visit!

3. There was no line to buy the day pass at the National Gallery. So I bypassed most of the tourists waiting to enter the Pergamon. Winning!

Sorry, Berlin. Let’s fall in love next time.

Tell me a time when weather damaged your travel plans.

2 thoughts on “Melting In Berlin

  1. Rashaad says:

    The times when weather has ruined my plans during traveling – is when I plan to go to the beach and it rains. Like during my last trip to Thailand in August 2010. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t be uncomfortable to swim in the ocean/sea while it’s raining.

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