BW Monthly News: April 2017

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april 2017April Highlights

It’s finally spring in the Garden State!! But April’s weather was horrible, haha. I swear, nine days out of ten, it either rained or chilled my bones or both. Usually both. Thanks, April, I always appreciate when you play with my emotions like that.

BESIDES the lousy weather, however, April was a pretty spiffy month. I always love Spring Break. It comes at the perfect time, close enough to summer and yet far enough away to break the year’s monotony. And Spring Break is my favorite time to travel! Everywhere else, that isn’t New Jersey, usually has gorgeous weather, not too hot and not too cold. Perfection.

This year I took a trip to Austin, the capital city of Texas, and I gotta say had an amazing time. This was my first visit to Texas ever. I already want to go back to learn more about the state’s unique history and culture. Everyone I met was also super friendly. Lots of “hellos” and “how are yous?” What a welcome!

april 2017

Post Summary

5 Reasons Canada is Perfect for Solo Female Travel: Canada is a great destination for solo female travelers. It has it all! Find out more in this comprehensive post.

Face Your Fears: How Solo Travel Helped My Anxiety:  It’s nooooo secret that I’m a big wuss when it comes to breaking out of my comfort zone and facing my anxiety. Travel has forced me to be tough, though. In a lot of ways, exploring the world has saved my mental health.

Photo Essay: 25 Photos that’ll Prove Spring in Austin is Perfect: Apparently April was a great time to visit Austin. Here are my favorite 25 photos!

Inspire Us to Go: Shakespeare Travel Quotes:  In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, I compiled a list of my favorite quotes and related them all to travel. Awesome, huh? Let the Bard inspire you to pack your bags.

Exploring the Texas Capital with Austin Detours:  I took a great two and a half hour tour around Austin. See what it’s like to explore with Austin Detours.

april 2017

What I’m Reading

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: I’m reading this memoir with my senior class. It’s my second time reading this book, and I’m so glad my co-teacher and I chose it for our kids.  They have been responding very well, asking all sorts of questions and not complaining too much about the work. I’m still just as shocked by Jeannette’s crazy parents as I was the first time I read this book, too!

You by Caroline Kepnes:  Uh, to be honest, I have been majorly lagging with this book. I love a good creepy thriller, especially when Stephen King recommends it, but I’ve been lazy (SURPRISE THERE) about reading at home.

Favorite Travel Item of the Month

iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottles: I love these squishy bottles for shampoo, conditioner, sensitive facial soap, etc. They are TSA friendly so you don’t have to worry about stuffing them into your carry-on bag!

april 2017

Travel News

ALMOST TIME FOR MY EPIC SCOTLAND RETURN! Read all my love for Scotland here!

Personal News

Like I already said, April was a pretty cool month! I attended Trav Fest – which let me meet new people and bond with awesome BlogHouse Philly graduates like Katie from Stories My Suitcase Could Tell and Danielle from The Thought Card. 

I’m planning on attending more events led by Travel Massive in New York City. Since I’ve established roots in my new city, I think it’s time to branch out and meet more people who share my passion for travel, blogging, and much more!

How was your April? Did you go somewhere new? Share in the comments!

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