BW Monthly News: January 2017

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january 2017

January Highlights

January was a decent month. I say “decent” and not “awesome,” because I had the pleasure of getting sick. TWICE.

Ugh. I don’t know what’s wrong with my immune system, but this month has been ridiculous as far as germs and viruses are concerned. And I don’t mean suffering from “a case of the sniffles” either. Last week, I enjoyed (ha) a 102 degree fever that had me bedridden for two days. Thanks to this lovely experience, I had to miss the New York Times Travel Show.

Oh well. There’s always next year, right?

I feel like a Debbie Downer, sorry. So, uhm, the best thing that happened to me in January? Uh, the biggest highlight was probably eating and drinking at too many north Jersey restaurants. My poor bank account.

Anyway, let’s move on.

january 2017

Post Summary

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What I’m Reading

Haha, sadly, I’m reading alongside my students. I need to pick up a book just for me, but I … failed this month.

Right now my classes are completing separate units on the following two books:

Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck: I haven’t read this book since I was a freshman in high school. So reading the novel with my students has been pretty cool. Of Mice and Men is … a lot sadder than I remember. Maybe I was just a heartless teen? Who knows. I also feel way more sympathetic toward Curley’s wife than I used to. She’s married to some rotten SOB, never makes it to Hollywood, and doesn’t even have her own name? Cold.

13 Reasons Why – Jay AsherYes, yes, we have young adult novels in our curriculum. I know a lot of these books aren’t “high literature,” but they are written for teens, with teen characters, and as a result, my students actually don’t mind reading them. With that said, I don’t know how I feel about this book’s premise. Hmm.

january 2017

Favorite Travel Item of the Month

TUMI portable battery packTumi makes some great travel items. I can’t live without my portable battery pack, especially when I’m trapped in an airport that has absolutely no charging stations (what year is this again?). You get four strong charges out of this pack, making the price so worth it.

Personal News

I can’t say too many personal things happened in January. New Jersey is always dreary and bleak after the Christmas holidays. To make matters worse, the sheer amount of crazy political shenanigans that happened this month mentally exhausted me. I haven’t used the “block” and “unfollow” buttons on Facebook for awhile, but this month broke the record. I need to practice self-care and a low information diet in February.

Upcoming Travel Plans

I’m visiting Marco Island in southwest Florida in the middle of February! Yay! As a child, I spent many Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks on this island, and I can’t wait to see how it’s changed over the years. I already have a photo essay planned for you guys!

What did you do in January? Any travel stories? Monthly favorites? Share in the comments. Keep in mind that some links are affiliate-based, meaning I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

2 thoughts on “BW Monthly News: January 2017

  1. Rashaad Jorden says:

    My travel highlight was a day trip to New York on January 21 – I explored the Lower East Side and the East Village on foot and I instagrammed some cool art. I attended the women’s march that day, chilled in the inside of the main branch of the New York Public Library (amazing place) and took in some jazz at a Harlem bar.

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