BW Monthly News: March 2017

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March Highlights

Usually March is my LEAST favorite month of the year. Why do I hate on March so much? Oh, let me count the ways, darling.

No school breaks (at least not this year – Easter’s in April), daylight’s saving time (I wake up at 5:30; I don’t need darkness in the morning), and crappy cold rainy weather everywhere (NJ, get it together). Plus my family’s trees filled to the brim with accountants, so I worry about their stress levels at work. Tax season isn’t a joke.

I hate March.

I. Hate. March.


Uh, now that I’m done complaining, March was actually pretty … cool this year?

Seriously, it was super cool.

I think 2017 wants to flip my expectations upside down.

Post Summary

Beginners Guide: Solo Female Travel: Is it your first time embarking on a solo trip? Check out my beginners guide to solo female travel! You can travel alone and still have an amazing time.

4 Reasons Audiobooks are Essential for Book Loving Travelers: Sometimes it’s hard to keep up your reading habits on the road. Here’s why you should look into audiobooks for your next adventure.

Photo Essay: 20 Photos that will Inspire You to Visit Dublin: Happy Saint Paddy’s Day! Check out these 20 photos that will inspire you to book your next flight to Ireland’s capital city! Dublin rocks.

My Hilarious Travel Screw Ups (and How to Avoid Them!): Okay, so, I’m a bit of a disaster when I travel around the world. It’s a little pathetic, but also really really funny. Avoid my mistakes!

monthly news

What I’m Reading

Yet again, my lazy literary butt only read books in the classroom this month. Meaning I read because my job required me to do it. I still haven’t finished my books from February either. Not good. Can someone kick motivation into me?

Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare: I’ve taught this play fifty million times so I have it practically memorized at this point. Still, I can never tell if Romeo and Juliet is truly meant to function as a love story or if it’s a cautionary tale about how stupid and impulsive teenagers are. Hmm.

A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks: I swear I’m not trying to kill my students with romance. This lovey-dovey novel is in the senior curriculum, after all. I’m not sure how I feel about AWTR. I mean, it’s fun to read, because it brings back memories of 2002 (oh, high school)… However, try teaching this book to a class of eighteen year old boys and keep a straight face. Spoiler alert: You can’t. You just can’t.

Favorite Travel Item of the Month

Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack: My absolute favorite backpack! I even have it in gold, haha! I use lots of Tumi products for a reason. This backpack is perfect for day and weekend trips. I don’t know what I did without it, seriously. Visiting my brother in Manhattan is so much easier.

Personal News

Let’s talk about jobs! I’m pleased to announce that I’m staying at my school for another year! I’m super happy, because this is the first summer that I won’t frantically send resumes, hoping someone will take pity on my beautiful blond soul. And, obviously, I’m thrilled that I can keep my apartment and learn more about the teaching profession.

As for other aspects of my life, uhhh, relocating to North Jersey was a super cool decision, because I’ve had so many chances to connect with super cool people.

What else, what else.


I’m gonna try and make it to more travel-related events too – including Trav Fest in New York City! Networking needs to happen. I had such a great time at TBEX in Stockholm. Say “hi!” if you see me there at Trav Fest!

monthly news
By Daniel Mayer (Own work)

Upcoming Travel Plans

I’m going to … AUSTIN very soon! Like, next Sunday soon. I can’t believe April’s already here.

I’ll be honest: I haven’t done as much research as I should have. Meaning I’ll probably figure out attractions, food trucks, and live music shows at the Newark Airport. I’ll need the distract (as ALWAYS, argh). Hopefully I can survive the 4 hour flight (both ways) without whimpering and covering my eyes. Does Austin have thunderstorms this time of year? We’ll find out! Dun, dun, dun.

And, yeah, I’m still swooning about going to Scotland again.

Tell me about your March favorites! Or, if you traveled in March, tell me about that too. 

6 thoughts on “BW Monthly News: March 2017

  1. Stacey says:

    Not going to lie, March isn’t my favourite either. It’s just sort of “there”. Neither winter, but not nice. BUT March does mean our annual spring break trip and that was to Cornwall this year and fantastic! March was a little better in England than Houston but that might just have been because of all the daffodils. SO pretty!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but yep, I suspect Austin’s weather is much the same as Houston’s and we do get thunderstorms this time of year. The bad news, they can be humdingers. The good news though, they usually pass through pretty quickly. Everything will be fine though. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful trip, Austin is a pretty cool city.

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Stacey —

      OHHHH! Cornwall sounds FANTASTIC! I’m so happy you had a good time! The daffodils sound gorgeous. I love flowers.

      And, haha, I’m fine with thunderstorms as long as I’m not in the air when they strike! Looking forward to visiting Texas for the first time!

  2. Kara says:

    Hi Rachel! I read A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks a few years back. I loved it! I saw the movie but the book was even better. He is a great romance writer. I’ve read several of his book but I like A Walk to Remember the best. Keep the posts, travel and books going girl!

  3. Carmela says:

    Hi Rachel! I’m so sad I only found your blog now and I’m having lots of fun to reading along on your adventures 🙂 As another born-bred NJ gal, I’m excited to find another avid traveller who constantly has to overcome Snooki stereotypes. Cheers to a fun trip to Austin! Please have a Gourdough’s donut for me (or two!).

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