BW Monthly News: September 2016

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september highlights

September Highlights

Post Summary

Note: Since I didn’t do a monthly update for August, I’m including posts from that month in this summary. Happy reading.

How I Discovered Myself Again in Utklippan: My stay on the tiny rugged Swedish island Utklippan helped me re-discover what was important.

20 Photos that will Make You Visit Vilnius Now: Wanna head to Vilnius but aren’t quite ready to book your ticket? These photos will make you want to leave now.

Big News: A Terrific Move and Editorial Change: I changed jobs in August and moved to New Brunswick, the same city I attended college in! Now what’s next?

5 Easy Ways I Save Money to Travel the World: Don’t let a lack of money prevent you from traveling the world. Use these tips and tricks to embark on your next big adventure.

Beginners Guide: Karlskrona Sweden: I highly recommend a trip to this corner of Sweden. My stay was incredible. Use my beginners guide to get started on your Karlskrona adventure!

The Ultimate Carry-On Guide for Fearful Flyers: Are you scared to fly? Don’t forget these essential objects for your next trip.

Moving Forward: Fall and Winter Travel Plans: Where am I going this fall and winter? Find out!

The Best Bookish Cities in Europe: If you’re a literary nerd like me, then these European cities will steal your bookish heart forever.

7 Incredible Experiences to Have in Stockholm: Stockholm was an amazing city. Here are 7 of my own incredible experiences.

Anxious People Can Travel Too (And Here’s How!): After the explosion in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, I realized it’s best to keep traveling even if we’re anxious.

september highlights

What I’m Reading

I’m apparently on a huge non-fiction kick this month! For once, I didn’t buy any novels on this trip to the bookstore. Here’s what I’m in the middle of reading…

“Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within” by Natalie Goldberg: I want to return to the habit of writing for myself. I remember reading Goldberg’s book in high school and loving it. So I’m picking it up again. I already have my pink writer’s notebook!

“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler: This memoir cracks me up. I haven’t seen too much of Amy’s SNL work, although I loved her in Mean Girls! Definitely give this one a read if you want a chuckle or three.

Favorite Travel Item of the Month

Kate Spade Insulated Tumbler: Okay, this might not be the most practical item for international trips. Luggage space is precious and this tumbler is pretty bulky. But I LOVE having this cup with me on day trips around NYC and New Brunswick. I always want water, and this tumbler keeps the liquid fresh and cool.

In Awesome Travel Blogger News

The travel blog success course is 35% off this week [Sept. 26 – 30]!

Folks, I live and die by this course. It’s amazing. I purchased it after I was laid off from my job, and honestly credit the facebook group for my blogging accomplishments. Some of the biggest names in the travel blogging industry are active in the secret group. Their advice is sheer gold. Check it out!

This TBS fall sale will end at 11:59 pm. (EST), Friday September 30th.

september highlights

Personal News

September was overwhelming in many ways. After moving to New Brunswick at the end of August, I needed to adjust to a brand new position at a brand new school, and rebuild my social life in the city where I had attended college. So far I’m happy, but, uh, New Brunswick is a lot more expensive than I remember! I need to budget better!

Upcoming Travel Plans

Dun, dun, dun! We have a lot of exciting travel plans looming on the horizon. I’m in the middle of counting down the days to Montreal in November and Budapest in December! Stay tuned for posts about my local journeys, too.

What did YOU do in September, wayfarers? Share in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “BW Monthly News: September 2016

  1. Katie MacLeod says:

    So happy you’re settling in further north (and that you’re nearer to me, yay!). September has been pretty quiet for me, but that’s okay – Italy is waiting for me next month! Let’s try and catch up soon 🙂 (Also: love that Kate Spade tumbler!)

  2. Rashaad says:

    In September, I did the Philly Naked Bike Ride for the second consecutive year – I had a blast like last year. Otherwise, I didn’t do much else exciting – actually, I did win a 5km race in my hometown last Saturday and participated in a Japanese/English conversation circle last week. I was reminded how rusty I am in Japanese.

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Rashaad —

      Congrats on your win! That’s awesome! I miss running, and really ought to get into it again. And it’s impressive you can speak even a little bit of Japanese. I always fail at the completely different alphabet. 🙂 I wish I could learn another language.

  3. Kara says:

    Hey Rachel,

    I love reading your updates! So excited for you! How’s the new job going? I can relate with the whole needing to budget thing 🙂 I love the TBS course too. So jam packed with goodness 🙂

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