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Why You Should Take A Mount Rainier Tour from Seattle

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As some of you already know, one of my biggest travel dreams is to visit all the National Parks in the United States. Throughout the years, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for nature, but it wasn’t until after I began traveling that I realized how important nature is to me.

Today it never fails to amaze me how many wonders exist in my very own country. Our National Park system is breathtaking. Breathtaking.

So, of course, even though I didn’t exactly have tons of money to spare with my recent move, I still didn’t want to miss the chance to go to Mount Rainier for a day. And, oh my god, this day trip from Seattle was so worth spending extra money.

perfect lakes on your mt rainier day tour

My Mount Rainier Tour from Seattle was wonderful.

I highly recommend seeing this park especially if you’re visiting Seattle in the summer months when you’re more likely to have comfortable and sunny weather. Without a doubt, Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most beautiful trips to take if you’re staying in Seattle.

I especially suggest going to Mount Rainier National Park for travelers who have a week or more to spare in the Emerald City.

Personally, I think combining world class cities with natural beauties make the perfect travel itineraries. As a famous meme says, “why not both?”

While you still need to use an entire day to appreciate Mount Rainier, the trade off in time is worth the rewards of spectacular snowy peaks, Northwestern rain forests, roaring waterfalls, and so so so much more!

Ee, you guys, I hope this post convinces you to do a Mount Rainier tour from Seattle. It truly was a magical trip.

Taking a Seattle to Mt rainier day trip? Good idea!

Why Reserve a Mount Rainier Tour from Seattle

I loved my solo travels in Seattle, and think it’s a great American city for someone to travel alone.

As a solo female traveling, I don’t like being bogged down with the insurance and hassle that comes with a rental car. Perhaps I’d feel differently traveling with a partner, but by myself? I’ll pass on the driving. It’s stressful enough in a vehicle in New Jersey where I already know all the roads. Me + strange roads = disaster.

Having transportation already “taken care of” is a relief. Furthermore, Seattle’s traffic is notoriously bad (similar to New Jersey’s). By booking a tour, feel free to read a book or nap on your trip back to the city. Driving is miraculously no longer your problem. Woo!

You’ll also meet lovely people on your Mount Rainier tour from Seattle. Talking to other travelers makes me feel so outgoing and awesome, like Superwoman, haha. Having friends on your trip is especially great for snapping pictures that aren’t selfies. I have some high quality photos from my trip that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of other people. Greatly appreciated.

smiling on my mount rainier tour from seattle

Useful Tips for Mt. Rainier Tours from Seattle

1. Don’t Litter in the Park

Argh, I hate to rant about this topic here, but I must open my big mouth. Respect Mother Nature while enjoying your Mt. Rainier day trip. Our National Parks are protected for a reason.

Why even mention such a glaringly obvious point? Well … Unfortunately I saw some litter on my adventures throughout the National Park. Foil wrappers off granola bars and (ugh) plastic water bottles. Way. To. Go. Tourists.

So please, please, please keep all your trash in your backpack until you find a trashcan to safely dispose of the waste.

2. Pack Your Patience with the Weather

Seattle’s weather, including the surrounding areas, is temperamental at times. We all know about the rain. It never seems to end! You are in the Pacific Northwest, after all.

In addition, rain brings clouds which brings fog. The mountain might not always be “out” or visible amongst the bleak gray. My recommendation is to check the weather prior to booking your Mount Rainier tour from Seattle.

Most tours cost at least $150. You want to have a good experience when forking over that type of cash.

see wild flowers on your mount rainier day trip

3. Prepare to “Go Off the Grid”

Honestly I had very limited cellular service out in Mount Rainier. I’m not kidding. My cell service was gone practically the entire day. Actually I think I had more service in rural parts of Iceland than I did in this National Park. So you will drop off the grid even on a guided tour of Mount Rainier.

Inform your family and friends ahead of time. Taking a Mount Rainier guided tour means you’re safe, but still. You don’t want frantic phone calls, haha.

And don’t express frustration with your lack of cell service. Switch off Instagram and Snapchat and instead appreciate the natural wonders surrounding all sides of you.

4. Remain on Designated Paths in Mt. Rainier National Park

Again, your cell service will drop at some point in the national park. You don’t want to roam aimlessly. Although nature is beautiful, it’s no joke getting lost out in the wilderness. Stay on the paths at all times.

The perfect selfie isn’t worth getting lost or (god forbid) falling off a cliff. The paths are clearly marked for safety reasons.

Not to mention, you also run the risk of damaging the environment by stepping off the trails. More information on that later!

dress comfortably for any mt. rainier hikes you want to do!
Ready to take some Mt. Rainier hikes!

What to Wear on a Mt. Rainier Day Trip

1. Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Mount Rainier isn’t the time to wear cute flimsy shoes. You need a quality pair of hiking shoes for your day trip. Merrell makes great waterproof hiking boots that will last beyond your day tour in Rainier.

2. Appropriate Wool Socks

Furthermore, you want to pack high quality socks for your Mt. Rainier day trip from Seattle. These wool socks will keep sweat off your skin. Perfect!

3. A Windbreaker or a Sweatshirt to Keep Warm

Even in summer, weather is cooler on Mount Rainier especially as you scale the mountain. So pack a quality windbreaker or a light sweatshirt with you for any afternoon hikes. You can always remove clothing if the nonstop walking makes you too hot, haha.

clear waters which you must see on your mount rainier tours

What Else to Bring for Mt. Rainier Backpacking?

1. A Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! Hiking is a physical activity (duh) and you need to keep yourself feeling healthy. Personally, I’m a fan of those awesome reusable insulated bottles that keep your water cold all day long.

2. A Portable Cell Phone Charger

Even without service, you want to keep your devices charged in case of an emergency. But (more likely) you want to keep the charged so you can snap many beautiful pictures! So don’t forget your portable charger for your Mount Rainier day trip!

3. A Waterproof and Lightweight Backpack

Don’t let a heavy backpack bog you down. You want to feel light on your feet on your hikes in Mount Rainier National Park. I highly recommend a simple outdoor sling bag with has enough room for your essentials.

a mt. rainier day trip is awesome!
See snow caps on your Mount Rainier day tour from Seattle.

What Will I See on My Mount Rainier Tour from Seattle?

1. Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Everywhere!

Ahhhh, I love waterfalls. Your trip will probably stop at Myrtle Falls – which is on one of the most popular trails in the entire park. However, it’s easy to stumble upon hidden falls with limited tourists. Find your own personal waterfall. Just stay on the path.

2. Wildflowers of All Colors.

Visiting Mount Rainier in the summer? You’ll see gorgeous wildflowers blooming everywhere. The wildflowers are all colors, namely purple and white, and they add a gorgeous splash to the national park’s rolling hills.

Again, stay on the trails. Stomping on the wildflowers, even by mistake, damages Mt. Rainier’s eco-system. Responsible travelers are awesome travelers. The perfect instagram shot isn’t worth destroying the wildflowers, I promise.

see all sorts of waterfalls on your mt rainier day tour from seattle

3. Crystal Clear Lakes.

Believe it or not, the Pacific Crest Trail takes you near Mt. Rainier’s lakes! Personally, I always love the color of mountain lakes. The blue appears like a shade that only shows up in Lightroom. Not true! Be sure to enjoy the lakes. Just don’t jump into them, haha. Most areas do not allow swimming.

4. The Epic Mountain Itself (Of Course)!

Yes, no trip to Mount Rainier is complete without seeing the mountain itself. Time to get up close and personal.

More likely than not, your Mount Rainier day tour from Seattle will take you to the main visitor’s center. You’ll have plenty of options for hiking in the surrounding area and seeing the mountain (as well as glaciers) from several different angles.

Be sure to stop inside the visitor’s center to get a map from the park rangers! They can tell you about hiking difficulty levels, as well as the best views of Mt. Rainier.

Mount Rainier is one of the best Seattle Day Trips
Enjoy your Mount Rainier Tour from Seattle!

Would you ever take a Mount Rainier tour from Seattle? What national parks are your favorites? Share in the comments!

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