what to wear in ireland in april is a warm coat

Packing Guide: What to Wear in Ireland in April

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Updated: 29 January 2024

Planning an incredible Spring Break to the Emerald Isle, but you’re still not sure what to wear in Ireland in April? Perhaps you’re worried about overpacking or bringing clothes you won’t use once? Don’t worry! I got your packing needs covered right here. 

My spring Ireland packing guide will help you prepare for your upcoming trip to one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. I’m not exaggerating. Ireland’s spectacular cliffs, for example, will knock your metaphorical socks off.

It makes sense why Ireland is so popular with international visitors. Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle for a reason. Vibrant green grass (of all shades) covers the country’s rolling hills and small mountains. Just Google some pictures, haha. 

Ireland’s countryside will take your breath away. I promise won’t stray off topic by bragging about Ireland’s pristine Connemara National Park or the stark gray spookiness of the Burren. 

Instead let’s talk packing. Particularly what to wear in Ireland in April. Ahem.

What to Wear in Ireland in April: Something Comfortable for When You Drink Allllll the Guinness
What to Wear in Ireland in April: Something Comfortable for When You Drink Allllll the Guinness

How to Pack for Ireland in April

Packing for Ireland in April isn’t easy. When I traveled alone to Ireland, I had quite the feat in front of me.

The weather in Ireland is rather unpredictable even though April’s usually a pleasant month in Ireland. You won’t freeze to death this time of year, although you won’t be able to wear shorts and dresses.

In Ireland in April, expect temperatures in the high 40s to mid 50s (or approximately 8-12 Celsius).

Furthermore, you should expect some rain in Ireland in April. I was personally lucky. I only had rain on one (seriously, one) out of the 14 days that I spent exploring this country. 

However, Ireland’s stunning green scenery is very vibrant for a reason and that reason is rain. Don’t complain about rain in Ireland.

Instead, a better course of action is for you to come prepared, with packed suitcases containing waterproof coats and shoes, rather than wandering around the national parks looking like a drowned rat. 

Below, I’ve written a list on what to wear in Ireland in April. I hope it helps you!

what to pack for ireland in april: prepare for some sunny days

What to Wear in Ireland in April

A Reliable Rain Jacket

Are you surprised this first item? Haha, I didn’t think so!

Without a doubt, you need to pack a rain jacket. And a good rain jacket too! Ireland’s quite windy especially near the Cliffs of Moher. 

On my rainy trips, I always pack my Venture Jacket by North Face. The price is a little steep, depending on your budget, but I’m a firm believer in splurging for a piece of clothing that I’ll use again and again. For example, my white North Face jacket still looks great even though I bought it way back in 2013.

Ultimately, your rain jacket is the most important piece of clothing to remember out of everything written on your “What to Wear in Ireland in April” list. Don’t skimp.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

In addition to your jacket, you’ll want to pack good quality waterproof hiking boots for your trip to Ireland.

As much as I loved Dublin and Belfast, you don’t come to Ireland to hang out in the cities. No way. Ireland is so popular because of the country’s quaint villages and stunning natural wonders such as the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, and Giant’s Causeway. 

Packing these boots will help you fully experience Ireland’s nature. My favorite brand for boots are Merrell. Are they expensive? Yes, they’re an investment. But Merrell boots last for years. Totally worth the cost.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing worse than taking long walks with insufficient and shoddy footwear. Trust me, I have too many stories when my feet hated my guts. 

what clothes to pack for ireland in april: blacks and whites are great

Moisture Wicking Socks

Not sure what else to wear in Ireland in April? Think about your precious feet.

You’re going to spend a lot of time walking outdoors. You’ll want to bring high quality moisture wicking socks when you’re visiting Ireland in April.

Moisture wicking socks are great for hiking. They keep your feet dry as you’re trekking through the Wicklow Mountains. No one likes hiking with damp yucky feet. Save yourself the trouble by packing appropriate socks. Aka don’t make my mistakes. 

A Travel Scarf for a Splash of Color

I’m obsessed with scarves, ya’ll. I’m convinced you should bring a scarf on every single trip. Ireland is no different!

One of my favorite travel items in the universe is an Infinity Scarf with hidden pockets. This type of scarf is perfect, because it keeps your neck warm and holds your passport, credit cards, and cellphone at the same time. 

Using an Infinity Scarf is a way to cut down on excessive items in your luggage.

packing for ireland in april: wear a lot of black haha

Adorable Pullovers and Sweaters

You don’t want to get cold in Ireland. Sure, the temperature isn’t freezing, but Ireland in April isn’t exactly Aruba either.

So bring some long sweaters with you to Ireland. Keep your sweaters casual when trekking out in nature, and then pair them with fun necklaces for nights out in Dublin. I personally love longer sweaters, because you’re able to wear them with leggings.

Which leads me to my next item…

Fuzzy Leggings

I’m addicted to leggings, you guys. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where leggings are literally all I wear when I go with friends or teach in my classroom.

But I digress. 

These fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm in the midst of Ireland’s temperamental weather. Even beautiful days might bring gusty winds. You don’t want to get cold.

What I also love about these leggings are the waistband pocket and breathable fabric. You won’t deal with unpleasant sweatiness. Leggings are very easy to pack, too, which will open room for souvenirs in your luggage. 

packing list for ireland in april includes great cities

One Pair of Warm Hiking Pants

You’ll want to bring a pair of hiking pants to Ireland if you’re planning on doing at least one trek. Depending on how frequently you hike, you’ll probably spend a little more on these pants than the other pieces of clothing in this packing guide.

For example, I like Columbia’s Anywhere Outdoor Pants, because they’re actually pretty cute when compared against most hiking pants (let’s be honest, it’s a challenge to find anything remotely stylish). These pants are also comfy and machine washable.

For me, the additional cost is worth it. Now, keep in mind, I’m gross when I travel and wear my pants multiple days in a row. Your own mileage may vary.

One Cute Dress with Tights

As much as I hiked and rode bikes in Ireland, I won’t lie and say that I never went out at night. Irish nightlife is fantastic, especially as a solo traveler in Dublin. You’ll want to experience cities such as Dublin on your visit to Ireland. 

However, you don’t want to go to the pubs wearing your hiking gear. Or maybe you would. I’m not judging.

Personally, I recommend packing at least one cute dress to take with you to Ireland in April.

Select a long-sleeved dress that’s easy to pack and won’t wrinkle. No one likes wrinkles in their clothes. 

not sure what to wear in ireland in april? bring something to dance in

Packing for Ireland in April: Other Essentials

Although I’m done talking about what to wear in Ireland in April, I didn’t want to simply end the post with fashion choices.

As a bonus for this packing list, I want to talk about other great items to bring on your spring trip to Ireland. Having all of them will make your trip a million times better, I promise. 

bring a good camera as part of what to pack for ireland in april you'll snap wonderful street art

Travel Insurance

Ireland is a very safe country. However, even planning a trip to the world’s safest places, doesn’t 100% shield you from mistakes and accidents. 

Therefore, make sure to purchase travel insurance before going to Ireland. Travel insurance will save you if (god forbid) you break your ankle hiking in Ireland’s national parks and need immediate medical care. Paying out of pocket costs for sickness and injuries financially ruins people. Have your travel insurance. The money is well worth it. 

I firmly believe that if you can’t afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel. Period. 

Lonely Planet Guide to Ireland

Travel blogs are wonderful. After all, I write one, haha!

However, there’s something to be said for owning a traditional guidebook. Lonely Planet publishes my favorite line of guidebooks. You can find these books both digitally and in print. 

So bring a guidebook on Ireland with you on your travels. Having this guidebook is especially important for visitors who want to rent a car and drive around the lush countryside.

ireland in april means winds at the cliffs

A Waterproof Phone Case

I already mentioned rain a couple times in this post. Since a lot of you use your phone as a camera, then you definitely want to bring a waterproof phone case on your trip to Ireland. 

You don’t want rain to screw up your phone. It’s 2020. We need phones like we do our lungs. Protect them from the water, haha. 

Without a doubt, having a waterproof case will make your spring adventures around Ireland even better! 

Plug Converters for the Ireland

Another bit of important electronic information has to do with the plugs you’ll encounter in Ireland. If you’re coming from the USA, Canada, Australia, and even other parts of Europe, then the plugs might surprise you.

The Republic of Ireland uses the same electrical sockets as the United Kingdom. They have three big prongs. 

Keep at least two Irish plug converters to stay connected. 

The Original MakeUp Eraser

I’ve already written a lot about why I love the MakeUp Eraser. You might not wear a ton of makeup hiking (I mean, who would?), but you’ll wanna spruce up a little bit if you’re hitting the pubs in Dublin and Belfast. Irish women know how to apply makeup well. Seriously, I was blown away by their beauty when I’d go out at night, haha.

Don’t forget to bring a MakeUp Eraser with you. Having a MakeUp Eraser gives you an environmentally friendly way to wipe your cosmetics, even stubborn mascara. 

Check out my comprehensive review to learn all about it!

A High Quality Point and Shoot Camera 

Last but not least, you’ll want a high quality camera especially if you’re moving away from taking photos on your phone. Now don’t get me wrong. I adore my iPhone camera, but it doesn’t always have all my desired features. 

I have two options for point and shoot cameras. I’m not mentioning DSLRs here, because they’re too bulky for me, haha.

For photography pros ready to splurge, Sony’s Alpha a-6400 mirrorless camera is fantastic, and I’m saving to buy one for my own camera collection. 

If you’re on a budget, then Canon’s PowerShot digital camera will do the job just right! I took this camera on my trip to Ireland, and it’s a wonderful choice for beginners. 

Read More: My Experience Visiting Ireland with Shamrockers

posing with the perfect clothes to wear in ireland in april

I hope my post helped you figure out what to wear in Ireland in April. I know you’ll have an excellent time exploring Ireland. Take plenty of pictures. Ireland needs to be seen to be believed. Feel free to leave additional tips for visiting Ireland in April in the comments!

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