london in august promises some sunny days

Comprehensive Packing List for London in August

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London is absolutely wonderful to visit in the summer. Even though London is associated with rain and cold, when I visited in August, I had several gorgeous sunny days where I spent hours exploring London’s neighborhoods and fabulous parks. A glorious sunny day in London is a travel memory that will make you smile for a lifetime. 

However, the weather is still changeable in August, so it’s difficult to know how to pack properly for a visit to this iconic city.

On my own trip to London, I actually packed WAY TOO MANY clothes, because I honestly didn’t know what to wear each day. It was at the point where I was literally sitting on my suitcase to close it. 

Furthermore, I brought an adorable pair of sandals that I never put on once and took up all sorts of space in my luggage. Yikes. I could’ve seriously used a packing list for London in August to help me prep better.

Time to help you avoid my same mistakes.

changing of the guard at the tower of london

What to Pack for London in August

Without further ado, I wanted to share my own packing list for visiting London in August.

As a solo female traveler in London, I didn’t have anyone else to rely on except myself when it came to bringing all the essentials. I want you to avoid making simple packing blunders that will spoil your summer holidays in London. 

For simplicity’s sake, I divided this packing list into two sections. One will cover all the most important packing essentials, while the second half will offer advice for what to wear in London in August.

Happy travel planning! 

brick lane has lots of colorful street art
Street Art on Brick Lane.

Travel Essentials for Summer in London

First of all, you will need to bring the most important essentials so you’re not wasting time buying them in London. Obviously, it’s London, so you’re able to buy anything you need here, but this city is also expensive and the exchange rate concerning the British pound is not always favorable.

You’re better off bringing these items with you. I talk a lot about solo travel essentials on this blog, but I wanted to keep this list specific to London in August.

the tate modern is a free and enjoyable art museum in london

High Quality Mirrorless Camera

If you’re into photography, then London is the perfect city for you. The lush parks and cotton-candy houses in the mews make London an especially photogenic city. I would definitely bring a Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera on your London trip in August.

As for me, I brought this camera with me on my own London trip, and took several fantastic photos along the River Thames and at the Tower of London.

Don’t skimp on a good camera for London. Those photos will bring back delightful memories for you.

checking out the churchill statue in london

Travel Umbrella

Yup. You knew it was coming, didn’t you? A packing list for London in August needs to include an umbrella. Sorry, folks, it’s inevitable.

London in summer has sunny days. Lots of sunny days! I was lucky and had almost tropical weather in London? Kind of?

But … I mean, it’s also London. Rain can come out of nowhere, and even if the shower doesn’t last long, you don’t want to get caught without an umbrella in hand. 

Ultimately, I personally recommend a compact travel umbrella that’s not too hard to pack in a purse or lightweight backpack. 

inside westminister abbey on a sunny afternoon

UK Plug Converters

If you’re coming from North America or Europe, then you need to bring UK plug converters with you to charge your electronics. While some hotels has USB plugs, this is far from universal, and it’s much better to be safe rather than sorry. 

I would bring at least two converters with you just in case you misplace or lose one. You’re able to buy converters at big international airports, such as Heathrow, but honestly, it’s cheaper to buy them ahead of time.

right after the rain passed in london in august

Smart Phone Chargers

I took a slew of photos and videos on my phone the entire time I was in London. Without a spare charger, my phone would’ve died within the first three hours, haha. 

Always pack a few spare chargers, and take them with you as you’re sightseeing around London. We all depend on our phones a great deal, so don’t let yours die in the middle of the day.

Keeping your phone charged will make a solo trip to London safer, too, because you’re able to readily get directions and call an emergency number if god forbid you need it.

a rainy day outside the british library in london

Crossbody Bag

In London, you want a bag that’s lightweight and easy to carry all over the Tube (aka London’s metro). I personally love a good crossbody bag during my days sightseeing any big city, including London.

The Pacsafe crossbody bag with anti-theft protection is one of my favorite options for London. While I had zero issues with pickpockets, Pacsafe offers peace of mind. Well worth it, in my opinion.

if you get hot in london in summer, go inside for afternoon tea
Enjoying Afternoon Tea in London.

Travel Insurance

London is safe for a large city, but accidents can unexpectedly happen. I never leave home without travel insurance to protect myself in case of illness or cancellations. Better safe than sorry!

On all my solo trips, I’ve used World Nomads Travel Insurance and have zero complaints about them. Their policies are reasonably priced compared to others on the market and cover all sorts of mishaps. You might want to also check if your credit card has built in travel insurance.

london in august in england on a cloudy day

Guide to London

As always, I think you’re able to find a great deal of quality recommendations and hidden gems in a good guidebook. Feel free to bring a physical guidebook to London to read on the plane, or purchase a guidebook in .pdf format to save to your tablet or phone. 

While you shouldn’t plan every second of each day, having a loose itinerary for London will allow you to see everything in a short amount of time. Lonely Planet is written by “London experts,” so you won’t be steered in the wrong direction either.

london in august can be quite warm
Standing Outside Buckingham Palace in Comfortable Clothes.

What to Wear in London in August

London is a fashionable city. I purposely packed cute neutral-color clothing for my own summer trip in London. And, yes, I even went out as a solo traveler in London at night, and wanted to “dress up” and look cute.

At the same time, though, it’s important that you’re comfortable exploring London. I actually walked over 30,000 steps in one day, which is no joke in the warm August weather.

solo travel is safe in london during the day

Waterproof Sneakers

The last thing you want to experience is walking around a crowded Tube station in soaking wet shoes. Gross, right? You will also want comfortable shoes.

Honestly, when I visited London, everyone I saw was wearing sneakers. I saw zero high heels. Zero. My advice is to buy classy waterproof sneakers that pair nicely with all sorts of attire. You will fit in just fine!

solo travel london: take your time to see the homes
Exploring Kynance Mews in West London.


I know, I know. I already talked about London’s rainy weather. I get it.

But London’s sunny too! There were moments when I had both my umbrella AND sunglasses out as I explored Southwark and Notting Hill, haha.

So pack a pair of affordable sunglasses to stick in your bag, and take them out when you need to protect your eyes.

holland park is wonderful to explore in london in summer

Adorable Packable Pants

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE wide leg pants are perfect for packing and summer in London. They are light, comfortable, easy to pack, so colorful, and go with absolutely any shirt under the sun.

Seriously, these pants are perfect, and I already bought three pairs for future trips. You will absolutely love them. 

solo travel in london is delightful

Packable Dresses

Obviously, I’m also a big fan of dresses whenever I travel overseas. They are comfortable, and a well-fitting dress is a major confidence boost too. I personally love these fit-and-flare dresses, but, of course, browse online and shop for whatever style makes you feel like a movie star! 

experiencing the tower of london in summer


Last (but not least), you want to bring some durable tights for exploring London in the evenings. The temperature can drop after the sun goes down, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Of course, nights might still e balmy, but it can’t hurt to bring a pair of tights either. They don’t take up much space in your luggage at all.

a gorgeous blue house in london

I hope this packing guide for London in August helps you bring all the essentials that you need for the trip of your dreams! Of course, you may need to adjust the number of items, depending on if you spend 4 days in London versus a whole month in London, but the basics remain the same! Happy travels!