4 Reasons Why You Need the “Perfect” Travel Dress

the perfect travel dress

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I love dresses. Some people are crazy about jeans or skirts, but dresses are totally my “fashion jam.” I think I own at least twenty dresses and maybe three pairs of jeans. See what I mean?

I will choose a dress every. single. time. Even when I travel. On my camping trip to Canada I packed a dress… or maybe two dresses, I don’t quite remember. Am I crazy for bringing dresses for hiking in the wilderness? Maybe, but common sense didn’t stop me from wearing my snazzy black and white striped Jessica Simpson dress. And I rocked it, looking adorable in front of the camp fire!

As you can tell, finding the “perfect” travel dress is essential for me. Almost as essential as a passport.

So, if your fashion tastes are similar to mine, then I know you totally relate to my feelings about why the “perfect” travel dress can “make or break” your trip … or at least “make or break” your personal comfort, haha.

I recently partnered with Karina Dresses in the hopes of finding the “perfect travel” dress. And I did. Oh I did. Introducing the amazing, comfortable, pocket-including (!!!) Penelope dress. This adorable dress ticks all four of my boxes.

The Perfect Travel Dress

the perfect travel dress

1. The “Perfect” Travel Dress is Easily Packable

For all my trips, I somehow manage to squeeze everything into a “carry on” suitcase. I always surprise people with my amazing packing skills, but the main reason I care is because I’m too lazy to wait in baggage claim for my stuff. Why my bag always seems to be the last one off the plane is a mystery I haven’t quite solved yet. If you figure it out, please let me know.

Therefore my perfect travel dress needs to take up limited space. The Penelope dress? Barely makes a dent in my suitcase AND backpack.

In addition, the Penelope’s fabric is 100% wrinkle free, which is great for me. Granted, I have no shame wearing wrinkled clothes, but not having to worry about crumpled fabric makes my fashion choices a million times easier, haha.

the perfect travel dress

2. The “Perfect” Travel Dress Fits any Occasion

You know how a wedding dress can only be worn once and then sits in the closet until Dooms Day? Yeah, no. I can’t have such limitations if I use a dress for traveling.

The “perfect” travel dress can be worn exploring markets. Can be worn walking on beaches. Can be worn at candlelight dinner. Can be worn under a soft shawl in colder weather. I plan on wearing my wonderful Penelope in all of these conditions (man, that sentence would sound hilarious out of context, huh?).

Travel is versatile. Your dress needs to be too.

the perfect travel dress

3. The “Perfect” Travel Dress Makes You Feel Beautiful

Honestly, I love feeling beautiful when I travel the world. I know beauty isn’t everything, believe me, but it’s still a nice perk. Most importantly, the perfect travel dress helps fuel my (slowly) growing self-confidence. Any boost is good especially if you’re like me and fight off deep self-image issues. 

And guys? I received so many compliments on my Penelope dress! Seriously, I lost track of how many times someone asked me if the dress was custom made for me. I wish I had that amount cash lying around my apartment.

I can’t wait to rock it like a fashionista in my upcoming vacation pictures.

the perfect travel dress

4. The “Perfect” Travel Dress Can Be Worn at Home

I like owning dresses that I can wear at home and on the road. If a dress looks like it’s obviously “made for travel” (you know the look), then I really have no desire to purchase it since I don’t travel every week or even every month.

For Easter, I wore my new Penelope dress , while no one knew Karina Dresses (the company) had been voted the Perfect Travel Dress by Travel + Leisure.


the perfect travel dress

Describe your perfect travel dress. If you like jeans or hiking gear or something else better, then share your favorite piece of clothing in the comments and explain why it works for you! 

THANK YOU to Karina Dresses for partnering with Blond Wayfarer!

6 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Need the “Perfect” Travel Dress

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m always looking for wrinkle-free multi-use dresses for travel! These look so pretty! I think I’d get the green Megan dress! For my next trip I need a “day dress” to wear at Windsor Castle for an academic program and I’m looking at my closet like…I need a dress to wear to a castle?? One of these just might do!

  2. Stacey says:

    Very cute dress! I checked them out and I think I’d be a “Margaret” girl for sure. 🙂

    I rarely wear dresses but my goodness when it is hot and humid and I’ve got pants or capris sticking to me I really do wonder why I don’t wear them more. Those ones also look really cute with the leggings so they’d be suitable for several seasons.

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