Photo Essay: Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Croatia is hot right now.

This country, situated on the Adriatic Coast, is a premier tourist destination for travelers seeking parties, sunshine, beaches, and old world charm.

On my Central European Summer Trip, I briefly – too briefly – stopped in Croatia and didn’t spend any time on the famous islands such as Hvar or southern coastal cities such as Dubrovnik.

Don’t cry for me too much. Not only will I return to Croatia one day, but the northern part of the country is absolutely, positively, and spectacularly beautiful. Not to mention, it’s a great place to start if you want to do an epic road trip of the Balkans. 

One of my biggest highlights was camping and exploring in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Seriously, folks, this place reminds me of a mysterious fairy pool land set in a thick fantasy novel. And you can still find the road less traveled in Plitvice Lakes National Park.

It’s still hard for me to believe Plitvice exists in the real world. You need to see the color of the water to believe it, but since I can’t pay for your ticket (sorry, don’t hate me), I’ll offer you a glimpse of some of my best Plitvice photos.

So, without further ado, here are some spectacular photos of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

photos of plitvice lakes national park

Upon entering the park, we all wanted pictures gazing at the waterfalls. Of course. This picture would be the most stereotypical Instagram shot ever, am I right? #amazing #wanderlust #wishyouwerehere

photos of plitvice lakes national park

A spectacular view of the park. Honestly, the water’s color was unreal. I mean, look at it! The pools all looked photoshopped.

plitvice lakes national park

More waterfalls! This photo successfully hides all the crazy tour groups loitering around this area of the park. I nearly was smacked in the head with a selfie stick here. Aren’t I a skilled photographer, though?

plitvice lakes national park

Oooh, a rainbow! I’m obsessed with “rainbows in the waterfall” photographs. Who cares if they’re cliche?

plitvice lakes national park

Another shot of the insane turquoise water. I ought to mention it was a very hot day and you can’t swim in the park. So torturous for out of shape me. “Accidentally” stumbling in the pools would have been a blessing.

plitvice lakes national park

This tiny hole reminded me of the Blue Grotto in Italy so I had to snap a photo.

plitvice lakes national park

The water was very clear, too. Fish everywhere! Although it was hot, I don’t resent the “no swimming allowed” rule. I doubt the water would be so pristine otherwise.

plitvice lakes national park

Is that another waterfall? Yes. Yes, it is.

plitvice lakes national park

We walked around this lake, because of the shade. It was mid-day, and we were the sweatiest group of tourists ever.

plitvice lakes national park

The lush green scenery was spectacular, too. I loved all the vines and leaves.

plitvice lakes national park

See what I mean about the clear water?

Have you ever visited Plitvice National Park? How about Krka? How about Croatia? What were the highlights of your visit?

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