Rachel’s Solo Travel Favorites

I travel alone most of the time. I’ll admit it. A few special places stand out again and again. I highly recommend these countries for solo travelers on their next epic vacation. As always, you can contact me if you have questions about your upcoming solo adventure! 

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Scotland will always have a special place in my heart. My first ever solo trip was to Scotland. This country has spectacular natural beauty, is very safe, and a great literary destination for travelers who always have a book in hand! 

solo travel to scotland means gorgeous lakes


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I always recommend Portugal to new solo travelers. Why? Portugal has the best hostels in the world. Hands down. Portugal is also affordable and beautiful. You won’t break the bank here!

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With cosmopolitan cities and stunning national parks, Canada is the best neighborhood a gal could have! Solo travel in Canada is not only safe, but you can create an incredibly diverse itinerary. 

solo travel in canada means lots of love


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