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9 Reasons Solo Travel in Your 30s is (Still) Incredible

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Solo travel in your 30s is incredible. Yes, my friends, the worldly adventures don’t stop once you hit the big three zero. I speak from personal experience here.

After turning 30, I decided I wouldn’t slow down my travels, even though I knew I’d still have to go on most of my trips alone.

Yup, just a single (gulp) plane ticket for me, myself, and I.

What can I say? Not everyone in my social circle has the same number of vacation days available throughout the year, nor does everyone have the same desire to travel the world for weeks on end. It’s cool.

Yet, despite all this, I have to say that I’m happy to see that 30 something solo travel has gained popularity in recent years. I don’t feel alone even though I still solo travel – if that makes sense.

alone and 30 and traveling
Who Likes Solo Travel in Your 30s? This Lady!

For example, reading about “flashpackers” as well as participating in women’s travel groups make me feel like less of an outcast for going to new places without anyone else joining me.

At this age, a lot of people travel with spouses and kids, which I’m not even close to at this point in my life. 

Although, really, when have I ever cared about following the crowd? Ha. Never.

Anyway, enough about me. So are you in your 30s and debating on traveling alone at this very moment? Then I have great news for you.

solo travel in your 30s? go to scotland

The Many Reasons Solo Travel in Your 30s is Amazing

This week I wanted to write an inspirational post about solo travel.

After all, it was a solo trip to Scotland that changed my entire life for the better. I was hit with the realization that I didn’t need to wait for anyone to see the places I wanted to see. It was groundbreaking news. 

So, for this dose of “wanderlust happiness,” I wrote about the nine reasons why solo travel in your 30s is a wonderful experience. I firmly believe everyone should go on a trip alone at least once. 

Think about all the benefits.

In our busy world, we rarely take the time to learn about ourselves. Going to a brand new place is a great way to connect with our inner goals and dreams, as well as figure out life’s lessons. I know that all sounds insanely deep and thought provoking, but I promise it’s the truth. 

Onward with why solo travel in your 30s is incredible! Let’s do this.

going to smaller towns like delft is great for traveling in your 30s

1. You Probably Have More Money to Burn

Let’s talk about dollar signs, ya’ll.

Now I realize having more money in one’s 30s isn’t the case for everyone. Some cities have much higher costs of living than others. Not every 30something year old has disposable income to throw at travel expenses. 

However, for some people, material wealth increases in one’s 30s compared to his or her 20s.

Needless to say, if you’re better off financially, then it’s much easier to build trips into your yearly budgets, and then actually enjoy the experiences without worrying about depleting your savings to 0. 

Not to mention, you can also stay at swankier hotels and charming AirBnbs rather than settling for an eight bed dorm located on the outskirts of town. 

As you get older and (hopefully) reach more financial stability, plenty of trips appear in your future. 

traveling in your 30s means treating yourself to fine foods

2. Eating Alone Doesn’t Bother You … As Much

Ahhh, one of the best things about traveling in my 30s is letting go of my shyness in restaurants.

What. A. Challenge.

You guys, you guys. I’ve always had a fear of eating alone in public, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped caring about the opinions of complete strangers.

I don’t know what specifically made my change my mind. Something just mentally clicked.

I mean, when I actually thought about it, I realized that these waiters and bartenders probably see solo diners every day. Why would they waste time talking trash about me eating by myself?

traveling in your 30s and dining out isn't scary

Honestly, I used to think requesting a “table for one” at a restaurant was the hardest thing in the universe. 

I thought people would judge me for being alone. Feel sorry for me. Pity me. Now I realize that most people are too busy enjoying their meals and talking to their own companions to notice what I’m doing. 

However, I admit that I have much less anxiety eating lunch or dinner at the bar. Lots of business people, locals, and other travelers are doing the exact same thing all by themselves. I feel less alone.

A solo meal at a romantic and fancy restaurant with white tablecloths, on the other hand, still intimidates me. 

30s solo travel is remarkable

3. You Appreciate the Beauty of Slow Travel

Remember the days of people comparing passport stamps and bragging about all the different countries that they’ve visited last year?

Ugh, it wasn’t the best trend in the travel space. Boasting about one’s “country count” is an embarrassingly self-indulgent conversation, no matter how you look at it. 

But I have some good news. To tell you the truth, checking off countries appeals much less to me in my 30s.

traveling in your 30s and smiling

Yup, it’s true. For instance, if I want to go to Scotland ten times, you better believe that I’m booking those tickets and not caring what anyone else thinks about my decisions. 

In your 30s, you appreciate slowing down your trips so you can experience a country or region on a deeper level. Not to mention, less time in transit means more time to sleep at night and eat exquisite dinners.

Slow travel is always the best travel (in my humble opinion). Embrace it now.

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solo travel for 30 somethings means eating all the great foods
Confident Enough to Post This Selfie.

4. You’re More Assertive About Your Needs

As you get older, you’re much better at setting boundaries, and have probably cultivated a stronger sense of self-love and self-worthiness. 

This means confidence, baby. Nowadays I speak up a lot more when I’m feeling bothered or overwhelmed. And this straight-forward attitude benefits me on my trips.

I’m not even kidding guys. You need to act in an assertive manner when you’re traveling alone. ESPECIALLY when you’re traveling alone.

Why? No one else is looking out for your best interests, meaning you’re required to speak up when you’re lost in the middle of Madrid or dissatisfied with your accommodation in Prague. 

If you’re unhappy, then you need to use your voice and express your thoughts. In your thirties, you’ve developed the confidence to vocalize your problems. Great job for putting yourself first!

solo travel 30s: off the beaten path in parma

5. You’re Willing to Stray Off the Backpacker Trail

In my twenties, I stayed close to the biggest tourist destinations and most popular cities, because I didn’t want to wander too far from where all the other backpackers congregated in hoardes.

Haha, I actually used to plan my trips around destinations that had the highest concentration of social hostels. Yup, I’d go to hostelworld and decide my cities based on the reviews I found there.

Not anymore! Now I go wherever my heart and interests take me. 

For example, on my solo trip to Italy, I stayed overnight in destinations such as Parma and Camogli instead of strictly staying in Milan. I wanted a true mixture of cities and towns.

In your 30s, you’re ready to try new places. Which means you don’t mind if you’re the only single tourist in town. Look at you and your bravery! 

solo travel in your 30s still means lots of selfies
Traveling in Your 30s: More Confidence and More Smiles!

6. You Value Your Own Company

At 30, you’re perfectly fine keeping your own company. I actually like having alone time to replenish my energy. 

In my 20s, I purposely stayed at the most social hostels possible so I’d always have new friends to entertain me. Sometimes I’d even skip dinner because I didn’t want to venture out by myself. Isn’t that sad?

Nowadays, I’m fine if I don’t meet anyone else on my solo adventures. I learn about my new destination on a much deeper level if it’s just me. I’m not distracted. I can simply exist in the moment.

Without a doubt, in your 30s, valuing your own company is essential for happiness, and it’s even better to fall in love with yourself in a new and exciting destination. 

30s alone and smiling

7. You Care Less About Naysayers and Nonsense

Receiving criticism for traveling alone? Luckily, you’re now at an age when you don’t care about what other people think. 

I used to take it very personally whenever someone judged me for my solo travels. This didn’t happen a lot. I have a very supportive family and wonderful friends who understand that travel means the world to me. They accept me. 

However, I would sometimes encounter naysayers who simply couldn’t believe that a woman would want to travel instead of focusing on finding a man or buying a house. Say what?

In your 30s, you’re better at ignoring any criticism. You realize that your life belongs only to you. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness to make your existence acceptable to near strangers.

traveling in your 30s is amazing in madrid
Solo Travel in Your 30s: In Madrid & Happy

8. You’re Less Likely to Succumb to Peer Pressure

Solo travel in your 30s is great, because you won’t tolerate peer pressure.

After all, with your new added confidence, comes less willingness to follow the crowd. In my 20s, I eagerly participated in the activities that newfound pals at my hostel wanted to do. Not the case in my 30s!

If I want to check out a new restaurant or world class museum and no one else wants to go, oh well! I’m fine on my own! 

I’ll admit that I did some stupid things traveling in my 20s that I wouldn’t repeat today. I wanted people to like me. I want to impress others. 

Now I care a lot less about what near strangers think of me. … uh, are we sensing a pattern here? 

Honestly, this lesson is wonderful even when you’re not solo traveling, but staying at home.

Consider your needs. If you feel pressured to go someplace and act in a certain way, then think long and hard about the situation. Don’t stay around people who exert mental force on you. They’re not your friends. 

traveling alone at 30 and looking happy

9. Let’s Face It: You’re Still Young!

Last but not least, you should do solo travel in your 30s because you’re still young. Yes, I promise you’re still young.

Due to a plethora of reasons, society has us convinced that once you hit your 30s somehow you’re officially old. Done. Discarded. Useless.

I think this awful “used up” feeling is even worse for women due to the whole idea that your fertility (supposedly) jumps off a cliff at 35. 

However, you need to ignore what society tells you and embrace logic instead. Life expectancy is almost 79 years old in the United States. So unless you have a horrific accident or succumb to a rare disease, you’ll likely live that long.

Mathematically speaking, in your 30s, you’re probably not even halfway through your time on earth yet.

So how exactly is this decade considered “old?!” GET OUT THERE AND EXPLORE! Now! Right now!

solo travel in your 30s: go to nyc and walk the highline

So why do you think that solo travel in your 30s is an awesome endeavor? What places have you traveled in your 30s? What are your top destinations for this decade? Share all of your thoughts in the comments. 

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