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Traveling to Europe Alone: 7 GREAT Reasons to Go Solo

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traveling to europe alone

I Love Traveling to Europe Alone

Traveling to Europe alone is fun and easy.

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Truth be told, if you’ve read my “Destinations” page, then you can tell I love traveling to Europe alone a lot.Some of you probably wonder if I’ll ever add different continents to my (ahem out of date) destinations list. I will, I promise. New Zealand has beckoned for ages. So has Peru. And Japan.

However, I ADORE Europe – especially for solo travel. It rocks. 99.5% of the time, I travel alone to new countries, and Europe makes me feel … comfortable. Relaxed. Excited. I can’t get enough of the place.

Like a lot of “wanderlust obsessed” bloggers, sometimes I feel pressured to travel to new countries every time I book a plane ticket. I want this blog to have a never ending supply of fresh material for you guys.

Traveling to Europe Alone means many smiles!

Plus I want to impress friends and family with a mind boggling country count. Hey, I never said I wasn’t vain or a show off, but still. This pressure is silly.

Travel ought to cater to your needs, especially you’re booking a trip for one. If you want to travel to Paris once a year, do it. If you’ve taken your ninth trip to Scotland, but want to go again in the near future, go. If you only want to explore Italy and have no desire to go elsewhere, you do you. Travel makes no demands.

So why do I love traveling to Europe alone? Keep reading.

traveling europe alone promises gorgeous scenery

travel europe alone and enjoy the capital cities

1. Travel Europe Alone for the Many Cultures.

Visiting different countries is a breeze.

Europe is super fun for solo travelers, because of the diversity you can experience on the continent.

For example, you can wake up in London and fall asleep in Paris. You can enjoy a breakfast in Stockholm and then take a quick cheap flight to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. You can book a lazy week stay in Vienna, but then enjoy a quick afternoon trip to Bratislava, a funky capital located in a completely different country!

If you stay in the Schengen area, border controls between countries are either quick or non-existent for certain passport holders. Visa rules are the same in every country, too. Simple.

Traveling alone in Europe promises diversity. You’ll enjoy many cool Europe backpacking routes and have many stories to tell at home. Just be sure to brush up on your foreign language skills!

On a tight budget? Visit Europe on a shoestring.

traveling alone to europe means meeting new friends

solo traveling europe means meeting new people from around the world

2. Meeting Others When Traveling Europe Alone.

Travel Europe alone to make incredible friends. I’m not even kidding. I think I make more friends when I’m bouncing between European countries than I do at home in New Jersey. Furthermore, meeting expats and locals is also simple if you have the right mindset on your adventures.

“Backpacking Europe” is almost a traveler rite of passage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, young professional, new parent, or senior citizen. I’ve met travelers of all ages on my backpacking adventures – which is great.

And hostels? They welcome everyone too!

Since this type of travel is so insanely popular, every major European city as well as a lot of smaller cities and towns have hostels available for your stay. Now don’t get grossed out. Hostels are fabulous, because they promote a community atmosphere, allowing people to meet and make fast friends. You can even opt for a private room if you’re not feeling the whole “dorm” thing. I’ve stayed in some hostels that are as lovely as budget hotels.

Europe also has many free walking tours that attract tons of chatty visitors. SANDEMANs NEW Europe Tours runs a ton of them. Take advantage! You make friends AND learn about your new temporary home.

As a solo traveler, you want to meet other people. You can create friendships that span many years.

“Traveling in Europe Alone” doesn’t translate into “Traveling Europe Lonely.” You will make friends, promise.

Check out The Savvy Backpacker’s guide!

traveling solo in europe may bring you to prague

travelling in europe alone is safe. iceland is one of the safest places in the world.

3. Flying Alone to Europe Is Doable.

The flight is far … but not too far.

Okay, this tip doesn’t apply to everyone, sorry! If you live in Australia, you’re rolling your eyes at me. I know.

However, if you’re like me and live on the eastern coast of the United States (or Canada), Europe isn’t too far of a flight. Newark to Reykjavik, for example, can take less than five hours. You could make a long weekend trip out of a five hour flight! And if you live in Germany or the UK or another country in the area? Even better for you.

Additionally, you may be like me and want to travel faraway countries when you have the chance to do it. I plan to explore more of the United States this year, but a part of me can’t help feeling like “the USA will always be there” so I aim for more distant shores instead.

Make sure to check out websites such as a Flight Aware to receive an accurate time estimate for your plane ride.


berlin is one of the coolest cities for traveling alone in europe

you will see fortresses traveling to europe alone

4. Solo Travel to Europe Means Lots of Museum Visits.

Personally, I adore museums. History museums, art museums, you name it! When you travel alone, no one ever nags you to rush through your favorite artwork. For example, I fell madly in love with the Lourve. I could stare at the Mona Lisa for ten minutes without a worry in the world. Sigh. I want to return and spend an entire afternoon ogling at sculptures and paintings.

And Europe, without a doubt, is home to some of the greatest museums in the world. Not only can you enjoy famous museums like the Lourve or Prado, but you can enjoy unique and funky museums too! My personal favorite “off the beaten path” museum was the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb! And I’m not just saying that because I’m bitter about not having a Valentine either.

So spend a solo afternoon learning something new. You’ll love it.

Traveling through Europe alone is worth it just for the many museums.

Need more ideas? Try these 100 creative tips for visiting Europe.

traveling europe alone is a great time. wander the streets

you will see insane churches traveling in europe alone

5. Traveling to Europe Alone: Is It Safe?

Okay, even though headlines discuss terrorist attacks as of late, it’s important to remember many European countries have low rates of violent crimes. You’re gonna be fine on your solo Europe trip.

For instance, as a solo traveler, you don’t have to constantly worry about being robbed by a gun slinging opponent. Honestly, I feel safer in a lot of European cities than I do at home. I live in the United States, New Jersey to be exact, and my state’s cities have some of the highest crime rates in the entire country. Ever hear of Camden and Newark? Europe’s cities are Disneyland in comparison.

Now I’m not claiming no crime exists. You should always do your research and know what neighborhoods to avoid, but most of these locations are well outside the tourist areas and hard to stumble upon by mistake. The most you need to worry about are pickpockets (who rarely turn violent) and tacky scams.

You can fully enjoy Europe since safety isn’t your biggest priority.

Anxious? Check out these cool places for nervous solo travelers.

copenhagen is a great option for traveling solo in europe

travel europe alone and go to poland

6. Travel Europe Alone, Get Lost, and Love It!

Okay, you’ll probably get lost at least once if you’re traveling solo in Europe. But getting lost is great!


Well, since you don’t have to worry about safety too much, you can throw away your maps (or turn off google), and roam a city without any sense of direction. Yahoo!

You never know what magical markets, shops, museums, or cafes you’ll find in the backstreets of Europe’s cities and towns. Plus roaming away from the big attractions allows you to connect more intimately with locals and gives you a chance to try some authentic food (restaurants are MUCH better away from tourist zones). I promise you, getting lost is truly a wonderful experience.

Furthermore, when you’re alone, no one’s complaining about the fact that you’re “wasting time” in a foreign city. Take in the senses, baby, you’re free!

Check out “Europe Through the Back Door” by Rick Steves

travel to europe alone? thumbs up!

why travel to europe? for the quirky cities!

7. Travel to Europe Alone and Enjoy Reflection

In New Jersey, I have a busy life. Teaching, although rewarding at times, requires early hours and intense dedication. By worrying so much about my students, I have an unfortunate habit of ignoring my own wants and dreams. Not good.

Traveling alone allows you to enjoy your own company and reassess what you want out of life. Solo travel has helped me with my career and love life, as well as transformed me into a more confident person.

And what better place to reflect about life than in a beautiful corner of Europe? I mean, come on! It’s a no brainer, really.

In particular, Europe’s diverse natural beauty takes my breath away. You can muse about your dreams and goals while in the lush Scottish Highlands, for example. You can find yourself again, which is way more than most people can say.

So have I convinced you that you really should be traveling to Europe alone? Do it. You’ll fall in love.

Here are some damn good reasons why all women should travel solo.

solo traveling europe offers peace and reflection

Do you plan on traveling to Europe alone? Do you like solo travel? What’s your favorite European destination (ouch, tough one!)? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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23 thoughts on “Traveling to Europe Alone: 7 GREAT Reasons to Go Solo

  1. Enni Maria says:

    Europe rocks! I have been mostly travelling solo in Europe as well. I find it super easy, safe and worry-free! What I love about Europe is that even though it is rather small, there is so much to see! You hop on a train for a couple of hours and you arrive in a whole new world! I need to explore more of Europe, especially the Eastern part! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Monika says:

    I totally agree. Europe is safe and the distances between countries are so small that it is easy to have amazing road trips! Also, many International travellers come here so you can make the best friends ever

  3. Kelly says:

    I am right there with you sister!! I travel alone all the time and think Europe is a great place to do this. So many backpackers to meet and I totally get the whole museum thing. I hate feeling like I have to rush for someone else, so it’s great to be by yourself and not have to think about others. And while I am not a huge hostel person, i do book private rooms and can have my own space but still meet others. Great article.

  4. Maartje says:

    Although I prefer travelling with my family, friends of boyfriend, I think Europe is perfect to discover on your own! I live in Amsterdam and have been on many trips in Europe – I always realise how beautiful and safe the different countries. It’s all well organised and on short distance, most of us speak English and are open minded 🙂 I love my continent and I’m happy to read you do so too <3

  5. Getty says:

    I haven backpacked through Europe 3 times now and I can relate to most of these, easy to roam around for cheap, backpacker friendly, safe, museums for days, and just a really great spot for a first time solo traveler!

    Great article!

  6. Haylee says:

    I’m planning to move to the UK/ travel through Europe in July, and I’ve been super nervous (and, of course, excited) about doing it solo! But this post has made me even more excited about it. I currently live in Australia, which is so far from so many places I’d love to travel to so i’m super excited for how easy it is to travel through Europe.

  7. Adventure Catcher says:

    Love your writing style! Im from Poland and I definately agree that Europe is amazing for solo travelers! Traveling is very convenient and easy! People are super nice and kind. You have to visit Poland! Im sure you are gonna love it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lesley says:

    I’m an Aussie who moved to Europe to explore! I love it here – living in London for 3 years and now Amsterdam for 10 months, European life is great! The architecture and history of so many of the places is remarkable and being able to spend a quick weekend in another city eating local fare is such a strange and awesome concept, coming from Australia where you just cannot do that! Enjoy your European adventures!

  9. Cliodhna Ryan says:

    Living in Ireland, most of my travel as a teenager was in Europe. I can totally vouch for how easy it is. I took my first solo trip to London at 17 and it barely felt like leaving Ireland. To be honest I barely even plan for most European trips I take. I’m so glad that you love coming here too!

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