reasons to visit germany: see the berlin wall

12 Reasons to Visit Germany Right Now

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Haha, as if you need actual reasons to visit Germany, but I’ll still humor you! After all, we already know Germany is awesome, because you can devour lots and lots of currywurst … at least in Berlin. Oh, and the beer? Delicious. Your stomach will adore you. 

Therefore, it’s understandable why Germany’s such a popular tourist destination for a lot of people.

… do you need more reasons that don’t include food? Haha, okay.

In all seriousness, as for me, I had a tremendously good time on my first visit to Germany way back in 2015.

enjoying this square is one of the best reasons to visit germany

A summary:

First I landed in Berlin and absorbed myself in the capital’s turbulent history. Then I saw stunning jewels in a treasury and subsequently got lost on a tram in Dresden. After that, I finally rode a bike through Bavaria’s castle studded countryside. And saw so much art in Munich that it made my mind spin in circles. 

Oh, and you guys? I want to re-visit Germany sometime in the near future. There’s so much I missed that I want to experience in person.

So. Much.

For instance, it’s one of my travel goals to take a boat down the Rhine River and sip all the local wines. I also would love to venture along the Romantic Road to see the small and scenic German cities known in postcards. Oh, and the Black Forest would make me feel as if I’ve fallen into Brother Grimm’s fairy tales. 

this amazing food is why should i go to germany

My Reasons to Go to Germany Were Plentiful

When I first booked my trip to Germany, I was super excited for several reasons not related to Oktoberfest. My family heritage is German, so I was excited to see this country and learn a lot more about myself. One day, I want to do actual research into my family’s own history and visit specific towns based around my discoveries. 

Not to mention, my brother had also visited Berlin, so of course I was dying to go and see this unique, often raved about capital city for myself. 

Going to Germany was totally worth it even though I got stuck in an awful heatwave. I highly recommend it. 

gorgeous dresden is another one of the reasons to visit germany

The 12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Germany

Now for what you’ve been waiting patiently to read!

Without any more babbling, here are my top 12 reasons to visit Germany for your next big European adventure. 

Haha, I had to cut it off at 12, otherwise you’d have a major novel on your hands, and this the internet and you’re probably already tired. 

Are you reeeeeady? Let’s go!

big bands is why travel to germany

1. Communal Beer Gardens Are Lots of Fun

Hahaha, of course, one of the first reasons to visit Germany involves beer. I know. What a total cliche, right?

I have to admit though, even if you don’t drink, the communal beer gardens are a great place to chill out, eat a hearty meal, and connect with other people. They’re super fun for everyone, including solo female travelers like myself.

Personally, I had an especially great time at the bustling Hofbrauhaus in Munich (seriously, if you have 5 days in Munich, you need to visit), although it’s immensely touristy. However, it’s easy enough to find quiet and more subdued beer gardens if that atmosphere fits your style better. 

So don’t skip the beer gardens! 

why visit germany? gorgeous castles

2. Opportunities to Visit Stunning Castles

Germany is home to several gorgeous castles. I mean, we’ve all seen the Cinderella castle of Neuschwanstein glistening against the mountains of the Bavarian countryside. 

Germany’s castle are beautiful.

A word of warning, though. Some castles might difficult for travelers to reach using only public transportation, although it’s still certainly possible (we’ll talk about Germany’s great train system in a minute). 

In my opinion, if you want to save time in Munich, then check out a Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace Day Tour to optimize your day.

Ultimately, all castle lovers should go to Germany. You’ll feel as though you’re in a fairytale for real.

should i go to germany? yes, you learn a lot at the berlin wall

3. Peer into the Old vs. New in Europe

Germany’s recent history is, without a doubt, dark and fascinating at the same time. In Germany, you truly see Old and New Europe side by side. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, many of Germany’s cities were completely destroyed in World War II.

While some cities, like Munich, rebuilt areas to capture the characteristic old charm, other cities like Berlin and Frankfurt are now home to towering skyscrapers and modern architecture. It’s easy to see the stark differences. 

History buffs need to add Germany to their travel wish list as soon as possible.  

why should i travel to germany? the history everywhere

4. Germany is Safe for Solo Travelers of All Types

Germany is a wonderful country to travel alone because it’s safe. More specifically, odds of falling victim to a violent crime are very low.

As a solo female traveler, I felt absolutely fine wandering through bigger cities like Munich and Berlin. I didn’t even encounter much of a language barrier at all (Germans speak fantastic English). Actually I would even recommend Germany as a possible destination to brand new solo travelers. 

Of course, you should still take common sense precautions, such as not drinking too much and venturing in unfamiliar neighborhoods late at night. And always buy travel insurance!

Not to mention, your health is fine too. Germany has high level of sanitation and strict health laws like the rest of the EU. You can drink the tap water without fear. Over all, you should have no problems visiting Germany. 

why visit germany? to learn lessons for the future. never again.

5. Learn Serious Lessons from World War II

Like it or not, Germany and World War II go hand-in-hand in the pages of global history. Even self-proclaimed World War II buffs will learn a lot by choosing to go Germany on their next trip.

Although heartbreaking, I recommend visiting at least one concentration camp in Germany. I took a trip to Dachau from Munich, and the harrowing visit re-confirmed to me just how important it is for all of us to stand up against hatred and bigotry. I’ll never forget my visit. 

Now is it emotionally challenging to go to the concentration camps? Of course. Having a reaction is being human. And I just wanna say that it’s perfectly okay if you cry at the camps too. At Dachau, I had to step away from the tour for a couple of minutes to recompose myself. It’s normal and demonstrates empathy. 

We shouldn’t forget the lessons of World War II ever. 

Read More: How to Get to Dachau from Munich

incredible berlin is among my reasons to go to germany

6. Germany’s Public Transit System is Great

Another one of the reasons to visit Germany is that this European powerhouse has clean, reliable, and extensive trains. It’s almost as if the public transit system was created for travelers, haha. 

All in all, Germany is great for travelers who don’t want to bother renting a car. Actually, I think a car would be a hassle in a city like Berlin. Don’t even bother. 

You can easily plan a trip to Germany using only trains. Fast trains will make zipping across this country a breeze.

However, make sure to validate all your tickets for both intercity trains and city specific metros. I’m not kidding. It’s 100% your responsibility. You’ll have to pay a hefty fine if you don’t validate tickets. And trust me, plain clothes cops do check tickets. Be prepared. 

At the end of the day you won’t have a lot of difficulties traveling throughout Germany using the public transportation system. It’s fantastic. 

dresden is a great city and one reason why you should visit germany

7. Each Region Offers Something Different

Another one of the reasons to go to Germany is because the country is incredibly diverse. Germany wasn’t formally unified until 1871, and therefore, has many regions for you to explore at length. 

For instance, many travelers think of huge liters of beer and half-timbered houses whenever they think of Germany. But that’s only Bavaria. 

Try to go to at least two regions to get a taste of the varieties in Germany’s culture. 

why should i visit germany? to go to excellent beer gardens
Alas, not Oktoberfest.

8. Germany Has Unique Festivals

To make your trip to Germany extra special, check out the various cultural events and festivals happening during your visit.

After all, Germany’s known for several great festivals such as Oktoberfest. You may want to buy Oktoberfest tickets in advance to play it safe.

Another brilliant festival (or multiple festivals) are the Christmas Markets. The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg is arguably the most famous Christmas Market of all but all cities and towns have their own markets – which are ideal for getting you into the holiday spirit. 

Without a doubt, Germany’s special festivals will give you memories to last an entire lifetime. 

why go to germany? to see small towns such as potsdam

9. Strategic Location for Seeing Central Europe

Are you planning on doing a whole Central Europe travel itinerary soon? Then Germany is a great place to go!

You’re smack in the middle of the region, which is perfect. For example, Berlin has easy train connections to go to Poland, while Munich is a great place to begin a trip into Austria. Country hopping is simple.

Germany is also a great place to start a Central Europe trip, because major cities like Berlin and Munich have fantastic airports with frequent connections to other European countries, as well as the United States and Canada. 

the nature is one of the reasons to go to germany
This scenery is one of the reasons to visit Germany!

10. Relax in National Parks in Germany

Keep in mind that Germany not only has great cities. In addition, the country is home to plenty of nature wonders for passionate hikers and nature photographers. 

Germany’s National Parks are especially gorgeous in the summer months. 

Everyone’s heard of Black Forest National Park, which is one of the most famous areas in all of Germany, but other less visited options exist! You can plan a trip entirely consisting of national parks. 

why travel to germany? exploring quirky neighborhoods in berlin

11. Germany is Possible to See on a Budget

Guess what? I got some great news for all my budget traveling pals! It’s absolutely possible to see Germany on a limited amount of money. You won’t spend nearly as much here as you would in Sweden or Iceland. 

For example, spending 2 days in Berlin is a very affordable option with cheap (and fun!) hostels, free walking tours, and free attractions such as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and its museum. 

You don’t have to go into bankruptcy to have an amazing vacation in Germany. Plan ahead of time, and your finances will thank you. 

all the great museums is one reason why visit germany

12. See World Class Museums in Germany

Last but not least, you’ll see incredible museums in Germany. You’ll learn a ton not only about Germany’s history, but you’re also able to visit extensive treasuries and art collections. 

One of my greatest memories (in the heatwave, haha) took place on Museum Island in Berlin. These museums create a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to understand why this area was given that honor. Here, you can see the legendary bust of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti and Pergamon Altar and the stunning Ishtar Gate. You can easily spend hours on Museum Island alone. 

So, go to Germany and get educated on something brand new! 

why should i go to germany? learn about the reformation

Why Visit Germany: Final Words & Practicalities

I hope I convinced you to go visit Germany in the near future.

Here are a few final words:

Germany’s a large country so make sure to narrow down regions and cities into a reasonable itinerary. You don’t want to spend 50% of your trip to consist of staring at the insides of trains – even if the system is efficient. 

Honestly, if you have only a week in Germany, I’d either split the days between two cities, or select one region to explore at length.  As for me, I spent five days in Munich and used that time to explore all of the city, as well as venture into the Bavarian countryside. It was perfect for me. 

Of course, I’m a slow traveler by nature, so your style might be different, but I seriously recommend not trying to see everything at once. 

Happy travels!

why go to germany? these churches

I hope you enjoyed all these great reasons to visit Germany! Have you ever been to Germany? Are you planning a trip in the near future? Share all your thoughts in the comments. And thank you for your continued support of my travel blog!

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