5 Reasons You Need to Visit Madrid in April

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Updated: 19 January 2024

Are you planning on visiting Madrid in April? I’m so excited for you. I promise that you’ve picked an excellent city for your upcoming spring break.

As for me, I went to Madrid in April a few years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the Spanish capital city. I was surprised at the many things to see and do, after hearing lukewarm stories about Madrid from fellow travelers. 

Not to mention, Madrid is also a place where you’ll feel satisfied visiting for any length of time. If you visit Madrid for one day or stay an entire week in Madrid and do short day trips, you’ll still feel content at the end of your journey.

plenty of delicious food to discover in madrid

For example, regardless of length of stay, you will have plenty of great stories to write about in your travel journal, a stomach full of tapas (mmm), and memories of the world’s most exquisite artistic masterpieces sheered into your brain. 

Madrid in April has a special charm. I hope this guide will help you plan your spring vacation to Madrid.

Let’s get started. 

visiting madrid in april and loving the flowers

The Reasons to Visit Madrid in April

To tell you the truth, when I was writing this post, it was so hard for me to come up with only five reasons explaining why you should visit Madrid in April.

Seriously, I struggled, because I deeply love this city, and wish I could go back in the near future. 

Why did I love Madrid so much?

iconic sign in sol in madrid

Traveling solo in Madrid is one of my greatest memories. The week before my trip wasn’t fun at all. I had gone through a breakup, and although I had a couple moments of sadness (PDA and super happy couples will trigger that emotion), Madrid’s warmth was exactly what I need to help my heart move on.

For example, Madrid’s fancy streets in the Barrio de las Letras excited me. Elegant squares, complete with statues of poets and talented street performers playing music, appeared around every corner. And let’s not forget the fresh flowers displayed on the apartment balconies. Oh, the fresh flowers. 

Without further ado, here are the reasons you must visit Madrid in April. Mark your calendars. 

go to madrid in april for easter parades
Madrid in April: Wonderful for Easter

See the Easter Celebrations

I can’t help starting with the Easter festivities.

As most you probably know, Easter in Spain is a magnificent affair. This religious celebration usually happens in April, so you might be in luck and see the Good Friday processions march through Madrid’s streets.

Now I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Easter in Madrid isn’t as spectacular as some of the celebrations and parades down south, such as in Seville or Granada. But still, Madrid has its own brand of Easter magic. 

Is Madrid Worth Visiting? This Smile Says So.

On my own solo travels, I remember walking aimlessly, ready to return to my hostel, and then I suddenly heard drums in the distance.

At first, I was scared (hey anxiety), and thought an emergency was happening nearby, but as I turned my head and saw the robed figures carrying a statue of Mary, I immediately bolted down the street to get a closer look. 

Make sure to do your research on Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Madrid ahead of your visit to appropriately plan. Having a Madrid guidebook will also help you plan your visit around Holy Week events.

madrid in april and enjoying the gardens near the prado

Madrid in April Means Comfortable Weather

You’ll probably experience temperatures in the 60s in Madrid in April. For non-Americans, these numbers translate to roughly 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Perfect walking weather in my humble opinion.

I’m not a fan of intense heat. I turn into a melted disaster, complete with smeared black eyeliner and pit stains, whenever I spend too much time exploring in humid weather. Obviously, I would never come to Madrid in the middle of the summer. No thanks. 

Will you encounter rain in April? Perhaps. However, I only had one rainy afternoon the entire week, so keep in mind that luck is in play when it comes to unpredictable spring weather. Just because rain is more common in April doesn’t necessarily mean your vacation will turn into a wash out.

What I will insist on, though, is for you to bring proper clothing in your luggage. More on that later.  

madrid in april on a sunny day

Enjoy Madrid’s Delightful Spring Flowers

I know I already briefly referenced the colorful flowers, but regardless, I still needed to dedicate a section specifically discussing the botanical beauty of Madrid.

And, boy oh boy, you’ll see lots of colorful flowers visiting Madrid in April.

My favorite place to go see flowers was the Royal Botanic Garden located next to the famous Prado museum. It’s easy to combine the two attractions in a single visit.

This garden has an exhibition of 5,000 plants, which are in bloom in the spring. There’s also a lovely cafe for you to relax with a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

Last but not least, a general ticket is only four euros, making the Royal Botanic Garden an excellent choice for travelers who are on a budget. 

Sadly, the famous Retiro Park was closed when I was in Madrid, but I’m sure that’s another wonderful place to see Spanish flowers.

Madrid is Lively but Not Packed

Argh, I don’t do well with crowds. Which is funny since I consider New York my “soul city,” but that’s another conversation for a different post. 

Madrid in April wasn’t too crowded. I didn’t have to wait in long lines to go into the major museums, even the Prado (of course, I always love signing up for a skip the line guided tour to learn about the most significant paintings, haha).

Furthermore, making my way up to the tapas bars was a piece of cake, too. I know I didn’t go hungry. 

don't skip madrid's museums with 12 days in spain

The only exception to the rule is Easter weekend. I noticed Madrid’s main centers, such as Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, were jammed on Good Friday through Easter Monday. I actually had to leave Plaza Mayor, haha.

However, the crowds dipped considerably once Monday was over. A chilled out vibe immediately replaced the bustle of Easter.

Without a doubt, smaller crowds will certainly make for a less stressful vacation. Learn a few Spanish phrases for interacting with the locals to make your spring vacation even better.

Discover Madrid in April with Cheap Airfares

Last but not least, you might get lucky with airfare costs by coming to Madrid in April. I know Europe has an abundance of cheap flights to Spain’s capital all year round, so this point particularly applies to international visitors.

So, if you’re coming from the United States or Canada, airfares in April are usually more reasonably priced. As a teacher, I’m all too familiar with the airlines’ tendencies to raise summer prices through the roof (which I think should be illegal, but that’s another story for another day).

However, I didn’t come across super high prices in April. Actually, traveling to Madrid was cheaper from New Jersey than flying to the Bahamas. Crazy, huh?

How do I find my flights? I personally use Google flights to experiment and find the best deals. You might save hundreds of dollars by being flexible with your dates. 

What to Wear in Madrid in April.

What to Wear to Madrid in April

Okay, now I have something special for you now that you’ve read all my reasons to go to Madrid in April.

In this section, I’ve included a small bonus snippet specifically about what to wear to Madrid in April, because I think there are a lot of misconceptions about the weather in Madrid.

Although you’re probably thinking, “Yahoo! Spain is sunny and hot. Let’s pack the shorts,” I’m here to break the bad news. Madrid is colder and cloudier than Andalusia this time of the year. 

I know I already said the weather was “comfortable,” which is great, but you’d definitely feel cold bringing only shorts and summer dresses. Come prepared. 

Personally, I would pack a light jacket and colorful sweaters for a trip to Madrid. Layers always work well, too.

You’ll also want to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes that are able to handle wet sidewalks and cobblestones. Shoes are especially important for taking a day trip into the countryside, such as the Valley of the Fallen. Leave the heels home, ladies. 

Where to Stay in Madrid in April

If you’re a solo traveler, Madrid has many marvelous hostels for you to stay in and make new friends. This makes sense. Madrid is a top tourist destination and, of course, hostels would thrive.

Usually, backpackers set their sights on spending summer in Europe. However, if you visit Madrid in April, you’ll still meet plenty of fellow adventurers. Lots of students on their spring breaks travel in April, for example.

I stayed at Hostel One Madrid, which is one of the most highly ranked hostels in all of the capital. And, I have to admit, Hostel One Madrid was so, so, so much fun. 

At Hostel One Madrid, the staff members are part of the community in the sense that they interact with visitors. They cook free dinners, sit with the group, and organize outings around the city. They are your friends and travel companions.

You won’t feel alone for a moment, I promise.

If you’re not into hostels, then you should be able to find good deals on AirBnb. Pick an appealing neighborhood, set your budget, and boom, you’re ready to go. 

what a beautiful fan in madrid

Madrid Accommodation Ideas

I hope you enjoyed my guide all about why you should visit Madrid in April! Where else are your spring travels taking you? Have you ever been to Spain (if not, my 12 Days in Spain Itinerary will definitely help you plan further)? Share all your thoughts in the comments. 

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