reasons to visit scotland

7 Reasons to Visit Scotland Right Now

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7 Reasons to Visit Scotland Right Now!

Are you traveling to Scotland for the first time?

You’re in for the best travel experience in the history of the world. I’m not even kidding. We alllllllllllll know how much I love Scotland.

I mean, if you’ve read this blog for even a week, you’d immediately learn that I have a major crush on Scotland. If this wonderful place transformed into a person, I’d immediately marry it and live happily ever after like a fairytale princess. I cannot say enough good things about this destination, which is amazing for me since I like complaining about a lot of stuff, haha. Scotland is the literal best.

So far I’ve visited Scotland twice. The first time I took a solo trip to Scotland that changed my life. The second time I ventured through Scotland’s islands and Highlands with my family in tow. Will there be a third time? A fourth time? A fifth time? Yeahhhh, probably. I might as well save money and buy property now.

You guys, I could write an encyclopedia filled with reasons to visit Scotland, but for the sake of your sanity, I’ll limit this list to seven reasons. But trust me, I could write a small book about Scotland’s sheer awesomeness. Sigh. I wish I was moving to Scotland.

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reasons to visit scotland

1. The Best Sites in Scotland Include Its Castles

Beautiful castles are in every corner of this remarkable country. You can’t miss them even if you (somehow) wanted to.

Personally I love castles. Whenever I think about castles, my mind always envisions fairytales, with dragons and witches and princes all vying for my attention, or a classic video game such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 

As I’ve said, Scotland has so many beautiful castles that it’s difficult for me to select a single favorite. Edinburgh Castle is the most visited castle in the country, but to be honest, I think you need to see the ruined castles in the Highlands to truly appreciate the magic of these structures. The majestic mountains and grey-blue lochs add an atmosphere surrounding the castles that can only be described as breathless, truly breathless.

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reasons to visit scotland

2. You Should Visit Scotland for the Festivals

Without a single doubt, Scotland’s festivals will bring a massive amount of excitement into your life.

Scotland is practically created for all you festival junkies. August is Edinburgh’s biggest festival season. In 2013, I went to the Fringe Festival, and saw artists from around the world perform for an equally diverse and excited crowd. Hotel and hostel prices might skyrocket into the abyss, but eh, sacrifices can be made for the Fringe. It’s great. Additionally, one of my dreams is attending Edinburgh’s International Book Festival, which also takes place in August.

So what if you can’t come in August? Why not January then? On New Year’s Eve, Edinburgh hosts the legendary Hogmanay where you can participate in a stunning torch parade to usher in the new year. Or, if you’re feeling very adventurous, board an overnight ferry to Shetland and experience Up Helly Aa. Viking party!

reasons to visit scotland

3. Outdoor Activities in Scotland Will Blow Your Mind

The Romantic poets were totally right about the healing power of Mother Nature. In particular, the famous green and tumble Highlands will make you healthier – physically and mentally.

I have a confession to make: the outdoors always relaxes me even though I’m a crazy city gal. I’m a horrible hiker and kayaker, but still, natural beauty draws me in like a blowout sale at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Highlands definitely have the ability to remove stress from your body. I mean, no one can contact you half the time, because parts of the Highlands are so remote. Cell service might drop at the blink of an eye. And you know what? That doesn’t bother me in the slightest and it won’t bother you either, even you internet addicts. If you’re looking for a beautiful weight loss program, hiking around the Highlands is a perfect solution for you too. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a skilled hiker, because there are incredible hills for beginners in Scotland that will suit your physical needs. So grab your gear and go!

Want even more beautiful nature? You can even sleep under the stars. There are so many beautiful Scottish campsites that will fit your needs.

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reasons to visit scotland

4. Literary Edinburgh? Yes Please!

You’ll feel inspired to pick up a new book after traveling around Scotland.

Scotland will even encourage reluctant readers to actually pick up a damn book and give it a try (I’m not bitter, nope). But, seriously, Scotland’s cities, islands, and countryside all have incredible literary roots. For example, I wasn’t kidding when I told you Edinburgh is a literature lover’s paradise. In particular, if you love Harry Potter and grew up reading the series, a visit to Scotland is almost like a pilgrimage. Book lovers need to visit – even better if you can make the book festival I mentioned in this post.

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reasons to visit scotland

5. Scotland’s Food is Actually Awesome

You can eat salmon and drink whisky until your stomach explodes.

Mmm, food. I’m all about traveling in order to devour delicious local food. Now you may immediately think of Italy, France, or California when asked about foodie destinations, but Scotland’s cuisine is quite delicious too. I promise I’m not only talking about Fried Mars Bars either.

If you enjoy salmon, Scotland’s fish is second to none. I think I ate smoked salmon on bagels every single morning on my last visit. And to drink? You need to enjoy a glass of classic Scottish whisky with a drop of ice cold water in your glass. In addition, the breweries around Scotland all have fascinating histories, and each region has its own unique spin on whisky – including different flavors like flowery or smoky. Give it a try!

reasons to visit scotland

6. Did I Say Scotland’s Nature Will Astound You?

The nature will blow your mind because it’s so magnificent.

Scotland is beautiful. Seriously. I don’t care what the weather is. Fog, rain, wind, snow, sun, clouds. Scotland. Is. Beautiful. Every single corner of this country is gorgeous. From the Lowlands to small towns like St. Andrews and Plockton to the Highlands to cities like Edinburgh. I took well over 2000 photos on my last visit, but the camera doesn’t do justice to the wonders of Scotland. It simply doesn’t. You’ll need to go in person.

Check out some of the best walks in Scotland.

reasons to visit scotland

7. You can visit Scotland again in the near future!

Haha, this reason is such a cop out, but it still has lots of truth lingering behind it. You can always revisit Scotland. Always. Even if you don’t usually come to the same place twice, make an exception here. After all, Scotland has so many islands, small towns, hiking trails, and festivals that it’s impossible to truly experience this place on one single trip. Unless you’re looking to immigrate there, I suppose. Anyway I still feel like I’ve missed plenty of places and activities, so I want to come back to Scotland sometime in the near future. So why not plan a week in Scotland and go again?

reasons to visit scotland

Give me your reasons to visit Scotland. Why should everyone fall in love with this incredible place? Don’t forget to book your accommodation soon.

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    My husband and I really want to go to a different country for a vacation, but we don’t know what country to go to. That is really cool that Scotland has a ton of festivals, and that August is the biggest festival season. We will have to see what kind of festivals they have and see if we would like to go. Thank you for the information!

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